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April 7

2004: Emma and Manuel have a... chat. Doug hacks Manuel's medical records, at Emma's request, and nearly breaks his brain in the effort. Manuel discovers that meditation really works. Nathan begins work with his telepathy.

2005: Jean and Hank talk late at night, and Jean has a breakdown about Scott's relationship with Betsy. Haroun counsels Shiro about his reasons for wanting to join the X-Men. Jay has therapy with Dr. Leonard Samson. Shiro goes to Marie-Ange to ask about what training to be an X-Man is like.

2006: Cain discovers where Cameron Hodge has been hiding and vows to go see him. Emerald Isle: Terry’s uncle shows up at the Keep and surprises her; Tom takes Terry away without telling anyone, causing several people to worry.

2007: Medusa, on her way home to Attilan for the Easter vacation, runs into Nathan and discusses anniversaries with him, and then chats with Kurt about homes. Angelo and Marie train in the Danger Room. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna turns down Zala's offer and they part amicably as Lorna goes to spend Easter with their parents. Ororo is bored during her vacation and emails Scott. Marie attempts to introduce Logan to pop culture with a movie night and they discuss Logan's woes. Jennie, Marius and Monet go out drinking and send drunken text messages to various people; later Marius and Monet bond. John and Angelo catch up. Logan brings Sarah beer and movies and they talk about family.

2008: Garrison announces he has baseball tickets for the next weekend and makes an open invitation to the game. Kevin and Terry meet to talk about Manuel and realise they will never agree; afterwards, Kevin takes Manuel dinner and meets the man behind the uproar. Nathan returns from Muir with reading glasses and is mocked by Angelo and Juliette. Shakespeare Syndrome: Jan remarks on a history teacher singing his lesson; Kyle starts posting in haiku. Remy goes to the mansion, first speaking to Forge about keeping an eye on Manuel, and then visiting Manuel to warn him that if he goes back to his old ways, he won't get another chance; Remy emails Amanda, telling her it's okay to go to the mansion again; Amanda runs into Manuel and they have an awkward but not destructive conversation; afterwards, a distracted Amanda runs into Nathan and they discuss the changes in Manuel. Tabitha emails Dani about the very handsome Bishop, spotted on campus.

2009: Jean emails Fred concerning the pain his powers cause him. Jean-Paul posts to let his students know he will be out of the country for a while, Shiro emails him with concerns. Karolina posts about going to Mexico for Spring Break and the possibility of not returning to the school. Julian and Doreen have lunch and the younger girl learns about the X-Men. Inez convinces Dori to skip class for the afternoon to go play around in the woods. Jake and Adrienne go on their date, which ends after a spontaneous kiss that confuses them both. Nathan meets with Julian to discuss learning to fly, and later with Doug to share information on John Lense for Doug's Hellfire Club investiture. Fred asks Forge about an inhibitor to control his powers, and is upset by Forge's impassioned refusal. Nathan contacts Jean-Paul to check up on his friend.

2010: John texts Amanda about her absence from things and finds out about Selene and Meggan. Jean-Paul asks Logan to share booze with him but the conversation doesn't go well when Logan challenges his attitude about his concussive blasts.

2011: Operation: Sanguinicity: Doug and Wanda attend an event at the Berlin Hellfire Club and meet with La Contessa Valentina Allegre de la Fontaine, discovering she indeed can help them take down the Mosley Initiative; during the party, Amanda, Cammie and Jubilee search the Countessa's apartment, finding bank records and a diary and setting up surveillance cameras; Remy, Ororo and Emma go through the gathered information and decide there's enough there to trust La Contessa and act on Von Strucker's remaining holdings; Remy instructs Marie-Ange to get her team to Zurich. Callie talks about her college roommate's Starbucks dilemma. Vanessa and Jean-Paul catch up after her vacation and after lots of innuendo and catching up, they go to the museum. Molly decides to set up an advice column.


2013: Billy gets all twitchy and stuff, and this time, Clint's not about to let him off the hook.


2015: Kevin encounters Warren on the roof and is less than impressed and makes no attempt to hide it.

2016: Garrison points out that as it is both International Beer Day and International Beaver Day, he’ll be having a parade in his own honour down to Harry’s. Matt emails Clint asking if there’s anything he should know about Natasha, as he just ran into her in the city.


2018: Ready or Not: The kids prepare to go into the game; once inside, things go wrong very quickly, and they realize they can't escape; a news report drops about the game going haywire; Wade texts Doug about the game problem; another reports says they're looking for an engineer who was on the game, and is suspected of tampering with it; in the game, the GenX kids find another player and team up; the kids team up to fight the game and break free; one last news report updates on the final death count, the players being freed, and Marcus Seed being in custody; the real mastermind behind the game malfunction contemplates the events of the day; Clea asks Doug about finding the friend they made in game. Reed posts about wanting to speak with one of the survivors. Maya declares she'll never play another VR game again.