X-Men Mission: Type X Negative

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Dates run: April 16, 2018-onwards
Run By: Frito (Part 1), Sam, Zippit (Part 2)
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Yeah so you know, things went to hell pretty hard with the blood bank thing today.

A series of increasingly vindictive attacks by the Brotherhood against blood banks and hospitals forces the X-Men into the public eye to stop them, and hints at something bigger going on within the Brotherhood.


Wolverine, Dust, Firestar, Dagger, Monica Rambeau, Miles Morales, Alison Blaire,

Brotherhood of Mutants


April 16-

Plot Summary

Part 1 (April 16-17, 2018)

News broke about the Mayo Clinic not accepting donation from visible mutants, to mixed reactions, of course. The Brotherhood had a particularly strong reaction, and attacked the blood bank, leading to a group of X-Men and trainees to head out and stop them. During the fight, they noticed that Magneto didn't seem to be anywhere in the area, and that Mystique was being particularly bossy, even for her. The group ended up spending the night in the area due to high tension - they wanted to be onsite in case anything happened.

Part 2 (April 28-)

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This was originally meant to be a one-off event to most of the X-Men off-screen, but Sam and Zip were inspired and kidnapped the idea.


Plotrunner: Frito (Part 1), Sam, Zippit (Part 2)