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May 10 - Matt Murdock's birthday, Monica Rambeau's birthday


2003: Madelyn Bartlet joins the staff.

2004: Alison posts to the people who had the Askani dreams, Manuel and Amanda make up, and later Amanda has a midnight talk with Nathan. Jamie plans a HeliX meeting for Saturday to raise funds for Red X. Nathan also talks to Alison about Askani music, and publicly explains the history of the Askani. Kitty gets some unsettling news from her mother, and commiserates with Jamie.

2005: Nathan shows Haroun his wedding kilt.

2006: Several of the trainees are invited to join the X-Men.

2007: Amanda gives Illyana the keys to where various magic books are kept. Ahab (plot): Pete sets Snow Valley investigating Rory and his doings; a final letter arrives for Moira; Illyana emails Monet, checking on her; Nate brings Moira and Rachel back to the mansion for safety's sake; the staff suggest laser tag as a way to distract the kids from events; Pietro visits Crystal; Sofia asks Garrison to use his FBI connections to try and track the students.

2008: Sofia notices the Jays got extremely beaten and emails Garrison with her 'concern'. Making up for previous neglect, Kevin helps Nori with her homework, as she's failing most classes.

2009: Kyle watches SNL and wants to ask his mother if Justin Timberlake is his biological father, but discovers his adopted father is onto his recurring joke. Jean-Paul takes Johnny to visit his mother's grave for Mother's Day; Haller does the same for Callie. Kurt takes Meggan out for lunch and gets her agreement for the prom plan. Lil plans to do a breast cancer charity walk for next Mother's Day.

2010: Kurt and Garrison share duty down in the situation room, reviewing the post-mission involving Risman's intentions.

2011: Matt makes a journal entry saying it's his birthday, and talking about hoping to fast forward his high school experience. Wade leaves a copy of the entire Chronicles of Narnia series in braille at Matt's door for his birthday. Jubilee checks in on Amanda, bringing food and wine. Jan gave Matt a pair of sunglasses and an MP3 player pre-loaded with music by Blind Fury for his birthday. Matt and Wade share some late night birthday cake and bond, with Matt revealing more about his past.

2012: Sarah V. posts a link on her journal about real life lightsabers, reminding everyone that her birthday is less than a month away. Lorna leaves two dozen cookies for Matt for his birthday. David leaves a voicemail for Betsy Braddock telling her happy birthday and he misses her. Matt posts in his journal letting everyone know that he drove a car (with a double brake and Wade in the passenger's seat and no windshield so he could hear better, in a place where he could hit nothing), and that Lorna gave him cookies - he declares this his best birthday ever.

2013: Matt invites various other students to his birthday party the next day. Betsy announces she shouldn’t be cold on her birthday and demands fire.

2014: Cecilia leaves a recorded message for Matt saying, “Trust me when I say you needed a new one of these. Happy birthday, buddy. Let's celebrate in style.” and gives him a new red backpack. JP posts about Eurovision Finals is starting and the party is in his suite.


2015: Tabitha posts about wanting to learn how to drive. Cecilia texts Wade about meeting Alison and Illyana. Clint texts Matt about a birthday dinner. Clint's looking for scrap metal. He finds Molly instead and they find they have some unusual things in common. Miles posts on Mother's Day about his mother being the best. Felicia posts about meeting Warren for dinner.

2016: Clint texts Natasha a picture. Endangered Species: Various press releases are made about OsCorp’s newest drug getting FDA approval; Tweets are made reacting to the new OsCorp drug; Cecilia makes a journal entry speculating about the creation of the new OsCorp drug.

2017: Marie-Ange posts about the Eurovision Song Festival Party.

2018: Clint posts to retract the uniforms thing, but does offer to trick things out for people. Generation X: Demon Bear: Clea’s and Stephen’s history professor shows them his new artifacts. Darcy posts a disturbing commercial.

2019: Fear in the Dark: A news report goes up about three people going missing in 72 hours; Lorna emails XFI about the missing people and pulling overtime. Clint posts about team building with eXcalibur.