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April 22 - Earth Day

2004: Nathan bullies Angelo into breaking down in tears, in the interests of getting him to deal with the Rack incident. Mistra send Moira a message for Nathan, revealing that they know exactly where he is. Clarice glitters Jono, and he gets revenge by dying her hair black, but Nathan undoes it. Amanda wakes up.

2005: Haroun takes Nathan for his rehab training. Meggan gets her first physical. Remy and Cain discuss Pete and Cain reminds Remy of what he has at the mansion and they talk about Madelyn. Madelyn and Jean talk about Remy. Shiro confronts Nathan about his 'poltergeist'. Nathan and Amanda discuss the legalities of Meggan's situation and plans are made. Remy and Jake discuss work whilst Jake eats, yet again.

2006: Scott goes to the hospital for observation. Terry returns to the mansion and confronts Bobby.


2008: John has insomnia and gets Laurie to make him a sandwich, before annoying her enough to dump juice in his lap. Nathan is cleared for active duty. Following comments in John's journal, Jay emails him asking for "something he doesn't know". Forge lets Amanda know her car is ready to be picked up. Operation: Take A Bow: Mark is released from hospital and there is a celebratory burrito party in his apartment. Scott emails Ororo complaining about his father still being at the mansion. Shakespeare Syndrome: Jean emails Betsy, pointing out she didn't take advantage of Betsy's being hit with the Green Speed of Truth. Mark emails Jean-Phillipe, asking where he's been while Mark was recovering. Inez has PMS and demands chocolate. Adrienne thanks Elpis for the information provided to her. Bobby's birthday, and Terry gets roses. Medusa emails Nathan, apologising for her extended absence and mentioning an ongoing illness. Amanda tells Manuel about her dating Angelo, and there's a tense scene. Angelica posts a "how to tell your pyrokinetics apart'" list after a mix up. Bishop apologises for his unavailability, mentioning a job for a friend. Marie-Ange invites Yvette, Angel and Cessily to officially join the Red Head Club. Jay emails Kevin to thank him for Monday night, and there's another misunderstanding.

2009: Johnny meets with Jean-Paul about school and confesses his role in spreading the rumours. Callie announces Earth Day. Julian and Doreen go to get comics, but are interrupted by an injured squirrel rescue. Adrienne and Bishop take time off the gun training to play chess and talk about Lil. Doug is pleased when Denver convicts in a transgender hate crime. Lil comes to visit Scott and they talk about injuries, field work vs strategy and taking their respective bikes out for a spin.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: The first group of Red X, Elpis and staff arrive in Pakistan, and are ferried to the site of the earthquake; the New Mutants and the rest of the volunteers arrive at the refugee camp under the eyes of Hank, Emma and Adrienne; the X-Men meet at a secret location with Bastion to discuss the impossible strategy of stopping an invading army; Callisto and Cammie start the work of trying to restore an engine to working order; John and Jean-Phillipe play crowd control to a desparate group; Farouk and Angelo meet the local bigwigs, and Farouk provides a little practical experience to the process; Jean-Paul, Kevin and Yvette apply some elbow grease to try and refit the train cars to carry as many sick and wounded as possible; the Frost sisters meet with the Red Cross administrator, and show what resources they can really access when necessary; Doreen and Sooraya work to help document the refugees, but cultural issues lead to an ugly confrontation; Nico and Fred help expand the wells for the water supply in a unique fashion; Klara and Laura take a trip to the fallow fields near the camp for a little support to the camp food supply; Hank and Laurie join in the fight to save as many of the injured as possible; Meggan and Megan help out raising more tents to shelter refugees, to the surprise of the normal volunteers; Catseye and Nick make an unusual contribution by driving away the feral dog population from the camp.

2011: Janet enquires about requests for Easter chocolates and candy.

2012: Maddie practices her ASL with Doug and convinces him to take her on a field trip.

2013: Thinking that Vanessa had returned, Adrienne goes to see her but instead finds Callisto and both open up about coping, counselling, bonding over Vanessa and motorcycles. Tandy makes a journal entry about The Great Gatsby movie coming out and that she can’t wait for the TMC festival in Hollywood, Ca this weekend. Adrienne and Sue play chess, catch up, and Sue freaks out Adrienne out with robot talk.

2014: Billy and Clint make plans to catch up with one another while going for cheeseburgers. In the midst of power training, Sue and Cecilia talk about being two girls with forcefields at Xavier's Mansion McCrazy.

2015: Tandy sends Reese’s Peanut Butter cups to Doug to thank him for his help and express her excitement at learning languages from him. Adrienne texts Garrison to tell him she’s leaving for Ohio to help Tandy, and Tandy to ask her about having sex with Julian.

2016: Jubilee emails Wade about doing something involving wearing a kilt. Gabriel introduces Reed to Grindr. Reed introduces Gabriel to something best described as "awkward earnestness." A wild Topaz appears, and Cecilia is the lucky insomniac who runs into her in the kitchen.

2017: Emma buys a Victorian-era vibrator to add to her collection. The news reports on an incident in New York where a mutant woman and her girlfriend were assaulted; Alex vents his anger and concern; Jean asks Matt and Warren if their vigilante alter-egos are interested in investigating the assault.

2018: Clea makes a journal post about wanting to go to New York Comic Con and cosplay. Wade texts Jean asking for him removing specific memories. Wade seeks Molly out to give her a rundown of a few precautionary measures he's put in places.