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Love Potion Number Nine

Initially intended as a light-hearted Buffy-esque comedy plot, Love Potion Number Nine became one of the Big Events of 2004, with repercussions still echoing even into 2007.

It all started harmlessly enough - tired of Doug Ramsey's moping over his unrequited love for Marie D'Ancato, newcomer and witch Amanda Sefton gave him a love potion, as a test of his ethics. After a moment's tempation, Doug, afraid to pour the potion down the drain for fear of where it might end up, locked it in a drawer with the intention of asking Amanda to dispose of it later. However, no-one had reckoned on Kwannon deciding to make use of the potential for chaos the potion represented.

Doug found himself the recipent of far more romantic interest the next day than he ever could have imagined - or could handle. When Jamie Madrox found his girlfriend Kitty Pryde kissing Doug, he realised something was indeed amiss and went to the mansion's empath, Manuel de la Rocha as the potential culprit. Manuel pointed him in the direction of Amanda, who had also been hit with the potion; leaving her to seek out her 'Dougie', Jamie went to find his distraught girlfriend, who couldn't understand what was going on.

Doug himself had put the pieces together following an alarming situation with Marie, and sought out the witch himself, only to find her naked in his bed. Avoiding her advances, he sought out Manuel to use his empathy to cancel out the effect of the potion on Amanda long enough for her to cast a counterspell. The aftermath was brutal - various individuals went through feelings of violation and betrayal, relationships went through upheaval, Doug blamed himself and almost became suicidal, and Amanda locked herself away, wracked with new sensations of guilt, coupled with withdrawal from the power she'd been absorbing from the Gem of Cyttorak. She came very close to being expelled, and in return for being allowed to stay, she undertook counselling with Leonard Samson and magical bootcamp with the London Coven.

There were other positives, however - out of the chaos, Marie-Ange Colbert and Doug began their relationship.