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November 15

2003: Kitty cracks a file which points to mutant organ harvesting. She and Doug continue to work on leads on Emma's whereabouts for Wisdom.

2004: Nathan checks himself out of medlab, but eventually lets Amanda heal him. Alison and Lorna begin to rebuild their friendship. Alison calls Madelyn to task for insisting Amanda heal Jubilee.

2005: Tommy and Nathan meet for the first time since the State Fair. Jennie catches the 'flu. Jamie emails Alison with his decision to join the team. Kitty asks Betsy for self defence lessons.

2006: Wendy: Ororo and Remy arrive in Savannah to claim the first Lost Boy; they eventually track him down to a hospital, where they have to draw off the Egyptian team and Remy fights the FOH team to get to him. Garrison offers to take people with him to Toronto to collect the rest of his belongings and Marie-Ange decides to go to make sure he doesn't have an ulterior motive for being at the school. Angelo has his first Danger Room session.

2007: Yvette wonders about Ororo's lack of powers usage on the student comm. Angelo and Nathan discuss Elpis' new project and Juliette lets slip Domino is coming to visit. Karma Police: Whilst training in New York, Jennie and Wanda are involved in a lucksnap and deal with it, but then are kidnapped by mimes; Forge asks Marius if he's heard from Jennie; Nathan emails Doug, Amanda and Marie-Ange to see if Domino is with Pete. Laurie starts a Silly Hat Thread. Jay lets Forge know he wants to talk to him. Jane Doe finds herself in a tight spot and calls Charles, asking to come home.

2008: Clarice upsets Jan when she asks about booty calls with Kyle on the journals. Nate and Jean-Paul go rock climbing in the Danger Room and discuss Jeanne-Marie.

2009: Julian's anger over his disownment boils over and it's up to Nico and Dori to calm him down. X-Men Mission: Jailbreak: Storm announces on x_team there has been a mass break-out of mutant felons during a transfer and all hands are needed; Search Party One - Rogue, Wildchild, Skin and Pants on Fire - come across the the Young Preservers and Avalanche and manage to recapture two; Search Party Two - Cannonball, Dominion, Iceman and Catseye, acting as tracker - catch out two members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the Corruptor and Ruckus raiding a laundromat for a change of clothes and while Iceman disregards orders to go after the Brotherhood, they manage to recapure Ruckus and the Corruptor; back at the prison, Blink, Discharge and Buttercup lend medical aid with a group of SHIELD agents, but instead come across Infectia's Anti-Bodies and Masque's idea of 'art'.

2010: Jared sends a text to Kyle about his kiss with Jean-Phillipe. Dori is excited about an upcoming World of Warcraft event.

2011: Warren takes Jean-Paul to the building in District X he hopes to use as a law firm. Doug shares giant Reeses goodness on the journals with Wade. John/Nick emails Kyle about possible repercussions of the latest Twilight movie on their ability to avoid tween girls patting them.

2012: Adrienne posts about being free of the Hellfire Club and throws a party to celebrate. Amanda emails Topaz, Billy and Nico about magic lessons. Sooraya talks with Angelo about starting a shelter for mutant girls in Afghanistan, named Malala’s Rose. Billy and Hope discover both play musical instruments. Doug and Kyle spar and discuss the new heights of jerkiness to which Dori's father has risen.

2013: Sarah V. runs into Johnny and talks to him about her school stress and the uncertainty of her relationship with Layla.

2014: Julian texts Angel about the final bill from the hotel room they destroyed.

2015: Wade encounters a hungry Rahne in the kitchen and invites her out to dinner. The Hedgehog and The Fox: Clint encounters Jennie as she finds a possible location for her ex-boyfriend, the Disciple, at work in Copenhagen, and offers to go with her; Clint texts Natasha about using her safehouse. Wade posts asking about people’s Thanksgiving plans so he can buy turkeys. Angel is excited about the return of the turkey-crab-octopus-bacon monstrosity. Xavin has a powers issue, resulting in Maya panicking and calling Wade and medlab.



2018: Murder They Tweeted: Quentin asks Hank to come along to a family wedding. Hank asks Sue to help him find a proper suit. Morningstar: Bobbi texts Sue about Warren abandoning her in Japan.