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February 13

2004: Clarice and Manuel both start therapy.

2005: Maddie comes up with an easier way to shuttle Moira back and forth from Muir Island to the Mansion. Tim Morgan and Nate go to sell Alison on the idea of them seeing Colin MacInnis again.

2006: Catseye and Forge go to the mall with her brother; she leaves the boys alone to visit the ball pit and they have a Little Talk. Nathan helps Haroun shop for Valentine's Day, then they eat steak. Moira's relaxing in her suite when Davey comes to visit, for high cute. Moira asks Jamie to teach her to rollerblade.

2007: Red X Mission: Whiteout: Marie and Nathan rescue the Dead Sea Scrolls; Kurt and Terry deliver a baby; Kane gets stuck in Toronto; Marie and Kyle clear an animal shelter and Kyle gets a new pet; Pietro asks Nathan to use his telepathy to locate homeless people for him to rescue; Pietro and Crystal clear snow, working together; Dani and Laurie discuss human nature.

2008: Jay approaches Tommy and something of a truce is established. An injured Mark asks his team for more weed to cope with the pain and Marie-Ange obliges. Jean and Nathan meet in the woods, and it becomes obvious Nathan is having a crisis of faith as a telepath, much to Jean's frustration. Jay collects his plant from Ororo and they talk; Rahne announces she has a date on Valentine's Day; Forge and Kyle wind up in New York on an emergency gift run; Crystal asks Forge out for Valentine's Day; Kyle asks Crystal for help with flowers for Clarice; Jay asks various people for their Valentine's plans and in the course of discussion, Marius explains his perspective on relationships. Jennie is made a full X-Man after her actions in finding Haller; Jennie's status is announced on the team comm, and she's smug at people. Cain and Jan are training in the Danger Room and Jan gets accidentally swallowed. Nori plays soccer with Julio and reveals a new aspect of her powers. Shiro visits Clarice and is surprised to find out about her and Kyle.

2009: Omikami no Isan: Shiro makes his report. Lil runs into Cammie while testing out her new heels and they chat, the topic of being overwhelmed with kindness coming up. Midsummer's Nightmare: Jan inadvertently curses the play by mentioning the Scottish play by name during rehearsals. Adrienne gets caught leaving t-shirts for Cammie and tries to offer her a job. Silver reopens and Manuel, Jean-Paul, Lil, Bishop, Adrienne and Morgan all enjoy themselves in various ways; Julian and Scott talk about the field trip.

2010: Jean-Paul seeks help for suppressing the new powers he's been experiencing. Jan posts about Valentine's Day.

2011: Jean-Paul invites Kevin over to the city. Wanda heads over to Vanessa's with food and drinks for a belated birthday celebration. Jan lets everyone know that she will be doing her annual candy drop on Valentine's Day. Amanda lets her friends know that she's on the road with Nico. Warren confirms dinner reservations with Crystal. Laurie complains about her college class schedules. Warren and Wade meet in person and end up getting distracted.

2012: Jubilee goes to Remy for some advice. Remy sends Jubilee and Cammie to Mexico. Laura emails XFI about not coming back. Nico posts a friendly reminder about reminding yourself of who you are and who you want to be. Doug emails Layla calling in his favour and requesting help with some deliveries.

2013: Amanda e-mails Artie to let him know that she and Jennifer have uncovered the details of his birth, and it’s not quite what he was expecting. Unsure of how to cope with this new info Artie heads over to Marie-Ange’s place to get away and wrap his head around everything, he also alerts the mansion to his new location. Adrienne and Garrison head off on their vacation and Adrienne leaves Tandy a note telling her to be good and emphasising that she should not have sex.

2014: Matt posts about the Paralympics that will be broadcast on t.v. Sue texts Clint about last night. Cecilia posts about it still snowing and who wants to go sledding. Hope stops by to apologize for the argument she had with Namor on Clint’s journal. Adrienne leaves a t-shirt for Maddie. Hope emails Matt about why he is biting everyone’s head off. Cecilia texts Matt about pelting Kyle with snowballs on Matt’s behalf. Franks drops in on Clint to check if he’s okay.

2015: Jubilee makes a journal entry about her and Kurt’s return, and they brought presents! Topaz texts Hope about their new Fairy Wine Mothers. Fox News tweets about mutants attacking a peaceful protest outside the NYC city hall, while the New York Times tweets about a 12 year old’s science project causing a panic at a rally outside the NYC City Hall. Bobby runs into Rogue, who wasn’t expecting to see him at all. Angel's runaway cat finds Rogue. Then Angel finds them both.

2016: Clea posts about being very hungry and wanting someone to feed her. Jean-Paul texts Topaz about the day before and offers tea. Clarice posts about wanting to stab her brain with a Q-tip. Wade and Gabriel accidentally have a bonding session over booze and the many definitions of the word ‘jam’. Jean and Haller have a discussion while in the Box. Jubilee and Kevin talk about Kevin’s past and X-Force’s future.

2017: Alison is perturbed to find Midnight, Topaz’ black cat, in her room. Meggan lets Topaz know she’s captured two of the animated catnip mice. Gabriel has a session with Charles and they talk about the difficulty of moving on from tragedy.