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August 14 - Wade Wilson's birthday


2003: X-Men Mission: Pyro: Cyclops meets with Pete in New Orleans and discloses he has a mole within the Brotherhood and that Magneto is planning a 'test' for Pyro. A test he won't survive; Pete agrees to take the information back to the mansion. Betsy inadvertently links with Scott's mind.

2004: Amanda spends the weekend at Bethany's house.

2005: Sam returns to his position as Scott's XO.

2006: Angelica’s mother contacts the school. Julio meets Crystal outside. Believing Is Seeing: Paige goes undercover in LA. Bleeding: Marius, Jennie, and Manuel all attend a club.

2007: Jono gets back from England and has an altercation with Forge over Paige; Angelo wonders what happened and Forge tells him; Angelo wants to have words with Jono. Farouk posts his paper on the role of mutancy in the modern world, revealing his belief that mutants have existed for thousands of years. Jean gets her pregnancy test results and is disappointed to learn she is not pregnant; Scott is less disappointed, but tries to be supportive. Monet tells Marius she's coming back to the school. The Winding Way: Mark and Amanda train with powers and she blows him accidentally into a wall.

2008: Sulaco: Charles announces Jay is being taken to Muir as his condition is worsening. Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: The situation in the camp grows worse as a mutant terrorist attack on India sparks off military action by India against the Tamils, with the Sri Lankan government's co-operation; conditions are deemed too politically delicate for the X-Men to become involved in an evacuation of the students.

2009: Sarah and Adrienne announce departures from the mansion for a couple of weeks. House of Wolves: Wanda gets a call from a Cambridge hospital, where both Agatha Harkness and Wanda's cousin, working for her, are undergoing surgery after a violent attack at the museum Agatha manages; Wanda lets the rest of X-Force know she, Jake, Mark and Illyana will be going to Cambridge.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Jared meets Derek and in the process touches him, which causes his powers to return; Jean updates x_medical on the situation with Jared and emails Yvette, Kevin and Cammie; Yvette visits Derek and is tempted to let him keep her powers since he doesn't seem to mind having them; Kevin, Cammie and Yvette discuss what to do; Kevin comforts Yvette after she flees the meeting.

2011: Adrienne provides breakfast for Amanda and Marie-Ange and catches up on news. Wade celebrates his birthday with cake and demands for dancing; Doug gives Wade a t-shirt for his birthday. Sing Me A Prayer: Garrison visits the Snow Valley offices looking for Farouk and it's determined that Farouk hasn't been seen for a while; Amanda posts to x_snowvalley to let them know she and Wanda will be off for a while; Amanda texts Adrienne to let her know she can stay at the apartment as long as she needs. Capital Turpitude: Kyle posts his report of the fire on x_team. Adrienne comes looking for Vanessa and finds Warren instead, who fills her in on everything she's missed, or, well, some things.

2012: For Wade’s birthday: Tabitha sends him a basket of gun oil, massage oil, and lots of confetti via USPS; Jubilee sends him a knitted moose and a matching card via rollerblades; Meggan sends him tacos, chimichangas and a Bea Arthur CD; Matt posts a birthday greeting; Adrienne leaves a homemade shark sleeping bag outside his suite door; Angel leaves a wooden plaque and a card outside his suite door; Lorna asks him to meet her in the kitchen via text; and Catseye informs Wade via note that she has left his present in the freezer. The Professor announces the arrival of Renee Nguyen. Renee makes her introductory post. Renee meets Kyle who is a very good ambassador to the mansion’s newest student. Tandy meets her new roommate, Renee and they hit it off.

2013: Marie-Ange texts Wade about making sure he is suitably dressed for his birthday. Sooraya emails Angelo and John about a location for the Malala’s Rose project in Afghanistan. Molly gives Wade a shirt for his birthday.

2014: Marie-Ange posts to tell Lorna that Wade enjoyed his birthday presents (a female mariachi band and taco truck) so much he proposed marriage to Lorna, which Marie-Ange unfortunately can’t go along with. Cecilia emails Marie-Ange to express her wish that Marie-Ange and Wade enjoy Wade’s birthday celebrations and to remind them to put the steaks she gave Wade in the fridge. Tandy meets with Artie to get her new fake ID and they talk about what happened to her.


2015: Adrienne emails Nica to tell her to keep her head up and not worry about Laurie and Clarice on the journals. Wade emails Doug to let him know he’ll be out of town meeting up with an old friend who has some concerns about his daughter. Doug immediately turns around and start planning a secret birthday party for Wade with Marie Ange and Laurie. Cecilia texts Wade about how Pizza Dog ate his present. Adrienne leaves Wade a birthday card and a minnow knitted hat. Wade meets up with his old friend and his daughter, and almost gets gutted by a butter knife. Wade emails Scott, Cecilia, Angel, Jessica and Julian to let them know he’s bringing Maya back to the mansion, she might need to get tested for mutancy and will need a place to stay; Maya meets her new roomies and it goes as well as you'd expect. It’s Greek To Me: Clint texts Molly asking for her help with Namor’s project. North wakes up from his coma and Wanda is by his bedside.

2016: Alex asks Lorna to marry him (again).


2018: Morningstar: Sharon asks the rest of the medlab staff why Warren would be breaking into medicine cabinets. Bobby is disgusted with the heat and with certain hockey trades.

2019: Sooraya e-mails Doug to ask for help with anonymously posting information on social media. Bobby makes a journal entry bemoaning the lack of ice hockey.