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June 7

2003: Betsy attempts to help Jono and he blows up several trees instead. As well as nearly blowing up Paige.

2004: Amanda and Manuel go to England to meet her 'family'. Clarice returns to the school from a visit home.

2005: Little Girl Lost: Meggan is snatched during an outing in New York; Amanda knocks herself out when she hits a counter spell and is brought back to the mansion by Moira and Kurt.

2006: The Enemy Within: Cyttorak arrives at the mansion to ask something of Cain. The Mask of Ozymandias: Remy, Ororo and Marie track down the mask and confront Sabretooth at the Aswan Dam. Lorna's mentor, Chef Marcel, passes away.

2007: Laurie calls Angelo and asks for him to come visit Amanda with her. Scott talks to Angelo about his absence from the team and not being able to do everything. Illyana leaves a thank you card for Sofia. Crystal leaves the mansion, leaving a note for Pietro and almost has one last argument with Jennie about the team; Crystal runs into Logan on her way out and things remain peaceful, if icy. Jono and Paige come back. Shiro and Alex go on a date.

2008: Fenrisulfr: Doug warns Manuel about the cult in an awkward conversation as the Spaniard wants in; Doug, Marie-Ange and Amanda go to Norway to investigate the cult. Parents' Day Part 1: Julio is shocked to find his father has managed to attend for Parents Day. Crystal and Cain play golf.

2009: At a restaurant, Catseye's use of descriptive names causes trouble and Jean-Paul explains to her why the cat way of doing things can be hurtful to humans. Old Man of the Mountain: Farouk, in Bangkok, calls again and gets Doreen and manages to pass on a message for Garrison; Dori posts to the journals about her odd call; Garrison emails Pete and his father about the problem; a meeting is held at Snow Valley between Betsy, Jake, Morgan and Garrison to plan how to help Farouk and to retrieve a missing Indian diplomat; Jake asks Adrienne out for dinner (cancelling dinner with Jean-Paul) and asks her to join the mission; in Bangkok, Christian Kane breaks Farouk out of prison. Manuel and Valentia visit Wanda and talk turns to the recent breakthrough Manuel experienced with Cammie. Callie helps Dori to pack for her trip to Bosnia and agrees to look after Monkey Joe. Jean-Paul posts a fun summer training link; he and Scott tempt death by actually considering building one of their own. Lil emails Scott about psi defence training and is most reluctant to take the help offered. Jean-Paul and Jake have some time together before leaving on their respective trips. Nathan talks to Cammie about her options and about being a brainwashed mutant super-soldier.

2010: Crystal leaves Jared a gift basket to celebrate his new job at Harry's. Practicing his powers, Lex burns out a radio and Jean-Paul investigates after smelling smoke. Yvette helps Kyle with his physical therapy and finds out his issues with girls being X-Men.

2011: Doug returns the mice to Marie-Ange's office and after five minutes of being civil to one another it all falls apart.

2012: A catatonic North has a rough arrival back home, becoming increasingly drunk before taking a turn for the worse. Sarah V. makes a journal entry about her birthday and apologizing for what she may have done in Genosha. Terry makes a journal entry about missing a meeting with the home office. Vance finds Angel on the roof, and the two end up having a strangely serious conversation. Adrienne becomes concerned when David doesn't answer his door, and Kurt's help is enlisted. Kurt texts all X-Force personnel to let them know North is in the medlab. Adrienne texts Vanessa to let her know North is in the medlab after finding him under his coffee table when she went to check on him. Amanda reminds everyone that the Professor has already covered the explanation for their disappearance due to Genosha. Maddie texts Kyle to tell him he's her favourite Mutant Teen Wolf type and to ask a favour. Maddie anonymously gifts Sarah V. with the Humble Bundle V as part of her birthday gift. Megan posts a beautiful senior class picture that Angel helped take of her. Layla announces that she's going to kidnap Sarah V. for her birthday and that they'll be in contact, so don't panic. Vanessa makes a journal entry stating that X-Factor will be running by appointment only through to the end of next week. Sooraya checks on Yvette in the woods. Tabitha goes to Kurt for some late-night chatting and hot chocolate, and things turn awkward when Sam walks out wearing nothing but a t-shirt and boxers.

2013: Wade posts about National Donut Day, and says there are donuts in the mansion kitchen for everyone. Adrienne posts about the Chess Club finishing its inaugural year and congratulates Sue for placing fourth in the tournament they participated in. Maddie and Sarah Vale go to a movie for Sarah’s birthday and discuss their relationships.

2014: Yvette posts to wish Sarah V. happy birthday.

2015: Gabriel gets caught in a rainstorm on his bike and Clint offers him a ride home. Warren ponders the difference between underwear and swimwear.

2016: Reed texts Sue about harnessing the power of children for science. Kitty and Scott go on a first date.