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November 17 - Tyrone Johnson and Jubilation Lee's birthdays

2003: Crimson Dawn: Essex begins to recruit students for his plan for Betsy. Wisdom gets a lead on where Shaw's been sending Emma, and with Brian Braddock, continues to track her.

2004: Kitty asks Jay to teach Lockheed how to fly. Jubilee receives an object lesson in empathising with others and dealing with the consequences of her actions. Manuel and Jubilee go clubbing for her birthday. Bethany tells Amanda she and her family are moving to Georgia.

2005: Kitty and Forge compare trauma. Alison confesses to Nathan she wants to ask Haroun to marry her. Nathan offers to help Kitty with psi-shielding training. Mommy Dearest: Kurt goes to Germany and Margali confirms his birth mother is Mystique. Alex and Lorna argue over Malice and Lorna hiding from people. Skeleton Coast: Domino is captured by Gideon Faraday in Africa.

2006: Amanda emails Marie-Ange about the new Canadian face. Amanda drops off the Berlin work at Elpis and cajoles Angelo into coming and sharing pizza and movie night with her and Marie. Pietro discovers Magneto has wiped his stockpiles of evidence against him. Voices Carry: Terry loses her voice at the jazz club and is rushed home by Bobby. Wendy: Ororo and Remy catch the train to Chicago and their next 'target'. Haller leaves for Kosovo to collect Yvette. Kurt has another session with Jack Leary.

2007: Nathan, Angelo and Domino catch up at Harry's. Jane comes back to the school and announces her return on the journals.

2008: Laurie emails Scott letting him know she wants to remain a trainee. Callie emails Haller about Cessily being traumatised by Day Zero; Haller emails Cessily asking to talk to her. Jean-Paul and Jean-Phillipe meet. Jubilee celebrates her birthday by covering the kitchen in flour whilst attempting to bake a cake.

2009: Jay wakes up in Medlab and talks to Hank about what happened to him after his encounter with Toad. Amanda wishes Jubilee a happy 24th birthday. X-Men Mission: Jailbreak: Garrison and Adrienne visit the prison to try and get a reading and figure out where the riot started. Kyle SMS's Jay about food. Nick and Catseye play Guitar Hero and then go to talk to Nico about a magical gift. Marie-Ange visits Jean-Phillipe to give him the bad news about the Brotherhood escapees and a possible threat to his safety. Laurie posts about being crampy and purple after the mission. Kyle brings food for Jay and they bond and later, Jay feels better enough to go apologize to Lex, who has problems of his own. Dori continues with her crush on Kyle.

2010: There Will Be Peace: Julian gets another visit, this time from Agent Coulson of SHIELD, who reveals his parents and brother have been missing since the beginning of November; Julian suspects Gordon McPhearson is responsible.

2011: Vanessa posts cryptically, upset about something, which is revealed to be her appearance changing to 'normal' looking. Amanda leaves Jubilee a birthday gift; Jubilee demands Birthday Girl Tribute; Wade leaves Jubilee a gift as well. Fred posts in his journal after losing his password. Vanessa visits Callisto at the drop-in centre and offers her work with X-Factor. Yvette drops off some freelance translating work at Elpis and has a talk with Angelo about past misdeeds and his future plans. Meggan and Amanda catch up, Meggan filling in her big sister about the events of Halloween and her new relationship with Korvus.

2012: Sooraya, Yvette and Angel go out for afternoon tea in New York. Kurt makes Jubilee's birthday special for her. While out to dinner, Molly has a bit of trouble, Wade overreacts, and Marie-Ange manages to hold the entire situation together by sheer power of will.

2013: Sam posts about having gotten a head start on his Christmas shopping. Doug leaves yarn and hot chocolate for Jubilee for her birthday.


2015: Xavin texts Jean-Paul to thank him for bringing them their iPad and some clothes. Arthur makes a journal entry querying whether people to wonder who would play them in their biopic. Hank runs (almost literally) into Sue and gets a lot of helpful advice from someone who's been there, done that. Domino makes a journal entry about the Face with Tears of Joy emoji being the 2015 word of the year. Sharon posts to the medlab only asking for assistance with how mutations influence medical treatment. Tandy leaves a gift card with $100 for Tyrone for his birthday.

2016: Laurie thanks a mystery benefactor for a mocha. Kitty expresses her disdain for raisins. Alex and Scott enjoy a night of drinking at Harry's.

2017: Hope poses for Marie-Ange and they discuss tarot cards. Felicia texts North for some support.