Time Stand Still

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Time Stand Still
Dates run: November 3-14, 2020
Run By: Sam and Frito
Read the logs: Time Stand Still

Quote from the plot

Things get a little Weird around the mansion when a group shows up claiming to be from the future of an alternate dimension.


Topaz, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Emma Frost, Jean Grey

Kevin Sydney, Betsy Braddock, Sooraya Qadir, Logan, Artie Maddicks, Clarice Ferguson, John Allerdyce, Angelo Espinosa, Maya Lincoln-Lopez.

Alternate Universe Cast: Topaz, Talia Sefton (Nocturne), Franklin Richards (Tattletale), Nate Barton (Ronin), Shogo Lee (Sentinel/White Rabbit), Shakti (Topaz), Ruby & Garnet (N/A), Ellie Colbert-Ramsey Wilson (Sombra)


November 3-14, 2020

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Time Stand Still



Trivia and Meta


While socked by Frito, Franklin Richards was partially ghost-written by Typechip (Frito's and Twiller's child who also happens to be six)

Shakti was an entirely self-indulgent character for Sam, who wanted a physical representation of how far evil!Topaz was willing to go to get what she wanted


Plotrunner: Sam and Frito

This plot was originally conceived in 2018 during a (possibly alcohol-influenced) discussion about Topaz and morals. It took two years to follow through on due to a combination of Real Life and figuring out all the alternate universe and time travel shenanigans.

Ninety-nine percent of the log titles are from three different Rush albums, all of which include the song Time Stand Still. This was Frito's idea.

The time traveling gang was mostly based on Marvel/MCU characters (Ruby/Garnet being the only exception. They were blatantly stolen from Steven Universe, although Ruby Summers is Marvel canon). The characters were chosen based on how funny it would be to have them, how useful they would be, and how painful they would be to the XP-verse characters.

"Will this hurt?"
"Excellent, let's do it." - Summarized planning session

The time traveling gang was socked by: Frito (Franklin Richards), Sam (Talia Sefton), Cai (Ellie Colbert-Ramsey-Wilson), Rei (Nate Barton), Shai (Shakti), Chris (Shogo), and Twiller (Ruby & Garnet)