X-Men Mission: Mutant Michelangelo

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X-Men: Mutant Michelangelo
Dates run: October 9, 2005
Run By: Alicia
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I look like a lion that devoutly wishes he were a penguin.

When the Friends of Humanity threaten to disrupt an exhibition by an openly mutant artist, the X-Men provide security for the evening. Not all missions require the leathers.


Dazzler, Scarlet Witch, Iceman, Cable, Kylun


October 9, 2005

Plot Summary

When an exhibition of the sculptures of Austin Saggus, an openly mutant artist with the ability to transmute various types of material, was publicized in New York, the Friends of Humanity threatened both the exhibition and the artist himself. A small team of X-Men attended the exhibition – as guests, in formal wear, rather than as themselves in leathers – and focused on ensuring that everything went as smoothly as possible.

Scarlet Witch and Iceman used their powers to cause several small accidents that removed FoH members from the room, while Dazzler and Kylun herded others in the direction of the plainclothes police officers already attending. Cable used his telepathy primarily to spot potential troublemakers, although he also helped discourage a couple of FoH members with equally subtle use of his powers. Later in the evening, he spotted a young FoH member with a gun in her purse and directed Iceman to intercept her. Iceman froze the gun and Cable directed two of the plainclothes officers to the would-be assassin She was escorted out quietly, and the rest of the evening proceeded without interruption.

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Plotrunner: Alicia