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March 14 - Marius Laverne's birthday

2004: Bobby goes to stay with his parents for the holiday. Alison announces her record label project and moves back in with Lorna. Amanda's clensing ritual is successful.

2005: Doug brings Scott breakfast and talks about Jean. Alison brings Kitty the gift Betsy left for the girl. Hank consoles Jubilee about the harsh reactions to her journal post. Forge presents Nathan with the psimitar, and meets Askani. Scott and Jubilee discuss her reactions to Jean's return. Paige and Energy-Ball-Jono go out to the quarry to blow up some rocks. Clarice gets a talking-to from Kurt about her insensitive post regarding Jean's return.

2006: Lorna is finally cleared to rejoin the team and feeds Haller in celebration; the conversation, however, takes a disastrous turn. Not So Plain Jane: Jane follows through on her idea - seducing Bobby, taping it, and sending the video to Scott. Marius has his seventeenth birthday and invites everybody out to celebrate. He ends up going out to dinner covered in sparkly blue glitter, courtesy of Jennie. Domino emails Pete to ask him to look after Doug and Nathan.

2007: Marius forgets his birthday, although several others don't. Kyle receives proof Sabretooth is not his father. Operation: Tower of Babble: X-Force return to New York in varying states of health. Kaiten: Nathan announces Barath's speech at the UN the following day and Terry embarrasses Tommy into going; Nathan overstrains his telepathy keeping tabs on Angelo, and Pietro goes to meet Angelo instead; Ash and her gang take their possible new member to firebomb a mutant outreach centre.

2008: Im Odenwald: Kurt meets the 'angel' and discovers she is a mute mutant girl; an angry mob, stirred up by Baron Eric Wagner descends on the 'angel', but Kurt rescues her from being burned alive; Kurt lets the team know what happened. Nathan and Farouk meet and talk, discovering a basic disagreement in world views. Red X Mission: Reconstruction: Yvette meets a boy from Oregon, whose power protects him from hers; Angel flirts with a shirtless Kevin and gets a kiss on the cheek; Jane and Crystal talk about Red X; Jay and Terry talk about his relationship.

2009: Manuel and Yvette wish Marius a happy birthday. Sam visits Jay and an argument ensues about his absence; Jay offers Guthries for adoption on his journal. Cammie and Catseye make a game of filing. Operation: Godhand: In Poland, the remaining team raids a compound belonging to Brock Rumlow, one of Strucker's followers, and it's a close thing; the group manages to retrieve the Satan Claw instructions, but not without casualties. Cammie meets Dani and Dani is suitably weird. Yvette emails Kevin and lets him know Jay wants his guitar back. Cammie finds Jay playing guitar in the stables and they talk about love lost. Jean-Paul and Nathan talk about Jean-Paul's discovery of his parents' accident and about how knowing the truth isn't always better. Cammie runs into Fred in the kitchen late and they talk ways of making money on the road, cops and movies.

2010: Revenant: Amanda takes Nico to Marie-Ange for a reading but all they can figure out is a dark power is rising and Nico is at the centre of it all. Maybe.

2011: John has insomnia. Angelo confronts John on the forums about what he did to his car. Amara texts John to see if he's alright. Laurie invites herself to Kevin's homemade gumbo dinner and the two make plans for a potential summer road trip to New Orleans, right down to debating over who they should and shouldn't take with them. Crystal makes a Happy Birthday entry for Marius. Molly shows off her powers for Wade, accidentally slipping in the process and getting trapped under a boulder she lifted; Kyle and Julian show up and move the boulder, to reveal a sleeping and completely unharmed Molly, and they call for medical assistance just in case; Molly is brought to the medlab where Kyle and Wade watch over her, and Hank informs them she's okay though they will be keeping her there to run further tests later regarding her powers. Meggan goes to confront Amanda following Amanda's e-mail to Wade and Kevin, coming close to yelling at her, though in the end they discuss getting dinner together. Nick seeks out Kyle to give him a cd he found in his room, and they talk about old movies and trying to fix his amnesia.

2012: Lorna makes a journal entry about organizing a St. Patrick's Day party, complete with ideas for dinner, side dishes, and dessert. Kyle makes a journal entry about Spam advertisements and the likelihood of Mondo having a job in advertising for them. Kurt makes a journal entry about odd-coloured powder still being in his fur. Scott makes a journal entry about coloured powder remaining in his hair. Layla and Sooraya discuss religion while Layla learns Afghani cooking.

2013: Lorna announces pies for Pi Day in the kitchen.

2014: Wade lets everyone know that he’s rented an island for Spring Break, is anyone wants to join him and MA there. Yvette wishes Marius a happy birthday. Adrienne and Garrison watch a game on their annual trip to watch spring training, teasing one another and discussing Tandy’s modelling career as they watch. Doug wishes Wade a happy Pie day. Angelo and Cecilia talk about X-Corps and Angelo offers Cecilia a job.

2015: Laurie announces a work moratorium and plans to drink tea and watch Game of Thrones.

2016: Marie-Ange sends Arthur a calligraphic note to thank him for his gift. Jean celebrates Pi Day with pie. Clea wishes Stephen an early happy birthday.

2017: Jubilee posts up her to do list which leads to questions about why she raids other people’s fridges. Gabriel informs the mansion that red wine and hot chocolate was a thing now that people did.

2018: Maya texts Artie out of boredom. He is not impressed. Maya texts Lorna about XFI and they make plans. Tandy speaks to Scott about joining the X-Men. Bobbi emails Hope with the information she’s asked for. Julian lets everyone know he’ll be staying in the city for at least the weekend. Johnny posts about the NCAA tournament.