The Enchantress

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Portrayed by Virginia Madsen
Known Aliases: The Enchantress
Affiliations: Asgard (location), Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil
Socked By: Erin
Introduction: Asgard (plot)

"All this time I have wasted here on Earth, putting my plans into place, grooming him into a god! And now you do not even have the stomach for a fair fight - you must seed this plane with your minions!"

Goddess of Asgard, Amora the Enchantress has crossed swords with the X-Men and their associates more than once.


Name: Amora

Aliases: The Enchantress

Affiliation: Asgard, Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil

First appearance: Asgard (plot) ( August 4, 2004)

Family: Unknown


Phase 1

Feeding off the natural magic of Asgard in much the same way Amanda's mutation works in cities, the Enchantress has used that ability to amass a degree of power. When the Xavier's students were abducted to Asgard, she took especial interest in Amanda, magically brainwashing her to think she was Amora's daughter and stripping Alison Blaire of her voice and sending her to the ends of Asgard. Her power was enough to warrant the attention of Loki, who sent the empath Manuel de la Rocha to topple her. Manuel failed, but Amora's castle was breached by the remaining Xavier's students, leaving something of a power vacuum. A potentially bad enemy to make - Amora is cruel, capricious and very unforgiving.

Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil

During the 1960s she associated on Earth with Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil, entertained by the Baron and his schemes to destroy the world. When he was defeated by Christian Kane and his team and subsequently disappeared, Amora returned to Asgard. When Zemo returned in May 2008, she also returned, bent on inflicting revenge on the humans who had defeated her in Asgard. Her presence certainly caused some panic, especially for Amanda Sefton, who had only just returned from a powers mishap in London. Zemo's plans were once again foiled, Amora and her faithful cohort, Skurge the Executioner, again returned to Asgard.

Sylvie Rashton

Sylie rushton.jpg

In September 2012, Amora again returned to Earth, this time in the guise of Sylvie Lushton, girlfriend of Donald Blake, a biker with a gang called the Valhallas based in Aitkins, Minnestoa.

Sylvie Lushton was the owner of Harga's Titty City - a strip bar just outside of town limits - and a porn production studio in the back of it called Lush Productions. Lushton, under her alias Lexxie Lush, was a major porn star in the last decade, rumoured to have starred in her first movies at the age of fifteen. She ran away from Aitkin at 14, and eight years later returned, having made enough money to easily buy the old strip bar her mother used to work at and retrofitting it to hold a production studio in back. Most of her business involves private webcam shows, or streamed new videos. The Valhallas invested some money in her venture, to help put her over the top, and the girls had a close relationship with the bikers.

The real Sylvie Rushton was killed by Amora and replaced by her in order to get in close with Don Blake, in fact the human incarnation of the exiled Thor. Thor had been absent from Asgard for some time, since being exiled by Odin, and Amora saw in him the chance to finally gain real power. She tracked down his essence, and set about slowly working up her trap over the years, starting with an inverse geas around the whole area in case of any unfortunate interference - any magic not her own would rebound on the caster. Once 'her' Thor started to unconsciously manifest, she brokered a deal with Loki that in return for an avataristic manifestation, she would take Thor out of interfering with his plans for Asgard forever. Loki agreed, and the avatar quickly became the leader of the Sons of Hel, a rival biker gang.

Once again, however, her plans were stymied by the Xavier mutants, with Garrison Kane interfering with her careful plans and Loki once again double-crossing her. Injured and humiliated, she again retreated to Asgard.

(PB: Kristen Renton)

Phase 2

Having retreated to Asgard after the failure of her last plot, Amora forged a new alliance with the Phase 2 version of Baron Zemo. In return for his help with defeating Thor, she would assist him against his own foe, Captain America. To this end, she used her magic to isolate Simon Williams, but things went awry when her magic was corrupted by the chaos energy surrounding Wanda Maximoff. Their plan succeeded, however, and Zemo obtained the human guinea pig he'd been looking for.


Skilled in magic, especially illusions and manipulation of emotions and desires. Long-lived and stronger than normal humans, as are all the Asgardians.


Phase 1

Asgard (plot)



Phase 2

Operation: Wonderwall


Socked by: Erin

PB: Virginia Madsen

The Sylvie Rushton PB was taken deliberately from Sons of Anarchy.