X-Men Mission: Lost Child

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X-Men: Lost Child
Lost child.jpg
Dates run: March 1, 2004
Run By: Bonnie
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"Shh, punkin. You'n Blue Eyes're gonna be fine. Let's just get back t'shore."

During a fierce storm, Wolverine used his feral senses to track a missing child.


Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler


March 1, 2004

Plot Summary

The team went to Kerry, Maine, to assist local authorities to find a small child called Rose and her dog, lost in a storm. After talking to authorities, Wolverine used a t-shirt with the girl's scent on it to track her through the woods. After rescuing her from a rising river, he brought her back to the police who, returned her to her family.

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Wolverine showed a gentler side than most were used to seeing from him whilst dealing with the small child.


Plotrunner: Bonnie