X-Men Mission: Who's The Thief

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X-Men: Who's The Thief
Dates run: October 25-26, 2005
Run By: Ben
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I trust that you and your team are well enough disciplined to use the necessary restraint.

When Israeli mutants take hostages in the Gaza Strip to protest the evacuation of settlers, an old friend of Xavier's calls the X-Men for help.


Storm, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Cable, Kylun, Scarlet Witch

Gabrielle Haller, Charles Xavier, Sabra


October 25-26, 2005

Plot Summary

Gabrielle Haller, an old friend of Xavier's, calls him for help when a group of mutants among the settlers being evacuated from the Gaza Strip take Israeli soldiers hostage in protest. The IDF does not have the resources to resolve the situation, and the Israeli government is desperate to do so with as few casualties as possible. Charles agrees to travel to Israel with a team of X-Men, and does so immediately.

In Israel, the X-Men are introduced to Ruth bat-Seraph, also known as Sabra, a Mossad agent who is also a mutant. Together, they devise a plan of attack and implement it. They successfully break through the shields around the barracks and Nightcrawler begins to teleport the hostages to safety while Cable shields them. The X-Men incapacitate the hostage-takers one by one, while Sabra takes down their leader.

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This was the first time that Charles had spoken to Gabrielle Haller in a number of years; their old relationship would later become significant once more when David Haller made certain discoveries about his parentage.


Plotrunner: Ben