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Pranks abounded on April Fool's Day, with the magic students enchanting an image inducer and turning all of Topaz' clothes pink. She had her revenge in the form of more animated green plastic Army men left in the beds of Stephen Strange, Clea Lake, Billy Kaplan and Megan Gwynn, suitably terrifying them. Meanwhile, their teacher, Amanda Sefton, was discovering that she wasn't great with all teens, following a stormy scene where she had to retrieve Maya Lincoln-Lopez from trying to sneak into Warren Worthington's office to demand the job she claimed she'd been promised. Maybe continued to stalk Warren, via email and through his social media assistant, Miles Morales, until she finally got him in person and got the job she'd been demanding.

The issue of bullying at the local high schools came up when Monica Rambeau came up with a 'buddy bodyguard system' for the targets among the Generation X members. The Mutant Chronicle also published an article on legal rights for mutants when being arrested. The need for such measures was heightened after a visible mutant and her girlfriend were assaulted in New York City while on a date: X-Factor considered investigating the incident, while Alex Summers made arrangements to collect donations for the victims' medical care. Darcy Lewis did the same for the District X bookstore which had been burned down the previous month. A chance meeting with Reed Richards led to a powers breakthrough for 'Nica.

The mystery of the black and white pebbles deepened, with all of the magic users in the mansion receiving one. Amanda, perturbed by them and their possible meaning, went on an extended research trip to discover their meaning.

Barbara Morse and Warren had a rather honest discussion about their 'situation' and Lorna Dane and Alex Summers announced they'd chosen a date in October for their wedding.


Apr 1 - Maya dares people to talk about the peace and love doctrine in the wake of anti-mutant violence. Hope is the first to discover Topaz’s April Fool’s fashion statement. Topaz texts her students to find out who did it. Amanda responds to a request to remove Maya from Warren’s building by security, and things go badly.

Apr 2 - Darcy posts, asking for ideas on how to help the bookstore. Ty texts Topaz to tell her that pink is her colour. ‘Nica posts about how to protect fellow students at Bayville from discrimination. Clea texts Stephen and Megan about their stones. Ev helps Gabriel with a powers issue. Artie is unimpressed with a prank that left him with a twisted ankle. The Mutant Chronicle posts a comprehensive article about knowing one’s rights.

Apr 3 - Topaz takes her revenge, leaving green army men in Clea, Billy, Megan and Stephen's rooms. Clea texts Topaz and Stephen, separately, about Topaz's revenge.

Apr 4 - Topaz texts Amanda about a mysterious rock that appeared. Quentin and Hank talk about mutant advocacy and passing privilege.

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Apr 8 - Gabriel and Rogue hang out in the boathouse and gripe about responsibility.

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Apr 13 - Gabriel rejoices in Spring arriving and men jogging without shirts.

Apr 14 - Miles is excited by the trailer for the new Star Wars movie. Topaz leaves Amanda a birthday gift.

Apr 15 - Maya asks Miles to contact Warren for her about a job. Kyle helps Matt move into his new basement office and talk about his need for an assistant.

Apr 16 - Marie-Ange announces an Easter Egg hunt and breakfast and mimosas on the patio. Molly has a bunny and chick themed movie night

Apr 17 - Miles texts Warren to let him know Maya thinks he owes her a job. Reed loses time on the NASA photograph website. Amanda finds a stone in her tea mug and thinks it’s a prank. Lorna finds the perfect wedding dress and lets people know she and Alex have picked a date.

Apr 18 - Darcy is excited about the upcoming Carmen Sandiago series on Netflix.

Apr 19 - Clarice tries Starbucks’ new unicorn frappaccino. Amanda emails her students and TAs, expressing concern about the mysterious black and white pebbles they have all received.

Apr 20 - Monica and Reed have a conversation about powers. Maya finally tracks down Warren and winds up with a job.

Apr 21 - Reed and Molly experiment with human trebuchet flight. Reed posts about the possible legal issues concerning his trebuchet.

Apr 22 - Emma buys a Victorian-era vibrator to add to her collection. The news reports on an incident in New York where a mutant woman and her girlfriend were assaulted; Alex vents his anger and concern; Jean asks Matt and Warren if their vigilante alter-egos are interested in investigating the assault.

Apr 23 - Laurie posts a link about dog names. Tabitha wants the world to stop hurting people. Maya mentions that she is involved in discussions about the assault in NYC in the Bayville chat room and invites others to join her. Alex texts Jean to ask about the assault victims and then posts asking for donations to provide for their healthcare.

Apr 24 - Reed emails Monica with the results from his research into her powers. Monica makes a journal entry about her powers.

Apr 25 - Rogue texts Logan to apologize about dinner.

Apr 26 - Bobbi and Warren have a morning talk about future plans and present statuses.

Apr 27 - Amanda makes a journal entry announcing she’ll be away doing research for the next few weeks. Lorna texts Alex about Amanda showing them the rocks.

Apr 28 - Warren discovers Kevin hanging out at one of his exclusive haunts, which leads to an interesting revelation and a new meaning to the term ‘scotch free.’

Apr 29 - Maya makes a journal entry about the disaster that is Fyrefest. Topaz invites Hope over for some de-stressing and drinking.

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