X-Men Mission: Air Xavier

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Part 4 of Tomorrow's Children.

X-Men: Air Xavier
Dates run: October 28, 2005
Run By: Alicia
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Bridge? It's Summers. You need a ride?

When the Pack breaks a group of mutant children out of a Libyan training camp and then get cut off from their helicopter, the X-Men fly into the country to pick them up – and have a very wild flight on the way out.


Cyclops, Dazzler, Cannonball, Cable, Scarlet Witch, Phoenix, Kylun

NPCs: GW Bridge, Domino, Theo Winchester, David and Mina Rabin, Lien Sakai, Anika Bender, Ian Piers, Isabel Matsuda, Gavin Nash, Chris Cole


October 28, 2005

Plot Summary

Nightcrawler was sitting the coms watch when Bridge called from northern Libya to let the mansion know that they had freed eighteen children from a military training camp, but had been cut off from their helicopter and were on the run in the desert, the Libyan army chasing them. Cyclops and Dazzler organized a rescue mission, departing for Libya with the Blackbird.

When they arrived at the prearranged coordinates, the Pack was strung out in the desert and moving very slowly, unable to keep together and keep up a reasonable pace because of the exhausted and malnourished state of the rescued children and their own minor injuries and weariness. The X-Men helped them get aboard as quickly as possible, and took off mere minutes ahead of the Libyan army.

Their egress from the country was not to be a smooth one: the Libyans scrambled a flight of MiGs to pursue them. Phoenix and Cable used their telekinesis to deal with the missiles fired by the fighters, while Cyclops put on a virtuoso display of piloting skill to stay out of guns range. When the Blackbird reached the Tunisian border, the Libyan fighters did not pursue, and the Blackbird dropped into radar-invisible mode and proceeded to the LZ where the Professor’s contact was ready to pick up the children and their rescuers.

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Trivia and Meta


As a result of this plot, Wanda was invited to vacation with the Pack in Tunis, where she and Theo struck up a friendship.


Scott’s poem is ‘High Flight’ by John Magee.

Plotrunner: Alicia