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November 19

2003: Kitty begins investigation into the Friends of Humanity. Haroun is asked to leave the school for his part in the fight with Sarah. Sarah's lessons with Grey Crow are terminated.

2004: Wanda meets Dr. Strange at Columbia. Haroun and Alison fight. Paige and Angelo reconcile.

2005: Marius trains with Rahne's powers and spends the next few days as a wolf.

2006: Voices Carry: Terry asks for help making wedding preparations since she can't talk and it becomes obvious her hearing is getting more sensitive. Sooraya brings Angelo lunch and they talk about him not looking after himself. Haller announces when he and Yvette will return. Doug is bored. Wendy: Remy and Ororo raise funds for their mission.

2007: Clarice suggests having a Halloween party to make up for missing the actual day; Clarice has a costume idea for Kyle. Terry asks for ideas to avoid going to Bobby's family's house for Thanksgiving. Forge and Jay have an argument over Jay's suggestion that he join the team, and his relationship with Kevin; Terry is a bit more sympathetic, and gives Jay some good advice; Jay is upset over the fight, and Kevin thinks it's his fault. Terry and Jennie watch 80s videos in the rec room and discover Jennie's mother in one of them. Angelo and Jane catch up over ice cream. Kyle and Nathan discuss tactics after a Danger Room session.

2008: Mechanisms of Revenge: Pete has a mysterious meeting and afterwards heads to the mansion to talk to Forge. Yvette meets Jean-Paul in the library and gives him some insight into the students. Jennie takes Adrienne for her training session. Jay manages to convince Kevin to a dinner date and winds up in the pool; later, Yvette rescues him from his wet shirt and he asks Jean-Paul for food advice. Marie emails Garrison, wanting to talk about their relationship. Morgan says goodbye to Nate. Cessily leaves letters to her friends, letting them know she's gone to Attilan. Marie-Ange realises she and Doug aren't helping each other and suggests a trip to join Amanda and Wanda. Callie and Jean-Paul meet, make cookies and talk powers.

2009: Callie posts about algae sex. Nico posts about her class schedule. Jan posts about her post mission injuries. The men of the mansion watch beach volleyball and discuss the hotness merits of the females they know, also, naked volleyball and Betsy Braddock's modelling career. Catseye and Yvette pass their driving tests and end up talking to Kurt about their respective fathers. Later on Yvette, Catseye and Angel talk about Catseye being lonely and suite mates. Adrienne talks to Cammie about outstanding charges in Chicago. Megan posts about classes.

2010: Laurie makes a post in her journal about panaphobia. Jubilee admits to forgetting her own birthday but hopes she'll be sent somewhere nice to celebrate. Warren invites everyone to the Rockies for Thanksgiving and Jared is his usual tactless self. Kyle and Jean-Phillipe have lunch and talk about Jared's drunken make out attempt on Jean-Phillipe.

2011: Attempting to just be friends, Adrienne and Garrison go out for drinks at Zeitgeist and drunkenly decide to sleep with each other to end the awkwardness, something which drives Adrienne to buy cocaine for the first time in fifteen years; an alarm at the mansion requiring Garrison's attention means no sex happens; waking up in her own bed, Adrienne is panicked to discover the coke and calls Jean-Paul to dispose of it for her; Adrienne emails Amanda, a fellow addict, for a talk; Emma emails Adrienne, having telepathically 'heard' her reaction to the coke, offering help; Adrienne and Amanda discuss the incident and Adrienne outlines what she's going to do about it. Following the thread on Scott's journal and Kyle's prompting, Layla emails Doug about moustaches but is disappointed by the response. Yvette comes to see Fred in the garage and they wind up talking about mothers. Nico is philosophical about the upcoming changes in her life; Amanda lets the rest of X-Force know Nico has been hired. At the mansion for a Danger Room session, Catseye talks about the issues with John/Nick with Kurt and then catches up over a snack with Sarah V. Jean-Paul meets Angelo and sees his new trick - using his skin as springs underneath his feet and being able to jump high. Jean and Adrienne talk and spill secrets, Adrienne about her addiction and Jean about her miscarriage.

2012: Sooraya trains in the Danger Room under supervision of Garrison Kane.


2014: Adrienne takes Rogue out to a mutant speed dating session and proceeds to kick a groper in the balls; after their night out, Adrienne emails a variety of her female friends to suggest a spa day. Lorna asks for a headcount of those staying for Thanksgiving. Rogue and Scott train, then chat.

2015: The Hedgehog and The Fox: And now, the truth; A seed of an idea is hatched between Jennie and Clint. Maya texts Xavin to see how they’re doing. Quentin and Lorna have what starts out as a pleasant, deep conversation, but in true Quire fashion, ends up kind of a wreck. X-Men Mission: Riding the Nightmare: Scott alerts the X-Men to a possible emergency and calls them to the briefing room; The X-men arrive on scene and take in the situation - a young girl's mutation has run wild; Dominion and Marvel Girl work to protect the crowd; Dust, Wolverine and Rogue try to reach the girl inside the horse; Nightcrawler and Blink gain some useful intel on the girl; Legion, Cyclops, Bevatron and Firestar attempt to herd Tildie away from the crowds; Wolverine, Rogue and Dust finally manage to reach Tildie; Of course, things won't continue to go that well; Faced with the mobs, one X-man goes too far; There is also the riot police to be dealt with; David e-mails Scott, Kurt, and Jean apologizing for his behavior and asking to be removed from the active roster immediately. Gabriel makes a journal entry asking for soup and drugs.



2018: Miles emails Clint to see if his suit could be repaired. Miles texts Bobby to inform him that he would fight a demon for him and win. Amanda returns from Finland and asks if she missed anything. Gabriel texts Felicia for drinks.