Miriam Cross

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Miriam Cross
Portrayed by Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: Broken Stone

When she manifested, Miriam lost her eyes but gained enhanced hearing. Frightened of being sent away to the mysterious Xavier's, she attempted suicide, but later accepted the school as an option thanks to Terry's support. Upon graduation, she returned home to her parents to continue her studies.


Name: Miriam Cross

Aliases: None

Occupation: Graduate Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters; college student

First appearance: May 22, 2006

Family: Parents: father not named, Leah Cross (mother); Daniel Cross (younger brother)


Miriam was a normal, happy girl, close to her parents and her little brother until her manifestation at thirteen. Her eyelids grew over and her eyes completely disappeared, her hearing becoming highly enhanced. Frightened by talk of her being sent away to be 'cured', she attempted suicide with a dose of sleeping pills, but survived. Her prospective attendance at Xavier's was postponed indefintely.

Six months later, Miriam had recovered sufficiently to decide to attend Xavier's. Her mutation had made her a quiet, reserved girl, nervous of new places and people. She warmed to Terry and David Haller, however, and accompanied them to the school, where she slowly fitted in and learned to use her powers to navigate through a world she can't see. In June 2009 she graduated and returned to her family, intending to continue her education.


Miriam has enhanced hearing. Where her eyes should be, she has unbroken skin.


Broken Stone

Voices Carry


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Formerly socked by Alicia