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Location: 64 Square
First Seen: June 2008

64 Square is an international modeling agency established by Adrienne Frost in 1998. Its headquarters are in midtown New York, but there are offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Milan, Paris, Brazil, Tokyo, and most recently, Sydney.

First Appearance

In 2005, shortly after returning to school to get her teaching degree in England, Adrienne Frost decided to expand 64 Square into a fashion design label, using designs of some of her longtime clients/associates.


The modeling agency is privately owned by Frost but in order to acquire more cash to start up the clothing line (64Square Clothing), Frost did an IPO on the stock exchange for 64Square Clothing as a small cap company. 64 Square (the modeling agency) is the majority shareholder in 64Square Clothing and Frost is its CEO.

64Square Clothing manufactures an activewear line and also a women's business attire line. The clothes are manufactured in the United States rather than a third world country. The most comparable label to 64Square would be something like Juicy Couture for the active wear side and Ricki's for the business attire side. The label was carried in department stores such as Macy's until June 2008 when Frost secured a retail outlet for the label's first boutique, on 37th and 7th in Manhattan.

In July 2011 the Black Court of the Hellfire Club acted against Adrienne's holdings, arranging for the company to be investigated federally for illegal money transfers regarding their Pacific accounts. All of Adrienne's assets were frozen while the investigation dragged on.

In November 2012, when Adrienne moved against the Hellfire Club, she arranged to sell 64 Square and its clothing line to one of her business rivals in order to cover the costs of hiring the New Orleans Guilds|Assassin's Guild.

Employees: Adrienne Frost (owner)


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