The Mummies' Return

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The Mummies' Return: Revenge of the Archeologist
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Dates run: April 28th-May 1st, 2009
Run By: Al
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"You do not remove artifacts. You respect the site you're visiting!"

A tour around Cairo takes a particularly weird turn when mummies get involved.


Monet St. Croix, Kurt Sefton, Crystal Amaquelin, Laurie Collins

Dr Theodore Gaskill


April 28th, 2009 - May 1st, 2009

Plot Summary

While sharing breakfast and trying to get acclimated to the local time at Cairo, Monet, Kurt, Crystal, and Laurie looked through a group of travel brochures, deciding on a tour of the city to make the most of Kurt and Monet's short time there. Upon urging by Monet, the group decided on a tour promising flavor from a local archeologist. That guide ended up being Dr. Theodore Gaskill.

But Dr. Gaskill found himself at odds with the group after Monet accidentally dropped and broke a part of the statue. He chose to take his revenge at a local market, using a local stand owner to trick Monet into wearing a necklace. Using a remote control, Dr. Gaskill used the necklace to turn Monet into the possessed Sekhmet. As Sekmet, Monet took control of the mummy statues in the market, wrecking havoc on the stands and bystanders alike. The rest of the group quickly jumped into action, Kurt trying to take down the mummies, Crystal trying to keep the attackers movements in control, and Laurie trying to calm the crowd and get them out of harms way. When Kurt was forced to turn his attention to Monet/Sekmet, Laurie found Dr. Gaskill in the confusion. Putting two and two together, Laurie figured out the plan and took down Gaskill, finding the remote he was using to control Monet. While Sekmet was distracted by Crystal destroying the statues in the market, it gave Laurie enough time to get the remote control to Kurt, and him enough time to deactivate the controlling necklace.

The group makes a getaway ahead of law enforcement. Back at the hotel, Laurie calls Eamon, searching for a sense of normality after the crazy day. The two flirt before agreeing to meet up if they're ever in the same city. Back at home, Monet tells Kurt about the thoughts of Sekmet that she felt, causing him to suggest the possibility of one of the mansion's telapaths removing them for her sanity. The two share an intimate moment before Monet falls asleep in his arms.

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Plotrunner: Al

Dr Theodore Gaskill socked by Alicia.

Plot was inspired after an offhand IC comment from Amanda Sefton about Mummies. The full name of the plot was "The Mummies' Return: Revenge of the Archeologist!" but was too long for the tags.