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July 12 - Namor's birthday


2003: Betsy realises she and Alison have inadvertently created a psychic link through their training together on psychic defences.

2004: Nathan and Angelo spar and make headway repairing their friendship.

2005: Amanda goes looking for treatment and is disconcerted to find Hank the only one there, but they manage to be polite. Manuel comes for his lesson with Nathan, only to be reminded that Lusanya is fading and will disappear soon. It doesn't end well. Jubilee finds a necklace. Madelyn contacts Manuel to arrange treatment for his scrapes after the clubbing trip.

2006: The Rictor Effect: Julio and Nathan meet for the first time since Julio's ordeal, and Nathan tells Julio he needs to learn control in order to stop feeling helpless. Marie-Ange accepts Remy's job offer to work at Snow Valley. Jennie walks in on a powers loop between Marie and Dani and freaks out. Jubilee comes to Amanda and reveals that David has been dealing drugs and she's had to resign from the police academy.


2008: Bishop and Manuel play chess and discuss pasts and futures. Reunion Monticello: Nathan is ambushed at Arlington Cemetery by Carly Alvarez, a former Mistra telepath who is now working with Tara Trask; she wipes his memory of the meeting and he comes to a couple of hours later to find his shields are back to normal finally; on his return, Jean suggests he take control by learning offensive telepathy.

2009: Mutation Sternutation: Callie, Julian, Jean-Phillipe, Crystal, Laurie, Marie and Kurt go to the art exhibit and Crystal is bitten by a small child; returning to the mansion, Callie touches Julian and he falls into a coma; down in the medlab, Jean discovers Callie seems to be exhibiting Marie's powers; after the exhibit, Marie, Kurt and Amanda have a drink and talk; Marie meets Garrison for lunch and abruptly vanishes in mid-conversation, reappearing in the Snow Valley offices; Monet posts to the journals about something strange happening with Kurt's powers; Crystal has something strange happening with her own powers and she almost has an accident in the quarry when she can't keep in the air, but Nathan is there to rescue her; Marie talks to Callie about having her absorption powers; Jean lets the mansion know something is up with people's powers; Fred tries to comfort Callie but she flees; Amara is feeling the cold and Lil helps keep her warm. Scott talks Jean-Paul out of leaving for the sake of his sister. Adrienne meets with Morgan at Harry's and relates the story of the night before's events. Jeanne-Marie reintroduces herself on the journals. Nick and Catseye bring a movie to watch with Yvette, and things get awkward later as Catseye asks the blunt questions and then kisses Nick. Adrienne discovers her new roommate, Jeanne-Marie. Laurie gets a call from Eamon.


2011: Yvette posts about moving into Suite 1 with Laura. Garrison posts about getting Scott away from Jean's side for a bit. Jubilee kidnaps Doug to the Bahamas for a week.

2012: Doug tries to hand in his resignation to Wanda and she refuses it, much to his confusion - and relief; Doug lets people know he’ll be out of touch for a few days; Doug announces on x_snowvalley that he’s going on retreat as ordered by his new therapist, Gus Grim. Visiting Matt during his grounding, Amanda discovers he’s been using ecstasy and has to let the staff know; Jean posts to x_staff about Matt’s drug use and announcing that he’ll be in Medlab for withdrawal for the time being. Jean posts to Wanda about Amelia kicking her out of the medlab and asking for a night out; Jean updates to x_staff letting them know Amelia will be the point of contact for Matt. Maddie visits Sooraya in the medlab. Angelo meets Hope and they talk about music. Angelo visits Sooraya and mock-scolds her for not talking to him. Matt gives Tandy a tour and they get to know one another.

2013: Molly thanks everyone for the birthday gifts on her journal. Matt and Hope practice cooking and discuss Matt getting a haircut.

2014: Tandy leaves Namor a birthday gift at his door along with a note. Clint texts Namor to tell him that their pizza is there. Molly leaves a birthday gift and a thank you note for Namor.


2015: Roxy posts about leaving and going to school in Europe. Laurie texts Doug about date night. Tabitha posts about being bored. New York's finest have picked up a runaway shoplifter, and it's a pretty routine night. But the boy is more than he seems, and things are about to get a little ...out of hand; Clint texts Matt about the events with Amadeus. Jungbrunnen: Marie-Ange, Artie and Gabriel ambush Kraven the Hunter in Berlin and have him take them to where North is being kept and then set up surveillance; Wanda, Doug and Wade infiltrate the facility and find North, but he’s in bad shape; the surveillance team put a tracker on Kraven and let him loose before going in to help North; the team discovers the people holding North were testing a super soldierserum on him and manage to sedate him long enough to get him back to the mansion for treatment; Wade and Wanda agree to field transfusions to replenish David's blood after a hurried check with Laurie to make sure their blood types are compatible; Clarice 'ports in, taking North, Wade, and Wanda directly to the medlab before going back for the rest of the team, and Cecilia works to stabilize North, but winds up calling in Felicia for another transfusion, just to be on the safe side.

2016: Bobby posts and reminds everyone that Christmas is only 5 months away. Quentin and Kyle have a great run together. Lorna posts about wanting to do a backpacking trip. Molly does an instagram post about her birthday.

2017: Lorna sends out her wedding invitations.