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Al Waha
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Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Sayyid ibn Aziz, Achmed Akkabi
Socked By: AJ & Rei
Introduction: I Do...NOT!

Al Waha (Arabic for 'the Oasis') is a group led by Sayyid ibn Aziz. The group combines fundamentalist Muslim and mutant superiority believes into one philospopy. They operate mostly in Attilan at the moment.

First Appearance

February 2012


Sayyid ibn Aziz
The power that Sayyid has is a form of empathy. With a combination of pulling the right strings empathically and being very charming and manipulative he is very good at drawing people to him. He is a trained Islamic scholar, a Muslim fundamentalist and a believer in mutant superiority. It is not known where he was born, but he was educated and trained in small, Wahhabi madrassa in Saudi-Arabia. Also not much is known about his further live, but somewhere along the way he picked up his believes in mutant superiority. It is known though that he spent some time in a madrassa in Afghanistan that closely mirrors the one from Zan Zar Zameen.

PB: Alfred Molina

Achmed Akkabi
Achmed controls the wind, is a strict Muslim and believe in mutant superiority. He is born in 1988 and born and raised in Attilan by moderate Muslim family. Unhappy with his life, he turned to more orthodox islam in his teens, thinking he might find the answers there. He viewed his powers as a gift of Allah, given to him for a purpose. When he heard of friends of Sayyid speaking somewhere, he got interested and went to see him. He was fascinated and became his disciple.

PB: Firass Dirani

  • Mahad (teleporter)
  • Various henchmen, including a hydrokinetic and a pyrokinetic.


Sayyid ibn Aziz formed this group. In the beginning it was him and a few of his disciples. Then he managed to become involved in an informal, Islamic mutant youth group that called themselves the Attilan Islamic Mutant Youth Society (AIMYS), originally liberal and dedicated to mutant-human integration. They had many discussions, but slowly something changed with the group. The leaders became under his influence and they slowly started to preach two things: mutant superiority and Islamic fundamentalism. They really came to the attention of the Attilan authorities and the X-Men after attempting to kidnap Sooraya Qadir who had been a member of AIMYS and who is supposed to play a large role in Sayyid’s ultimate plan. These attempts were foiled though and Sooraya left Attilan.

Achmed, Sooraya’s prospective husband, was arrested soon after and Sooraya was summoned to testify. Sayyid used the opportunity to liberate Achmed and kidnap Sooraya. At the end she was rescued by the X-Men and Sayyid, Achmed and various henchmen are in custody.

In March 2012 Sayyid escaped prison with the help of Mahad and some of his other disciples.


I Do...NOT!


Socked by: AJ (Sayyid) & Rei (Achmed)