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Jun 1 - Operation: Mad Men: X-Force tracks the Sapien League to a new meeting place; Wanda and Kevin find the place and get a bug in; Gabe and Dom double team tapping a laptop, and Dom discovers a name with possible connections to Kevin; Kevin emails Dom for tech help after seeing the info off the tap.

Jun 2 - Operation: Mad Men: Kevin goes off on his own to investigate, with deadly consequences; Dom texts X-Force for back up; Wade text Clarice for medical assistance; Jean declares Kevin dead; Gabriel texts Wade saying he doubts Kevin is really dead; Jean texts Emma saying she can still sense a bit of Kevin's consciousness; Felicia texts North and Jubilee about getting drinks

Jun 3 - Operation: Mad Men: Emma emails X-Force about Kevin's currently not entirely dead state; Gabriel feels vindicated about doubting Kevin’s death.

Jun 4 - Tandy is confused by the messy state of the library and the lack of any notice from Topaz that she was on break. Operation: Mad Men: Domino emails North, Wade and Gabriel about the mission Kevin was on before he was killed and needing to link up the information Emma will be extracting from his mind with the current day situation; Emma goes into the remnants of Kevin’s mind and finds he is focussed on the HELIOS mission from fifty years ago; Emma, in the guise of Kevin’s secretary, helps him organise his first field mission as an agent; Felicia, Wanda, Jubilee and Marie-Ange go into Kevin’s memories as members of his all-female mission to find out more about HELIOS; Wanda and Felicia go undercover at a telephone dispatch business to identify a Russian agent and pass on the name Erma Schrean; Wade emails North about having tracked down Erma in the current day and North is able to discover from her the next point of contact, a man called William Weber.

Jun 5 - Hope enlists the help of Sue’s family business in an effort to try and find more information on Baron von Habsberg and his current whereabouts. Operation: Mad Men: Inside Kevin’s mind, Jubilee and Marie-Ange break into Erma’s apartment and find photos of various locations in New York that might be involved with HELIOS; while waiting for news on the Kevin front, Artie gives Clea training in combat; Artie, Doug and Amanda try to match the images of the fifty-year old photos with current New York with mixed success; Domino and Gabe go through Kevin’s files for more information and stumble across some of his personal history.

Jun 6 - Operation: Mad Men: In Kevin’s mind he and his team raid a Water Street warehouse, based on the information from Erma’s apartment, and encounter Dottie Underwood, who manages to escape without leaving any information they can use; Wade finds William Weber died in the 1980s but that his son is still alive and he and North apprehend him to discover he lost his entire family during M-Day and that HELIOS is a nuclear warhead buried in New York - information Weber has already provided to the Sapien League; an X-Force team (Amanda, Doug, Artie, Gabriel and Domino) head to the warehouse on Water Street to recover and disarm the nuke; Doug and Domino attempt to disarm the bomb while Amanda, Gabriel and Artie run interference with the Sapien League, but discover it’s embedded in concrete; Amanda manages to convince New York to let her extract the bomb and Doug disarms it; Gabriel calls in SHIELD to take care of the nuclear material while X-Force leaves.

Jun 7 - Operation: Mad Men: Kevin wakes from his coma and is horrified and ashamed to find he is in his “default” state - a grey, featureless humanoid; he flees medlab without letting anyone know and disappears into New York; Amanda lets X-Force know she hasn’t been able to locate Kevin at all and they discuss the situation. Lorna announces the yearly hiking trip in August. Gabriel heads to Fire Island for the weekend, unable to deal with the stress of the week. Clea posts her bullet journal for the past week.

Jun 8 - Maya is unimpressed by Star Wars’ “white male problem”.

Jun 9 - Laurie doesn’t know what day of the week it is as she’s been so busy.

Jun 10 - Darcy rewards herself with a massage for finishing her first year back at school before inviting people to watch the Tony Awards with her.

Jun 11 - Sooraya and Angelo have a discussion about what they could do with any information about mutants and human rights. Hope heads to Ksavia hoping to find out more information on the Arch Duke. Alex emails Sooraya, asking her how he should go about using Warren’s card to pay for birthday presents for the children in the underground. Nica suggests replacing the 4th of July celebration with Canada Day instead. Maya posts to let people know it’s her birthday tomorrow and she can finally drive.

Jun 12 - Miles’ dad gets him a job with his construction crew which is easy for Miles leading him to wonder about when to tell his father about his other identity. Ev sends Wanda a text to check in on her. Rogue posts to let people know why she loves Canada so, the wide open spaces.

Jun 13 - Felicia and David decide to spend the day in bed as they celebrate his birthday by unwrapping her lingerie.

Jun 14 - JPB texts Topaz to assure her he’s still alive.

Jun 15 - Amanda emails her brother as they compare their lives recently and talk about their mutual ward. Kyle decides to jump on a table to sing along with Hamilton, he ends up working on powerpoints and pizza with Topaz.

Jun 16 - 14 emails Marie-Ange to let her know that they’ve found the team for her to support during the world-cup...Belgium. Clarice posts about a scientist who created a statue of the perfect human body, not happy she ignored mutants.

Jun 17 - Jubilee posts to complain about her jet lag, asking for interesting topics to get her through the struggle.

Jun 18 - Meggan texts Wade about having car issues. Type X Negative: The newspapers report there seems to be a lull in the violent attacks.

Jun 19 - Hope goes through some of the papers she gets from the Archduchess while chatting and sharing wine with Topaz. She also emails Sue about how the negotiations are going. Topaz texts Darcy about going out of town and if she’d look after Midnight.

Jun 20 -

Jun 21 - Clea posts about having graduated high school.

Jun 22 - Sooraya asks Everett to help with the powers training of a girl in the Underground.

Jun 23 - Clint texts Wanda about her former mind-control squids.

Jun 24 - Clarice posts about being in fashion lust. Clint and Wanda have an embarrassing morning after when Everett drops in. Everett texts Natasha about having found another Janus connection and going after it. Angel asks about which tv shows kids watch nowadays.

June 25 - Miles texts Bobby and Gabriel after attending Pride. Matt wakes up with a hangover after also celebrating Pride.

Jun 26 -

Jun 27 -

Jun 28 - Tandy is proud of the impact the food bank is making and thanks and rewards volunteers; Bobby and Miles's attempt to be intimate for the first time takes an unexpected turn.

Jun 29 - Alex texts Lorna, reaffirming that is indeed dangerous to go out alone; Darcy laments that she can't keep Topaz's cat forever.

Jun 30 - Amanda, in the spirit of Canada Day, offers a trip to get supplies, granted Clarice offers some teleporting; Hope and Sue decide to beat a skeezy silver spoon fed man at his own game.


Operation: Mad Men

X-Men Mission: Type X Negative

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