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Kylun McKay
Kylun Card.jpeg
Portrayed by Vincent
Codename: Kylun
Affiliations: none
Birthdate: May 23,1974
Journal: Meditations of the Sword
Player: Available for applications

This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.


Character Journal: Meditations of the Sword

Real Name: Kylun McKay

Codename: None

Aliases: Colin McKay (birth name)

First Appearance: July 19, 2004

Date of Birth: 5/23/1974

Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland

Citizenship: Scottish

Relatives: Noel McKay (father), Jane McKay (mother)

Education: Educated and trained in a monastery in Switzerland.

Relationship Status: Single


Team Affiliation: X-Men reservist


The History of Zz’ria

Several thousand years ago, an evil named Necrom walked the land, consuming the souls of the innocent. Necrom was finally defeated and bound by the mystic Zz'ria, who founded a monastery to forever protect the seal. Ever since that day, the monks of Zz'ria--led by their founder, who reincarnates in every generation--have stood guard over Necrom against all who have sought to gain his power.

During the darkest hours of World War II, a Necrom cult working with the Nazis managed to steal the binding seal from the monastery in Tibet. What followed was a wild cross-country chase, as the cultists took the seal through India, Iran, and Turkey, planning to take a ship across the Mediterranean and take the seal north through Axis Italy to Hitler's Berlin. The warrior monks finally caught up with and defeated the cult in Switzerland, but by that time the seal had deteriorated to the point that there was no longer time to bring it back to the monastery.

So they brought the monastery to the seal, instead. The binding was weakened by the journey, and the monks' efforts to repair it were hampered by the distance from the ancestral home of their power, but they redoubled their vigilance, and all seemed well.

The Forging and Breaking of Kylun

Colin was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1974. His physical mutation was less exaggerated at birth--abnormally large, catlike eyes were the only outward sign--and while they caused him some trouble with other children, his parents loved him dearly, and his early childhood was happy. When he was four years old, the family took a long-anticipated ski holiday to Switzerland, where Colin was snatched out of their hotel room by a Necrom cultist, who planned to use him as a sacrifice in a ritual designed to awaken and free the ancient evil. The ritual demanded that the strength and will of the sacrifice be broken, and so the cultist convinced Colin--using the mutilated bodies of earlier, unsuccessful sacrifices as evidence--that his parents had also been taken and killed.

The Zz'rian monks interrupted the ritual before it could be completed. The cultist was killed in the fighting, but then they were left with a young boy, terrified and traumatized, with no apparent living relatives--the monks in their isolation had no way to determine whether the other corpses were, as Colin believed, really those of his parents, and enough experience with the evil cult to believe that the story was certainly plausible. They brought him back to the monastery, for lack of any other acceptable solution, and Colin grew up among the monks, who gave him the name "Kylun," which means "chosen" in the Zz'rian ritual language.

The current incarnation of Zz'ria had a daughter, Sa'tneen, near Kylun's age, and the two of them quickly became inseparable. As they grew older, Kylun began training as a warrior, to protect the monks who had sheltered him and seek out and destroy other cults of Necrom before they could sacrifice more children as he nearly had been, and Sa'tneen followed in her father's footsteps as a mystic. Their friendship deepened, turned into love, and eventually they married. Kylun became the leader of the warrior order, Sa'tneen sat at Zz'ria's right hand in the circle of mystics, and their future seemed assured.

But the cult of Necrom was still out there. And one day, Kylun and his warriors arrived at the scene of a sacrifice to find the cultists gathered in overwhelming numbers. One by one they fell, until Kylun, the only survivor, reached the ritual circle . . . just a moment too late. Necrom was freed. Kylun rushed back to the monastery to find all the monks dead, cut down in an instant by the release of Necrom's power. Zz'ria alone waited for him, holding on to life with all his fading strength. Zz'ria blessed Kylun's swords with his dying breath, saying that no evil would withstand them, and no pure heart need fear them, and instructed him to go down to the crypts and destroy Necrom once and for all.

Kylun battled his way to the crypts, fighting his own brethren, animated as zombies by Necrom's will, and there he found Sa'tneen, alone, holding Necrom back by the sheer force of her own will. Kylun plunged his swords into the monster's heart, and Zz'ria's power cleansed Necrom from the earth--but it was too late for Sa'tneen, who had put too much of her own spirit into the binding, and she died in his arms.

Alone once again, his family dead, and without a purpose in life, Kylun set himself the task of burying the bodies and putting the physical shell of the monastery to rights. As he did so, he found a letter from Zz'ria--whose visionary skills had let him make preparations in the event of his death--instructing him to seek out Charles Xavier, a mutant like Kylun, who had studied briefly at the Zz'rian monastery while learning the mental discipline needed to control his telepathic powers. Kylun made his way down the mountain to a small resort town nearby, where he paid a young boy to mail a letter to America, and then he returned to the monastery to await a response.

Adjusting to Life at the Mansion

Kylun's purpose in life was to guard the monks who guarded Necrom. With the monks dead and Necrom --as far as he knows--destroyed, he arrived at the mansion fairly adrift in a world far larger than he ever expected to see, with all the definitions of his identity stripped away.

Upon his arrival, Kylun was in for a bit of culture shock. Painfully naive regarding modern life and social interaction, Kylun arrived with no experience whatsoever with anti-mutant prejudice; he had never used a telephone, a computer, a gas stove or an electric light. He lived nearly his entire life in a very close, tightly-knit society based on self-discipline and altruism, so his expectation was to find the same in the Xavier community.

It was not to be - the mansion was a strange and chaotic place, confusing to the sheltered warrior-monk. What he did find, however, was the X-Men. Within their structure he found a purpose in life again, and became an integral part of the team. His personal connections were few - he and Alison Blaire compared training and meditative techniques, and he struck up a tenative friendship with Theresa Cassidy based on music after he performed, using his mutation, at the funeral of Nathan's friends who died on Youra. He also struck up a rapport with Paige Guthrie, having accompanied Alison into the Morlock tunnels to retrieve her during her breakdown.

There were always questions, however, about the truth of his family's fate, and in January 2005, information came to light that forced him to face those questions. After some deliberation and the confirmation of a blood test, in April 2006 Kylun agreed to meet with the Mackays, who were very much alive and living in Scotland. The reunion went well despite his very obvious mutation, and he found a measure of peace in his life that had been missing since the deaths of the monks.

Further Information

After meeting with his parents, in July 2006, Kylun decided to leave the mansion in order to explore that relationship and restore his family ties. He is now living with them in Scotland.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6’0’’

Weight: 170lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Golden brown

Other Features: Blunt claws instead of fingernails, and sharp, carnivore teeth, almost leonine appearance with short brownish fur and cat-like eyes.

Powers and Other Abilities

Kylun's only mutant ability is something he finds a little embarrassing, especially compared to the flashy, dramatic, useful powers possessed by most of the people at Xavier's. He can exactly replicate any sound he hears, from the call of a chickadee to the crack of a home run to the honk of a car horn to a full orchestra performance. However, he can only replicate sound--if he imitates someone's voice, he must do so using the words he heard that voice say, at exactly the volume and tone he heard those words spoken. He considers this ability a parlor trick that he isn't particularly proud of, and won't demonstrate it unless pressed.

He is much more proud of his other skills--Kylun is an expert martial artist and swordsman, who maintains and improves his skills with daily practice. His strength, agility, and speed are all within human capability, but definitely on the high end of the bell-curve.

The mental discipline of the Zz'rian monks gives Kylun excellent psychic shielding--a sufficiently powerful, sufficiently determined psion could breach them, but his mind is basically impenetrable to casual scans. His shields are a conscious, self-willed act, and he can lower them if he chooses.


Two enchanted Tibetan ke-tri swords that are effectively unbreakable, can cut through most mundane substances, and are specifically designed to counter and destroy evil magic and its creatures. The swords will not harm anyone of pure heart and good intention--they pass harmlessly through as if the person weren't there, leaving no mark--and this extends to people who are tricked into the service of evil.


It was Kylun and his swords who dispatched many of the demons accompanying S'ym in his failed coup attempt.

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Formerly played by Alan until July 2006

Kylun's PB is the character of 'Vincent' in the 80s series Beauty and the Beast