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X-Force suffered a blow when an opportunity to take down the remnants of Strucker's organisation turned into a trap. They barely escaped, and not without casualties – Remy LeBeau was captured, sacrificing himself to save Wanda Maximoff, Amanda Sefton and Jubilation Lee. The loss hit the team hard, with renewed fighting breaking out between Marie-Ange Colbert and Jubilee on the journals and left them critically short-handed. One small silver lining was that the fight with Marie-Ange prompted Jubilee to make a decision about her relationship with Doug Ramsey, declaring themselves 'officially' a couple.

X-Factor had a tough assignment of their own, when Crystal Amaquelin brought a potential case to them – the maltreatment of mutant girls in a local brothel. Discovering the previous owner had been forced out, X-Factor enlisted the help of Jubilee and Sarah Morlocke to investigate the new owner, Barry Thistledown. With Jubilee and Laura Kinney undercover in the brothel and Jean-Paul Beaubier and Vanessa Carlysle working with Sarah and Crystal (in disguise), they managed to uncover a mutant smuggling ring and restore the brothel to its previous owner, Madame Libertine. The investigation left its mark, especially on Laura, whose relationship with Kevin Ford changed as a result of the physical and emotional damage she had suffered.

Wade Wilson continued his treatment for his hairy cell leukemia, his illness freaking out Vanessa when he finally told her what was going on and bonding with newcomer Matt Murdock over vomit buckets. Alexander Lexington, following a brief moment with Crystal at his birthday party, asked her out. Warren Worthington found himself fired from his father's business following a fight about his mutancy and decided to return to living in the mansion, moving in with Kyle Gibney.

Ever generous, Warren invited Tabitha Smith on a trip to Europe, with Monet St. Croix and Kurt Sefton joining them. A night of heavy drinking resulted in the potentially damaging news that Warren's one night stand had taken photographs of his wings and planned to sell them to the highest bidder. After a wild goose chase across Europe, they finally tracked the woman to a nightclub in Amsterdam, with Warren and Monet having a brief moment in the spotlight as they had to go on stage to trap their target.

And finally, Artie Maddicks began powers traning with Marie-Ange, and began remembering more of his time with the Morlocks. At the same time, a chance meeting reunited him with Annalee, the Morlock woman who had raised him – and then abandoned him at Xavier's. Despite his sense of betrayal from the incident, Artie decided he wanted to try and help the homeless old woman.


Apr 1 - Warren texts Wade about the moose. Jan emails Matt about having a meal together. Matt and Artie sneak off campus for food and attempt to buy booze. Crystal invites Laurie to a weekend away in Attilan. Charles Xavier posts a notice about hazing not being tolerated at the mansion, and a reminder that free speech is both a right and a responsibility.

Apr 2 - Tired of studying, Angelo throws an impromptu party.

Apr 3 - Operation: Sanguinicity: Jake and Sarah observe a potential contact in Berlin, and are surprised when he's joined by a mysterious woman. Warren argues with his father, and later invites Tabitha out for a drink, though they don't end up drinking much. Jan takes Matt out to a Chinese restaurant in Salem Center and they wind up talking about what being a mutant means to each of them.

Apr 4 - Suffering food poisoning after eating leftover Chinese from the day before, Matt meets Wade and they commiserate over vomit buckets. Operation: Sanguinicity: Sarah M. posts to x_snowvalley about the mysterious woman she and Jake observed and Remy gets the team into investigation mode. Vanessa posts about her return from Wales, the need for activity after long flights and the building work being done in District X. Artie goes to the Snow Valley offices for a training session with Marie-Ange. Amanda runs into 'John' at the mansion and gives him another perspective on his amnesia issues.

Apr 5 - Operation: Sanguinicity: Marie-Ange meets with a hyper-paranoid Amahl Farouk and gets his report on the woman - "La Contessa" - who appears to be a possible resource against Strucker's organisation. Vanessa, dressed as Aoife, goes to visit Wade and he tells her about his cancer; Vanessa goes to talk to Jean about it and things do not go well. Warren tells Crystal about the fight with his father and they talk about various ways of helping out in the mutant community.

Apr 6 - Warren announces his unemployment following his falling out with his father; Vanessa kidnaps him to the Bronx Zoo; Jean texts him to ask if he's okay. Wade emails Marie-Ange to check on how Percy the Penguin is doing and she tells him she's in Berlin. Matt attends his first Spanish class with Crystal after recovering from food poisoning.

Apr 7 - Operation: Sanguinicity: Doug and Wanda attend an event at the Berlin Hellfire Club and meet with La Contessa Valentina Allegre de la Fontaine, discovering she indeed can help them take down the remnants of Strucker's organisation; during the party, Amanda, Cammie and Jubilee search the Countessa's apartment, finding bank records and a diary and setting up surveillance cameras; Remy, Ororo and Emma go through the gathered information and decide there's enough there to trust La Contessa and act on Von Strucker's remaining holdings; Remy instructs Marie-Ange to get her team to Zurich. Callie talks about her college roommate's Starbucks dilemma. Vanessa and Jean-Paul catch up after her vacation and after lots of innuendo and catching up, they go to the museum. Molly decides to set up an advice column.

Apr 8 - Operation: Sanguinicity: Emma, Jake, Marie-Ange and Remy go through the gathered information and come up with various ideas to bankrupt the Strucker's people; Jubilee and Amanda do recon of the bank which holds several accounts, Jubilee the old-fashioned way and Amanda via her link to the city. Warren goes to Angelo's apartment and meets Angelo's mother, before talking with Angelo about setting up his own law practice in District X; while the boys talk, Juanita takes it upon herself to visit Warren's mother, Kathryn, and they talk about Warren's estrangement from his father. Wade texts Warren, suggesting they meet up. Vanessa finds Garrison bonding with Daisy the Moose and they chat about Wade's insane gift; later, Vanessa and Jean have their usual 'date', despite the tension from their conversation a few days earlier. Matt and Kyle do some powers work together.

Apr 9 - Vanessa checks on Wade to make sure he's not dead or starving and they wind up sharing elements of their personal histories. Operation: Sanguinicity: Farouk, Wanda and Sarah M. go to the bank that holds HYDRA's assets and scope it out in the guise of setting up a safety deposit box; Doug guides Cammie through the sewer system to plant a magical item for Amanda to use as a guidepost; Farouk and Jake - disguised as Sarah - return to the bank and create a scene, during which Jake slips away and mimics one of the guards; Amanda 'ports to the bank's security room, with Wanda guiding her, and kills the power and the alarms; Emma, Marie-Ange, Farouk and Doug begin the financial crash of the bank; Sarah, Cammie, Remy and Jubilee break into the bank, meeting up with Jake and planting a Trojan virus that allows Doug to access the bank's resources; the office team gets a visit from the bank's owners, Andreas and Andrea Schmidt and Doug receives a warning on his computer from "Syn" that a trap is about to be sprung; Jake, Sarah and Cammie make it to safety via the vehicle bay; Remy and Jubilee exit the bank via the roof, meeting up with Amanda and Wanda, but as they make their way to their transport, the van is blown up; Emma, Farouk, Doug and Marie-Ange arrive at the airport but discover the plane is being watched and use a NATO general and his staff as human shields to get past; Remy, Jubilee, Wanda and Amanda are forced to use La Contessa as an escape option and follow her directions to a parking garage, only to have her turn on them; Amanda is shot and teleports to the street and Remy sacrifices himself so Wanda and Jubilee can escape; Remy is captured by La Contessa and the Schmidt twins. Matt reflects on how large the mansion is and admits to getting lost a lot. Wade texts Marie-Ange, asking when she'll be back. Jean-Paul and Warren discuss a frustrating meeting with District X business owners, then view some potential new business properties in the area. Jean and Warren take a trip to Coney Island.

Apr 10 - Angelo's mother is up to something and Angelo is curious. Cathouse: Crystal calls X-Factor with a report of a District X brothel allowing its workers to be physically abused by clients; Crystal later turns up at the offices, using an image inducer as her disguise, and asks to be allowed to accompany Vanessa while she investigates; after talking to the girl Crystal discovered the night before, they go see Madame Libertine, the former owner of the 'day spa' and discover she was forced out of the business with threats to her daughter's safety; Vanessa offers to keep her daughter safe and remove the new owner before someone gets killed. Vanessa enlists Wade to protect Libertine's daughter at the mansion; Wade texts Kyle, asking for some items to help keep the girl safe - bulletproof glass and manual locks. Operation: Sanguinicity: Wanda texts Ororo about the job and needing to talk to her as soon as possible; Wanda posts a round up of the mission to x_snowvalley and damage control begins. Kurt encounters Sarah V. pretending to have a light saber battle and offers to teach her sword play. Jan leaves Kevin a waffle voucher. Sarah V. runs into Matt outside when she goes for a walk, and the two end up walking together and getting to know each other better.

Apr 11 - Amanda sends Angelo a text, telling him the job went south and Remy's gone. Operation: Sanguinicity: Remy finds himself in an unenviable position, and tries to piece together what went wrong - and what will happen to him. Cathouse: Vanessa gathers X-Factor together to see who will help her; after the X-Factor meeting, Vanessa runs into Laura and the two talk about Laura's potential role in their case; Crystal calls Vanessa on a direct line to ask about the progress of the case. Amanda and Angelo meet up after Amanda's text, talking about what went down. Doug makes a journal entry about inventing the equivalent of a heavy bag for swords. Amara and Meggan talk in the library, where Amara is studying and Meggan is looking up information on moose.

Apr 12 - Lex e-mails Crystal to ask her to go to a World War II airplane museum with him on Friday. Jean leaves a birthday card and some cupcakes for Jake. Amanda texts Jake to wish him a happy birthday. Cathouse: Vanessa e-mails Jean-Paul and Bishop to update them on the investigation; Laura meets up with Vanessa after her first day undercover in the brothel and gives her an update; Vanessa e-mails Jubilee and Sarah M. to find more info on one Barry Thistledown; Jubilee updates the others at Snow Valley about X-Factor's request and lets them know Vanessa has volunteered to help find Remy if they need it.

Apr 13 - Cathouse: Jubilee and Sarah meet with Vanessa to give her the low down on Barry Thistledown; Crystal (as Riley) and Jean-Paul are on surveillance duty outside the brothel and see and hear things they don't like; Laura e-mails Vanessa to check in; Vanessa stops by to check in on Annie and Wade. Meggan leaves a broomstick plushie from Fantasia for Amanda as a birthday present. Wade e-mails Meggan to thank her for the gifts she left for him.

Apr 14 - Bobby leaves some glowing, reusable ice cubes outside Amanda's door for her birthday. Warren texts Amanda to wish her a happy birthday, and invites her for a future dinner to celebrate. Warren e-mails Kyle to ask if he may take over the now empty room in his suite. Cathouse: Sarah updates Snow Valley on the mission, and tells them Jubilee is going undercover now for a day or two to set up some surveillance; Sarah M. and Vanessa meet up at her house to exchange notes on their mission, and new plans are made; Jubilee gets into the District X brothel and checks in on Laura, but things don't go according to plan; Laura meets up with Vanessa to report, and Vanessa lets her know that her and Sarah M. are trying to follow a trail of breadcrumbs. Jean leaves a top hat style hair piece and a stuffed white rabbit for Amanda as a birthday gift. Amanda thanks everybody for the birthday wishes on her journal.

Apr 15 - Cathouse: Sarah M. and Vanessa meet up with various contacts to try and trace things back to Barry, then meet up to compare notes; Jubilee checks in on Laura, and they talk about their plans later in the day; Jubilee finds Laura in a moment of weakness, and she helps the other girl to get through it; Laura checks in with Vanessa by e-mail to see if there are any updates. Crystal announces that it's Spring Break at Xavier's on the journals and that she'll be gone for a few weeks. Warren and Bobby meet up and talk business, mostly.

Apr 16 - Vanessa texts Warren to see if he's awake, seeing if he wants to come over, which he does. After Vanessa relieves him from his surveillance duties, Jean-Paul receives a text from Bishop and meets him at the office, where Bishop has another task for him. Sarah V. makes a journal post that she'll be going home for Spring Break. Cathouse: Vanessa and Crystal (as James and Riley) track Simon in an attempt to uncover further information, posing as lovers unafraid of a little PDA; Laura finds a bruised Jubilee and deflects unwanted attention from Lars; they manage to infiltrate Barry's office; then the investigation team gets together that evening to form a plan of attack.

Apr 17 - Callie makes a journal entry about her displeasure with dorm life, and asks if anyone is looking for a roommate. Jean leaves Garrison some caffeinated perky jerky, a mug, and a t-shirt for his birthday. Kyle makes a journal entry about the making of a Teen Wolf tv show. Cathouse: The members of X-Factor, along with Jubilee and Sarah M., confront Barry and company; abused women finally receive the care that they need; Vanessa and Laura talk after everything is done with the case. Laurie makes a journal entry complaining about having so much to read over Spring Break.

Apr 18 - Jean-Paul and Vanessa unwind together after Cathouse. Vanessa drops off a USB stick containing details of mutant sex trafficking off to Angelo and Elpis. Angelo recruits Elpis and attempts to recruit Amanda to look into the information Vanessa gave Elpis. Kevin and Laura have a discussion about the current state of affairs between the two of them. Warren announces that he's moving into Kyle's suite in the mansion.

Apr 19 - Amara texts John and asks Angelo for help with her Spanish final. Warren proposes a trip overseas with Tabitha after learning that she's never traveled other than for X-Men or Red X business.

Apr 20 - Amanda passes on the information about sex trafficking to Jubilee and Sarah Morlocke. Warren seeks out Monet's advice about shopping in Rome and invites her and Kurt to join him and Tabitha on a weekend away. Jan takes Matt shopping for some new clothes.

Apr 21 - Vanessa texts Warren, inviting him over. Yvette comments on Amara's plan to move to New York and room with Callie. Jean-Paul sees Vanessa and Warren sleeping together. Angelo emails Yvette, letting her know that he's found information about her father and half siblings. Jean, Julian and Haller train in the Danger Room; Julian gets a little bit thumped. My Long Forgotten Son: Artie posts to the journals, revealing that he's remembering more about his childhood than ever before. Jean and Vanessa have lunch in New York.

Apr 22 - Janet enquires about requests for Easter chocolates and candy.

Apr 23 - John emails Angelo and Amara, revealing that he'll soon be an uncle. Angelo posts to the journals about how John is becoming an uncle right now. Wade recruits Klara as his minion number three, she promises to make him banana nut bread. Wade leaves Meggan a basket of Easter eggs and texts Warren offering him some banana nut bread, only to discover that Warren is in Rome. Kyle posts about the wonders of his college-mandated yoga class.

Apr 24 - Wade leaves the following Easter gifts for people: a pimp hat for Kevin, a handmade wooden cross for Klara, pink boxing gloves for Laura, a pair of knives for Vanessa, a bottle of wine for Marie-Ange, a Braille copy of A Wrinkle In Time for Matt and a hat and Easter basket for Molly. Meggan emails Wade, thanking him for her Easter eggs. A Bar in Amsterdam: Tabitha meets a cute bartender called Troy, Warren might have had incriminating photos taken of his wings by a (now missing) woman he slept with and Troy might know something about this; Warren recruits Kurt and Monet to help him find the woman who may or may not have photos of him. Janet makes peep sushi and announces that it's her fifth Easter since she arrived at the Mansion. Crystal emails Lex, inviting him to the museum. Vanessa sms's Wade to thank him for the knives and jokingly asks him to marry her. Kevin emails Wade about the pimp hat. Jean-Paul sms's Kevin, eventually inviting himself over to Kevin's. Molly sms's Wade, thanking him for the Easter basket.

Apr 25 - A Bar in Amsterdam: The hunt for Warren's photos leads to a circus where Kurt performs to gain the circus folk's trust, only to discover that the woman they're looking for might now be in Amsterdam. Warren sms's Wade, asking for a souvenir. Warren sms's Crystal, letting her know that they'll be arriving in Attilan later than planned and Vanessa about hating the circus. Marie-Ange prompts a long journal thread started through the discussion of the wine Wade gave her.

April 26 - Jubilee grumbles about the morning and the sun, and later emails Wanda about being sick of Marie-Ange's attitude towards her. Vanessa texts Doug about Jubilee and Marie-Ange bickering, while he's busy trying to ignore it. Vanessa posts to X-Factor Investigations about getting a job working security detail for a strip club. Kevin drops by to keep Wade company after his treatment, and they discuss movies and Marie-Ange, amongst other things. Matt emails Wade to thank him for the book he gave him.

Apr 27 - Amara emails Callie asking whether she's still looking for a roommate. Artie posts about having cleaned up the suite he shares with Matt and the possibility of finding a hobby for him. Jean and Garrison have a fairly serious discussion while they're both working out. Megan posts about wanting to draw on walls, because it's awesome. Klara emails Wade to thank him for the Easter gift he gave her. Crystal posts about a visit to London over the weekend. Laurie posts about going on a pancake making spree to celebrate her break from studying. She also emails Kyle, Kevin, Laura, Angel and Jean-Phillipe about going on a road trip over summer.

Apr 28 - A Bar In Amsterdam: After two days of searching in Amsterdam, Warren and company decide to take a break and have the night off; their new friend Troy lets some important information slip in his stoned haze. Jubilee emails Doug about making their relationship official. Jake posts to Snow Valley about going to Berlin to try and find out any information he can about Remy or the person who set them up. Matt posts about Blind Fury, a blind rapper. Crystal texts Warren about them not catching up in Attilan.

Apr 29 - Doug posts about post-Easter sales and Reese's holiday candy. Amanda mediates between Marie-Ange and Jubilee and they reach an agreement on future behaviour. My Long Forgotten Son: Artie finds his adoptive mother Annalee living on the streets.

Apr 30 - Kevin posts about Ghost Hunters and how ridiculous it is, prompting a long thread that devolves into innuendo. A Bar In Amsterdam: Having tracked Sandy down to a nightclub in Amsterdam, Warren and Monet manage to sneak in, but have to pose as dancers to avoid security; Kurt and Tabitha catch up with Troy, who reluctantly helps them (and then makes out with Tabitha); Warren and Monet manage to catch up with Sandy and get the photos back.


Operation: Sanguinicity

X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse

A Bar In Amsterdam

My Long Forgotten Son

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