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February 6

2004: Red X is launched with the Red Cross.

2005: Infectia: Hank's date did not go well and Maddie ends up putting him to bed.

2006: Haller finds Nathan doing some legal research as another way to bring Gideon Faraday down, and suggests suing him for abuse for what he did to Nathan's mind. Forge and Clarice work on redesigning Haroun's uniform. Bobby declares his intention never to have kids. Terry tries to apologise to Bobby for the previous night's disaster, but they don't really get anywhere. Moira thanks them both for babysitting Rachel.

2007: X-Men Mission: Leverage: Cyclops and Storm pose as elevator consultants in order to search buildings; Sunfire and Blink find a homeless child instead and stay to help; Siryn and Rogue find one girl, but discover the second is in another location, and the alarm has been raised; Wolverine, Cable, Skin and Dominion are first on the scene and Dominion reluctantly agrees to try and negotiate with the hostage-takers; Dominion manages to talk one of the hostage-takers into turning against his partner. Laurie emails Angelo and Kyle about Forge's whereabouts and is unhappy to learn he left without telling her; she and Yvette discuss Forge and the silliness of Boys.

2008: The Shadow King (plot): Warned by Wanda, in the early hours of the morning the mansion psis, plus Betsy, enter the astral plane to deal with the intruder, but all are defeated; Scott and Ororo realise something has gone wrong and raise the alarm and evacuating the students to the shelters; during the evacuation, Yvette and Jean-Phillipe play canasta; all the psis react in various ways to the disruption to the astral plane caused by the Shadow King| Shadow King's influence: Nathan becomes psychotic and has to be taken down by an X-Man team; Jean believes she is eleven years old again and is found by Dani and Lorna; Haller 'loses' his David persona, and Jack takes over, returning to the convenience store where they manifested in a state of confusion; Jennie and Terry retrieve him, stopping a robbery in the process; Betsy hijacks a classroom and tries to teach etiquette at sword point and Scott has to take her down; Scott and Moira discuss the situation and have no answers; Scott emails Wanda asking her to find out more from Dr. Stephen Strange; Scott visits Jean and finds she doesn't know who he is and only wants her mother, whom he calls; Scott lets the school know what's going on, the little they know; debate ensues on the X-Men comms on what to do about Cain, sitting unresponsive in the television room; Kyle and Laurie argue about her coping mechanisms; Jean's mother arrives; Lorna tries to calm Jack and discovers Jim is no longer accessible. Forge lets slip that he has a girlfriend, and releases a storm of demands for details; Lorna emails Crystal about her new girlfriend status; Forge emails Crystal to let her know he might miss her birthday with the crisis and she teases him about the 'girlfriend' slip; Jennie emails Forge and does not appear to be amused at the 'girlfriend' situation.

2009: The Orchid: Chris and Jean track Robert Haverford to Borneo, where a possessed Scott appears and attacks them; Jean drives the body snatcher out with a deal and using Scott's fragmented memories, they are able to get a better idea of where Haverford has gone; they confront Haverford at Mount Kinabalu eating orchids and dump him a day's hike from civilisation. Jean-Paul emails Shiro about progress with Nori. Crystal announces her birthday plans for the next day - drinks at Harry's. Lil emails Amara, apologising for her guest of the other night, and asks Manuel for advice on a Valentine's gift for Bishop, but becomes prickly when he offers relationship advice; Lil goes to the gym to burn off her anger at Manuel. Julian asks Inez why she's angry at him and her jealousy is revealed. Bishop takes Manuel and Valentia out to get Manuel's pimp hat as per their bet before New Year's. Adrienne calls in her date raincheck with Morgan. Yvette mentions the fifth anniversary of Red X is that day. Jay posts Shakespeare to his journal. Morgan talks to Amanda about a place to live. Garrison picks up Logan from the airport.

2010: Laurie emails Crystal inviting her over for ice cream and movies due to the break-up with Forge. Laura Kinney announces her arrival on the journals and explains her mutation; later, she runs into Catseye in the woods and they go hunting after comparing mutations. Valentia is nearly taken while out with Amanda and Manuel decides it is time for he and his sister to leave New York. Manuel announces his return to Spain on the journals; he emails Emma and Julian to let them know as well. Catseye wishes Red X a happy birthday. Amanda lets Snow Valley know about the attempted kidnapping of Valentia and informs the Trenchocats that one of the goons looked like a henchman of Selene's from the Black Court.

2011: Jan announces Superbowl Sunday; Piotr is more excited about Glee performing the half time show. Dinosaur Bugaloo: Bishop gives Laurie coroner's reports for Hank to double-check; while at lunch with Kyle, Laurie sneaks a peek at the files and the two realise it's the same M.O. they encountered two years ago; Lykos realises he's being tailed and feeds off Jean-Paul and becomes Sauron, before Laura interrupts; Jean-Paul calls Vanessa and raises the alarm while Laura and Sauron battle; Vanessa asks Jean to contact SHIELD to help out with Sauron; Laurie gets hold of Bishop from the back of Kyle's motorbike and tells him she and Kyle have trained to take Sauron down and need to help; Vanessa gets Laurie to calm the crowd to avoid injuries; Jean-Paul and Bishop take on Sauron, trying to ground him again; Kyle and Laura engage Sauron on a rooftop with Jean-Paul and Bishop joining in to finally subdue him in time for SHIELD to take him into custody; Kyle reports to x_team what happened. Wade meets Vanessa and they compare weapons; Wade goes down to meet Hank earlier than expected but still gets the physical; while in medlab, Wade runs into Jean and is infatuated, and is introduced to the coffee maker and is terrified.

2012: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria: Xavier announces the arrival of Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome at the school as they seek asylum from Genosha; Jenny and Phillip arrive at the school and are greeted by Scott and Lorna; Jenny spends some time with Yvette learning about Red X. Scott kidnaps Layla after she recovers from her powers incident, and she wins the most awesome prize ever. Maddie texts Layla and Sarah about having a cover for their impending mischief. Sam makes a half-hearted journal entry talking about the Super Bowl.

2013: Maddie and Sue have some girl time in Sue's room and gossip about boys, nails, and plays before making plans to run off to a tropical island. Callie makes a journal entry announcing the pending sale of Girl Scout cookies. Tandy announces on her journal that Die Hard is playing in the rec room.

2014: Clint helps Tandy with Physics and then they talk about other stuff.

2015: Jennie trains Arthur in his powers. While Miles, Peter and Matt are out on patrol, they are joined by Billy, a new vigilante; Matt texts Clint to let him know he was with the group. Warren confronts his father about Biotech. Julian introduces himself to Roxy and discovers they already know each other. Kevin Sydney and Neena Thurman attend a job interview at the Snow Valley offices and become the newest members of X-Force; Marie-Ange text Doug to let him know they have new people needing to be set up with tech. Marie-Ange and Kevin go to Finnegans after the hiring interview and chat.

2016: Sharon continues her education in mutant health care. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: X-Factor Investigations presents the information they have to their clients; later Sue and Julian retreat to the balcony to plan the next move. Something Slender This Way Comes: Miles texts Matt to ask for help to find his missing friend Ganke Lee.

2017: Scott leaves a belated birthday gift at Kitty’s door.

2018: Natasha wishes Ev a happy birthday. Laurie posts about flu pandemics. Wanda uses booze to get Topaz to open up. Sooraya and Rogue talk about loss of faith and holding onto what they believe, even when they don’t want to.