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March 9

2004: Amanda tries to kill herself by jumping off the roof. An emergency fire drill is held. Something Wicked: Kwannon is briefly a prisoner in the medlab, but escapes and goes on the run.

2005: Lockheed accosts Alison about the destruction of the kitchen. Hank attempts to investigate Jono's condition mechanically, and fails with painful results; Hank suggests Jono bleed off some of the excess himself by blowing stuff up in the quarry. Amanda approaches Manuel for the first time since Pete's departure. Thermopylae: Madelyn informs the team that the Mistra taskforce was able to break up the 'recruitment' arm of Mistra in the States.

2006: Not So Plain Jane: Jane runs into Haroun and lets loose, before wiping his memory of the whole encounter. Clarice is sad and angry about her rejection from FIT, and Shiro does the good boyfriend thing and cheers her up. Scott misses all his appointments and apologises to everyone.

2007: Operation: Tower of Babble: Lorna mentions the archeological site in Syria rumoured to be the site of the Tower of Babel. Kurt brings Dr. Pierre Marcel back to the school to see Yvette, and she's suitably happy. Kaiten: The X-Men return from Portugal. Ororo goes to give Remy the reports of the operation, and something rather unexpected happens. Marie-Ange and Forge go out.

2008: Crystal reminds everyone of daylights savings time. Jay emails Terry to explain why he didn't tell her about the bar tending course. Jim catches up with Angelo and gives him some food for thought. Crystal and Laurie go for a run and talk about boys and the upcoming Red X mission.

2009: Jubilee reflects on her dinner with Mark and how to annoy North musically. Zanne wonders about Forge's car being in pieces. Jean-Paul and Haller talk about DID from their personal perspectives. Monet apologises to Kurt for being upset but refuses to talk any more about it.

2010: Monet drafts Laura into driving her to buy shoes.

2011: Laurie posts a "You know it's time to sleep when..." list to her journal. Jubilee gives Amanda a ninja crochet witch, complete with broom and cat. Yvette sends apples to Hank, Garrison and Jean. Sarah V. complains about her parents fighting and emails Nico to ask about theraputic violence, which Nico happily provides with the Staff of One. Warren and Wade carefully talk about their respective opinions of violence. Amara brings John food at his apartment and the two end up cuddling on the couch.

2012: Operation: A Roving Commission: Garrison, Terry and Abigail Brand go over the facts of the disappearance of Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome when the case is about to be closed; a small clue is found, linking the case to a similar abduction in Kansas City.

2013: Following a therapy session to help rebuild her memories, Molly shows Emma her hat collection, leading to a thrilling proposal.

2014: Jean-Phillipe and Jubilee discuss food while heading for the mansion kitchen. Sue e-mails Tandy about the prom, reminding her to get tickets.

2015: Amanda runs into Warren down at Harry's and they drink - and flirt.

2016: Jessica posts to the journals saying how annoyed she gets when people say they’re not sure if they should do something. Alison posts in excitement that she has gotten into the Overwatch Beta. Everett and Jennie meet and flirt and she offers the services of her dance studio.

2017: Amanda is confused about the TV series Topaz had on while she was recovering. Doug is gleeful about the name of one of the characters in the latest The Fast and the Furious movie matching his codename.

2018: Operation: Salt the Earth: Wanda and Kevin move to shut down the first level of security to the Director's office; Nina and North deactivate the second level of security as they compromise the IT centre; Emma makes it into Orehkov's lab and neutralizes the opposition; X-Force grabs the samples and makes their escape.