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Demon Invasions: An ongoing joke amongst the elder students and graduates of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersis to warn new arrivals about the demon invasions. There have been three such incidents.

The first is the kidnapping of Illyana Rasputin to Limbo, and the attempted (and ultimately unsuccessful) rescue attempt in February 2004.

The second is the attempted coup by the demon S'ym, who took advantage of a perceived weakness in Limbo's human Queen and attacked her on the school grounds in October 2004.

The third is the gatecrashing of the 2004 Halloween party by the Repodemon, intent on claiming the soul of Amanda Sefton.

There have been no further demonic incidents at the school since 2004. Much to the disappointment of the newer students, who feel a good demon invasion might shake things up a bit.