Voices Carry

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Voices Carry
Dates run: November 17 - 21, 2006
Run By: Sil
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I can't do anything right now. I don't want to just wait for it to get better. What else can I do that isn't regular training????

Infectia's gift to Hank proved to be more of a problem than just to Marius, when Terry began experiencing strange powers symptoms as well.


Theresa Cassidy, Bobby Drake, Marius Laverne, Scott Summers, David Haller

Charles Xavier, Amelia Voght, Miriam Cross


November 17 - 21, 2006

Plot Summary

Infected with the same biological contaminant that heightened and changed Marius' powers in October, Terry's own powers issues took longer to surface. It began with her hearing becoming increasingly sensitive, leading to several complaints from her on the journals about her fellow-residents being too loud; and a sore throat. Then, at a jazz performance in a local club in New York, her voice gave out entirely, losing her the gig. She also realised then that she could hear individual heartbeats, her already sensitive hearing having sharpened dramatically.

After speaking with Scott and being taken off training, Terry managed as best she could with little to no voice, the diagnosis being a mundane sore throat. Then she awakened completely deaf as well, and was taken in a panic to see Amelia. With Charles providing a psychic link so she could communicate and reassuring her, blood tests were taken to determined what was going on.

Terry was distraught over what she perceived as the loss of her future. In an effort to provide her with distraction and validation, it was arranged that she go with Haller to bring back a new student - the very same Miriam Cross who, six months previously, had attempted suicide shortly before Scott and Terry's arrival to bring her to the school. The two girls were able to communicate via Haller's telepathy, and Miriam agreed to come to the school as a student.

Upon returning, Terry was hustled down to the infirmary, where she and Bobby were treated for the same spore contamination Marius had suffered, Amelia having determined the source of her problems. Terry recovered in a matter of days. Terry was grateful; Amelia, no doubt, wanted to smack her upside the head.

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  • Up until she lost her voice, Terry had been performing weekly at a jazz club in NYC called Immerse.
  • These events took place three months after Terry and Bobby's "accidental" marriage in Las Vegas; their married status had only recently been revealed through Marius's complete and utter cluelessness.
  • As an "I'm Sorry I Gave You A Possible Lethal Communicable Disease" gift, Marius gave Terry an electric guitar she named Charity.
  • Infectia's 'fun' wasn't over - a second parcel, addressed to Remy LeBeau, quarantined X-Force for the Christmas holiday.


The idea for the plot was spawned out of a meme on the player's community and given form when Tapestry offered to link Vitiation with Voices Carry in order to provide a manner for Terry to lose her voice.

Plotrunner: Sil