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October 29 - Alani Ryan and Julian Keller's birthdays


2004: Reclaimed: Alison and Nate meet with the Pack in Brussels, then move onto Tornai and Leuven where they tussle with Mistra and Colin MacInnis before retrieving Foley. John Henry Forge arrives at the mansion. Sam apologises to Angelo. Alex's powers jumpstart Shiro's. Paige fills people's shoes with oatmeal and Illyana retaliates by teleporting away Paige's riding boots, which were given to her by her now-deceased father. Shinobi decides to remain in Japan indefinitely.

2005: Nathan meets with Colin MacInnis and proposes he and the remaining ex-Mistra operatives join the Pack. High Cost Of Living: Lorna and Remy talk for the first time since she crippled him, and they admit they love each other, but won't act on it; Amanda magically eavesdrops on their conversation and reacts badly; she is intercepted by Manuel and rips the link out before teleporting away. Stoker and Stalkers: At the party, Vlad takes advantage of a brief moment to make his move and bite Kitty, imprinting her with a psychic suggestion. Cain gives Marius a tour of the school and learns he's Monet's illegitimate half-brother.

2006: Terp Attack: During a football riot, Marie and Clarice are rescued by M.O.N.S.T.E.R., much to their embarrassment. Halloween pumpkin carving. Ororo and Wanda go out for a de-stressing session.

2007: Thirteen Days: Forge and Tabitha arrive in Japan to bring Marie and Garrison back, and find themselves fighting a gaseous member of the Brotherhood of Mutants who possesses people; Marie asks Logan to be there for her; Haller asks the students to stay away for a little longer whilst everyone is being recovered; Kevin asks for a better approximation of time and agrees with Haller to go to Juanita's house with Yvette; Amanda emails Kurt and tells him to come back from Germany; Kurt tells Stefan he is returning to America; in Australia, Scott tries to keep two cosmonauts alive as they are pursued by a furious Nimrod; Nathan encounters a snow leopard whilst hunting dinner, and makes contact with Charles; Julio finds a hungover Nori in the basement and covers up for her; Jean and Terry are intercepted by Mystique and two other Brotherhood members, and are rescued in the nick of time by Jan and Logan; Jean and Laurie battle to save the life of Katu, whom Logan has nearly killed.

2008: Emma emails Manuel wanting to talk to him once she's done sleeping and Adrienne, suggesting she ask for a medal. A tense discussion breaks out on Garrison's post to x_journal regarding Apocalypse's survival. Adrienne demands something expensive and shiny as compensation for her trauma, especially with staff still missing from her label and suggests a Wii tournament. Kyle announces the Sabretooth situation on x_team. Mark tries to put things back in perspective. Terry announces she is returning to Ireland and Crystal decides to go with her. Kyle makes BBQ. Jennie, in the infirmary, asks for her pillow. Sarah asks for the loan of old clothes as her mutation is out of control. Meggan announces her safe (and sleepy) presence. Nathan tells the Elpis staff the office is closed until further notice so they can recuperate; Leo's sister makes contact. Clarice doesn't have to have her homework done, but already did it. Angel emails Karolina to let her know she's glad the other girl is safe. Alex goes to Berkeley to tell Lorna in person about Alison who has been taken to Muir Island Research Facility to recover. Wanda surfaces to eat. Doug complains about the loss of his best laptop. Terry emails Zanne about taking Jennie to Ireland once she's stable. Forge reveals Morgan's mercenary status on the journals and she is livid at the breach of security promised by Charles; Forge refuses to admit wrongdoing; Morgan lets Garrison, Nathan and Adrienne what's going on and Garrison manages to convince her not to go riding off on her motorbike in a rage. Amanda and Angelo talk about near-death experiences and Miguel Torres.

2009: Amanda alerts people to the fact it's Morgan's birthday the next day. One Year On: The media reports on what happened at the rally. Callie emails Julian with birthday wishes. Sam tries out one of Hank's Danger Room scenarios. Crystal talks to Logan about Dori's fear of him but isn't terribly satisfied with the response; Dori's grandfather comes to visit; Megan visits with music, Fred visits with his own brand of philosophy on being a mutant and Laurie visits with attempted comfort that's somewhat less successful. Marie emails Garrison from London, letting him know his lead was a dead end. Lex visits the brownstone and winds up being pounced on by a caffienated Morgan. Nico meets Cammie in the kitchen and doesn't receive a very friendly reception. With Garrison back from India, he and Adrienne try to relax and watch a movie, but he's distracted by what went on and the implications.

2010: X-Men Mission: Who You Gonna Call?: Kane and Piotr attend the police briefing and are introduced to the M-Squad; determining that they are complete loons, Kane makes the decision to find the young mutant, Raymond Thomas Maxwell, before the M-Squad does; hoping to narrow down their search, Kane sends out a text message to the X-Men containing Ray's cell phone information.

2011: Yvette wishes Julian a happy birthday. What Goes Around, Comes Around: Adrienne and Garrison discuss their costumes; Wade, as 'Earl Montgomery' and Warren as 'Robin, Earl of Locksley' almost come to blows, but soon resolved their differences and 'Robin' agrees to help 'Earl' find his fiancee; 'Earl' and Adrienne, as 'Victoria Secret' have a showdown in the woods; 'Earl' and 'Jayne' get into a fight over possibly stolen boots; Amara and Layla start to realise that something strange is going on, and Amara contacts the mansion for help; Garrison, as 'Monty the Bartender' gets Layla drunk and attempts to get into her pants, Layla escaping only to end up in the corn maze with Sarah V., the steampunk 'Red Riding Hood'; 'Monty' attempts to get Angel drunk and sleep with her as well, which is interrupted by a group of kids; 'Monty' again attempts to get a girl drunk so he can sleep with her, but this backfires when Sarah's attention is instead caught by a pretty girl; Amara hunts down 'Earl' to ensure he doesn't shoot anyone; Meggan, as 'Amalthea' and Angelo as 'El Santo' call up a spirit to help them find the Red Bull, and a possessed Angelo points her in Kyle's direction; Sam asks Laurie to take over comms duty for him so he can take Nico to Stonewall, where she figures out the cause of the strange behaviour.


2013: Clint posts claiming that pyramids are cooler than mummies.

2014: Laurie posts about being awake. Wade texts Cecilia to talk about what she did the day before and offer her a ride home. Tandy texts Julian to wish him a happy birthday. Adrienne leaves Julian cufflinks and an Hermes tie. Rogue gives Julian a painting and a gift certificate from herself and Tandy for a full body massage. Angelica gives Julian a pocket watch. Garrison and Adrienne contemplate what to dress up as for Hallowe’en and discuss Tandy’s desire to buy a castle. Julian posts a picture of Tandy from their date for his birthday. Tandy texts Adrienne to inform her she’s staying at Julian’s (in separate rooms.) Gabriel texts Clint about the chaos he missed the day before. Adrienne texts Amanda lamenting that Tandy is more responsible than she is.

2015: Rogue meets with Adrienne to let her know that Emma helped repair her brain. Tandy texts Julian to tell him she’s coming to pick him up at 6:00 p.m. and that he’d better be ready. Warren posts suggesting that he go as himself for Hallowe’en. Lorna sends a picture to Alex lamenting that she forgot to dye her hair for a month and has green roots. Gabriel texts Jean-Paul telling him Jean-Paul’s skipping the mansion Hallowe’en party. Jean and Rogue go grocery shopping for various goodies before the Halloween party.

2016: Darcy, Kyle, Quentin, and Angel also make journal entries about mysterious pumpkins that appeared out of nowhere. Laurie posts a picture of what she’s going to do to all those pumpkins.

2017: Laurie posts a video that’s been playing in the break room at her hospital. Tandy takes Julian to Bora Bora for his birthday and to get away from the city after recent events.