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March 31 - Adrienne Frost's birthday

2004: Betsy moves from the medlab back to her room. Jake comes to the school briefly, but leaves within the week for Passover. Pete comes back.

2005: Kylun and Rahne talk about self-defence class. Kitty finally calls her parents and her mother is less than enthused about her staying in New York for college. Madelyn plans a vacation. Scott puts Jubilee's request to become a trainee up for discussion. Dani asks Hank and Forge to come to Oklahoma to finalise her divorce. Hellfire and Damnation: the mission to protect Alphonso de la Rocha is announced; Remy goes to Europe to chase up information on Alphonso; Domino takes Amanda to see Pete. Clarice interviews for the EMT trainee position.

2006: House of Wind: Angelo goes to talk to Saul Morrow in hopes of clarifying some of his notes on Nathan's visions. It's... not as productive as he might have hoped. Nathan wakes up in Rio de Janeiro. Gideon greets him. The two of them have something that almost passes for a civilized conversation. Gideon makes it very clear where he stands, and how far he's willing to go. Nathan, on the other hand, does not. Upon arriving in Brazil, Lorna and Cain go undercover (well, as undercover as a woman with green hair and a seven-foot tall man can) and start looking for Nathan. Lorna gets a headache and they get a lead. Haller insists on going with the team to find Nathan, and Alison agrees. Sitting on the Blackbird in Rio, Angelo and Haller have a quiet moment before setting out. Nathan, having a very bad day in Rio, finds a surprising lack of ambiguity in his uncle on a very unexpected subject. He also starts to think about time, and how much he may or may not have to see this through. Pete is not impressed by Nathan's stupidity, especially when various time-delayed emails arrive at their destination from him. Ororo tells the school an edited version of what's going on with Nathan.

Ororo re-creates Logan's logins and access rights, plus they schedule an exploratory Danger Room run. Ororo puts Logan through said Danger Room run to see if he's let his skills accumulate any rust. Finally, the two of them go out to Harry's to celebrate Logan's triumphant return.

2007: Amanda and Angelo spend their first morning in Attilan. Tabitha asks for help shopping. Kyle and Yvette go see the fox cubs in the woods. Five Against One: Haller emails Lorna, cancelling dinner plans as he is meeting someone in New York; after dinner with Gabrielle, Haller experiences a mental break which results in his alters becoming separate manifestations; Betsy raises the alarm, after finding David and Jemail and taking them to Sofia; Cain and Wanda collect Cyndi from Silver, where she can't get past the bouncer; Nathan, Betsy and Lorna collect Jack and Davey, who prove a little more difficult; everyone back at the mansion, it is revealed that the tangible alters are psychic projections caused by the trauma of Haller discovering his parentage and will fade within a day or two; Charles posts announcements to the general and staff comms about the 'visitors'.

2008: Jay queries the quietness on the journals and is pointed in the direction of Pete's post about Mark. Operation: Take A Bow: Remy relays the information about Mark's iPod being found and stirs X-Force into making sure the Warwolves are indeed gone. Nathan has an unsettled conversation with Angelo, who is remembering the second anniversary of Nathan taking off in light of the trip to Sri Lanka without him.

2009: Lil has early morning Chinese food cravings and Karolina tries to convert her to vegetarianism. Adrienne finally emails Jake to arrange that dinner date. Forge takes Catseye for her first driving lesson. Midsummer's Nightmare: Catseye posts about her conviction someone is behind the 'accidents' after the itching powder incident; Karolina announces her parents will attend the play, provided the curse doesn't stop it from happening; Catseye manages to uncover the identity of the prankster and enlists the New Mutants to deal with him; Karolina baits the trap by letting Joe know her parents will be at the dress rehearsal the following night; Yvette asks Logan to come see the play on opening night; Callie announces the opening of the play on her journal and invites everyone who is interested. Jake's father emails Angelo, looking for his son; Angelo lets Jake know and passes on a message regarding a meeting place; Jake and his father meet and discuss the changes to Infonet and what happens next; after his meeting with his father, Wanda drags him out for a drink and later when he passes out in her bed, she initiates investigations into the people who took his arm. Illyana creates her traditional uproar on the journals when her "request" that no-one talk ever devolves into her and Cammie calling Kyle a dog with the expected umbrage; Leo emails Haller about the insanity on the journals; Laurie texts Kyle to make sure he's okay. 3 2 1 Contact: Yvette goes to meet Jada, Dr. Samson's patient with powers issues resulting in her not being able to touch. Shiro tells Jean-Paul about the girl from his college he's dating. Jean-Paul invites everyone to Nathan's birthday party at the boathouse. Adrienne meets Logan and in the course of things, finds herself doing a reading on his dogtags and making an offer to help unravel his past; Adrienne emails Vanessa about avoiding any notice of her own birthday that day (except for Garrison) and her meeting with Logan. Jean-Paul checks in on a drunken Manuel. Visiting Amanda at The Brownstone, Jay runs into a paranoid Remy and then discusses the finer details of his changes with Amanda, who suggests he meet Sarah.

2010: Jean-Paul finds himself having a fairly awkward conversation with Catseye regarding sex while helping her with her agility training. Sometime late at night, Kevin slips another drawing under Jean-Paul's door.

2011: Piotr posts to the staff about his concerns in regards to Jared and their duty of care. Jan emails Kyle about being a member of the staff, and they discuss Jared. Meggan emails Wade and Kevin about sharing her chocolate cake with them. Xavier emails Jared, requesting a meeting. Yvette emails Jean about an idea for a Danger Room experiment for Jared. Meggan runs into Garrison in the stables, and the two feed the moose together. Jean emails Wade about his test results, and suggests an appointment. Laurie texts Kyle about giving Jared the runs. Meggan and Matt meet in the library, and she offers him some of her chocolate cake.

2012: Angel posts on her journal telling everyone why she had to return from England so hurriedly.

2013: Kane texts Adrienne to wish her a Happy Birthday while still laying beside her in bed. Jean leaves a birthday gift for Adrienne. Amanda leaves a birthday gift for Adrienne. Frank meets Angel, and a ferret. Frank meets Callisto and gets curious. Angel posts a picture of a Reese’s peanut butter egg, which she got from her father, to her journal. Tabitha has that talk with Angelo, and she's nervous. Catseye and Clint chat about his family situation and her plans to open a restaurant.

2014: Adrienne posts the Final Four of March Madness and asks a birthday request of not playing this song unless it is the Scarlett Johansson version. Tandy posts about the best prank of the year and that Adrienne should not come into their suite. Wade leaves Adrienne a birthday note along with a box with a tape recorder where Wade where he sings to her and under the tape recorder is another box with a set of keys to a Cherry Mustang in the garage. Hope posts a picture about the Dutch King and Queen hosting a party for government officials and wishes she could do something like that. Jean leaves Wine-A-Rita along with five different types of wine for Adrienne.

2015: Adrienne announces her and Garrison’s return from Italy. The Thralls of Asgard: In Asgard, Sif asks Molly to take care of some rogue Frost Giants and Molly decides to take Tandy and Ty with her as backup; Loki decides to complicate things and sends the Frost Giants - and their pursuers - down to Midgard; the Frost Giants cause havoc in Las Vegas while Molly, Tandy and Ty try to stop them; in New Orleans, Marie-Ange and Wade are visited by Odin’s ravens, prompting Marie-Ange to contact Scott about potential Asgard problems; a small group of X-Men, on vacation in Vegas, are drawn into the battle when their hotel is attacked; reunions are had in mid-battle, as the X-Men realise who the Asgardian trio are; the Frost Giants are captured and the Asgardians prepare to return to Asgard, but receive a message from Sif that their thralldom is over and they can remain on Earth; Scott texts Amanda to let her know what happened and to ask her to give the returnees the once-over to make sure they’re magically okay; Scott lets Garrison know Tandy is alive and asks him to keep an eye on Adrienne. Adrienne and Tandy have their extremely complicated reunion. Marie-Ange lets X-Force know that she and Wade are on their way back from New Orleans following the ravens’ visit. Adrienne posts about the best birthday present ever - Tandy being alive. Molly and Gabriel meet up again. Looking for Julian, Tandy comes across Roxy, Monet and Bobby engaged in a snow fight and when Julian sees her, he passes out; once Julian comes to, he and Tandy have a moment. Jean texts Warren to let him know about her schedule for the weekend and the upcoming party.

2016: Are We Ourselves: Clint's team arrives in Alaska and prepares for its mission.

2017: A bookstore in District X is burnt down. Locals believe it is a result of anti-mutant sentiment. Quentin posts that this is genocide. Kitty posts about an unsettling conversation with her mother, which has Kitty Wondering about the state of things. Hope and Warren discuss some insider business. Sharon and Cecilia have an excellent dinner, full of conversation. Garrison and Adrienne spend her birthday watching baseball in Florida.

2018: Tandy posts that her food bank will be opening soon. Garrison posts about Adrienne's birthday and getting drunk.