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February 10 - Wanda Maximoff's birthday, Pietro Maximoff's birthday, Warren Worthington's birthday

2004: Lorna begins therapy.

2005: Lost and Found: Haroun and Nathan compare bruises and discuss the mission; Alison talks to Morgan. Kurt and Amanda start talking about their shared family. Catseye has a catnip hangover.

2006: Sam finds Kyle and has a word with him about not keeping Jay awake all night with sex before taking him to chop wood to burn off energy. Kyle, being Kyle, manages to cut off two of his toes by trying to lift an axe too heavy for him. (They grow back.) Angelo and Nathan have an SMS conversation while both bored with filing and a meeting respectively.

2007: Lorna loses a bet to Alison and has to recreate the Risky Business dance scene; Jean joins her and Medusa is disapproving. Haller and Betsy's relationship is outed on the journals, much to their discomfort. Wanda and Pietro celebrate their birthdays.

2008: The Shadow King (plot): The occult team hatch a desperate plan to flood the astral plane with magic in order to flush the Shadow King out; Betsy knocks out Forge and escapes the medlab; Angelo raises the alarm; Betsy goes after Jack, thinking he is the Shadow King; Terry runs into Jeannie and none of their previous issues count; Forge complains about being knocked out; Scott goes to check on Forge and they discuss the frustration of the situation; Jack and Moira have a similar conversation over Charles' unconscious body; the occult team go ahead with their plan, but something goes wrong and the astral plane rebels; a priest by the name of Paris du Bennett becomes Humanity's representative and heals the astral plane; the psis come back to themselves and Cain awakens; Farouk confronts the Shadow King on the astral plane one last time; X-Force (and Jubilee) lay siege to the clinic, Mark gets shot by Esteban Trotsky and they narrowly avoid killing the now-cured Farouk; Amanda posts the all-clear; Yvette wonders where Cain has gone; Forge suggests tracking down and checking on Betsy; Scott announces a return to 'normality'; Jean explains things to her mother, and things are tense.

2009: Omikami no Isan: En route to Japan, Shiro realises the Hand is responsible for the killings; the X-Men discover the Hand is seeking three ancient artifacts, hidden inside three individuals, to raise their god; the three guardians are approached and agree to let the X-Men protect them. Catseye asks Cammie to teach her how to eat like a normal person and Cammie suggests perhaps bleach isn't a good start. Logan and Lil catch up on the smoker's porch. Before heading to Muir Island, Nathan talks to Julian about his night time powers flares; Jean-Paul stops by and makes sure Julian is coming to the New Mutants sushi dinner. Logan notes someone's been using his motorcycle while he's been gone and Lil confesses. Amanda runs into Cammie and introduces herself. Nathan announces his imminent departure for Muir Island. Manuel asks who is going to the reopening of Silver. Illyana makes one of her very 'her' posts, with mixed reception. Marie-Ange teaches Jubilee to make milkshakes with protein powder to avoid the fridge raids. Monet is frustrated with Elpis work and shares with Angelo a image of herself as a 40 foot tall mutant monster woman squashing annoying people underfoot.

2010: Fred posts, telling people he'll be in the garage. Amanda wishes Wanda happy birthday. Wanda posts about forgetting her birthday. Call of the Wild: Nick sidetracks from his run back to Wisconsin to watch a Preacher of the Church of Humanity and finds himself witness to a possible atrocity; as he's trying to think of a way to save the young mutant, he manages to find a way into the camp of the Purifiers; Kyle, Catseye, Lex and Kurt eventually track down Nick and help free the trapped mutant, but not before Nick finds his sister in league with the CoH and the Purifiers. Kevin posts about being glittered by Clarice before she moves off campus. Adrienne brings Cammie a cupcake in celebration of their one year anniversary of working together. Warren and Crystal go out for drinks. Laura moves in with Cammie.

2011: Having had too much to drink the night before, Vanessa wakes up in Jean-Paul's apartment and finds out that he lives only a few blocks from their office. Molly runs into Wade - literally - and he ends up teaching her how to do it with more force. Vanessa lets everyone know that people are being a bit twitchy in the city and in District X due to the recent deaths and disappearances in the area and hopes that people can help diffuse any situations they come across. Crystal wishes Wanda a happy birthday. Wanda makes a posts about actually remembering her birthday this year and invites everyone out for drinks. Vanessa and Amanda meet up at Finnegans for drinks and a possible reconciliation. I'll Be Home: Nick visits the mansion despite not remembering his past; Charles Xavier issues a notice about Nick's return to the school. Kevin spends time with Laura at an art gallery. Jean-Paul visits Jean to ask a question about Karl Lykos and what 'life force' actually entails before kidnapping her for lunch.

2012: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Overnight at a hotel, Garrison and Terry stand guard as Phillip and Jenny ready themselves for Muir - they don't make it. After a rigorous fencing lesson with Kurt, Sarah steels herself and brings up an important topic that's been on her mind lately. The kids, minus Sooraya, go out to Salem to see a movie about real life superheroes, only things go a bit sideways when they find some guys breaking windows on Meggan's car. Jubilee makes a journal entry about having a Terminator marathon in her underwear with a bucket of KFC.

2013: Adrienne leaves a gift for Wanda at the Brownstone. Maddie announces a Walking Dead viewing party in the rec room that evening. Amanda wishes Wanda a belated happy birthday on her journal.


2015: Laurie makes a journal entry about being able to cook and seeking accompaniment for purchasing ingredients. Adri texts Garrison about Jean’s recent arrival. Logan texts Scott about how Jean’s appearance makes things complicated. Wanda makes a journal entry commenting on the anniversary of her 21st birthday. Warren and Lorna meet in the kitchen and share some leftovers. Warren runs into Roxy in the woods and he tries to charm her out of her melancholy in regards to a couple power malfunctions that happen around him. Angel goes and meets Roxy in her student suite. Roxy posts an introductory journal entry, complete with a link to the new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. Warren texts Matt about being brought to Xavier’s. Megan e-mails Adri about having to change her work schedule due to not getting the classes she wanted. Gabriel and Sue both break into the same house,their meeting doesn't go well.

2016: Jubilee posts about body parts and giant rabbits. Arthur posts about his luck, and how it isn’t that lucky after all. Warren posts, reminding everyone about his birthday and soliciting birthday presents. Hope finally talks to Marie-Ange about learning some more questionable skills.

2017: Cecilia posts about being nostalgic and making a whole lot of rice pudding.

2018: Lorna gives Wanda a birthday gift. Amanda also posts birthday wishes. Angelica asks Doug about cicadas. Gabriel shares an unfortunate bartending mishap from his evening.