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Applicants are expected to have read the Rules before applying. Also, the FAQ is extremely useful for applications, so please use it. ;)

Applying To X-Project

The Basics


What are the rules of the game?

The full game policies can be found here. If you have questions about something, you can contact the mods. The policies are discussed among the playerbase and voted upon before being declared official, in order to ensure fairness.

The basic rules are such:

  • respect each other as players
  • post regularly (at least once a month in any format)
  • follow the policies pertaining to gameplay.

It is expected that all applicants will have read and agreed to abide by these policies when they send their application in. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse if you find yourself on the wrong end of a complaint.

Genetic Status

Does my character have to be a mutant?

Magic, super soldier serums, radioactive spiders, gamma rays and power suits are all allowed in X-Project, provided they are treated in a “realistic” manner, as they are in the MCU or Spider-Man franchises. Preference is for plots rather than PCs, unless the player can provide a reasonable explanation for why a non-mutant super-powered being would be seeking refuge at Xavier’s.

Does this mean I can't play X Character, who isn't a mutant?

Not at all. Applicants are permitted to adapt canon non-mutant characters into mutants with similar powers and/or abilities (such as Amanda Sefton and Nico Minoru both being mutants with magic-channelling abilities).

The mods will also consider applications for non-mutant characters so long as the application is exceptional. What does that mean? Basically, you need to come up with a strong reason why your character can't be converted into a mutant, and why they will be connected to the mansion and/or one of the New York teams. For example, Cain Marko was the game's first non-mutant powered character, but he had a family connection to the mansion and so it made sense for him to be there.

Are there any restrictions as to who can be made into a mutant?

No, there will be no cut off point for adapting canonical human characters into mutant player characters for the game, but mutant powers should reflect the skills, strength, and professional use of the existing canon character. Which means, the character needs to have some kind of extraordinary ability to be explained by a mutant power. However, given the comics' tendency to push the limits of human skills and physics, that still gives you a whole lot of leeway.

Canon Knowledge

How much X-Men knowledge do I have to have to play? Just the movies? The comics? Everything there ever was released?

XP uses the Marvel Movie Universe and X-Men movies as a foundation, but has moved on significantly from there. In terms of what a person needs to know, we'd suggest that knowing the XP canon first (through the Wiki), as well as at least knowledge of your potential character's personal canon, is required. Given inspiration comes from various places, not just comics or movie canon, it's not necessary to have encyclopedic knowledge of X-Men canon. And if there's something you don't understand, you can always ask - player knowledge ranges from those who only saw the movies to those who have been collecting comics for twenty years.

Do I have to read all of the Wiki? There's a lot of back history there!

Part of the reason for the relaunch was to make X-Project a little less daunting to new players. Eleven years is a long time by any standard, and for an RPG, it’s pretty terrifying. ;) People were put off from applying to play, because of the massive back history. The relaunch has removed most of that from the Phase 2 universe.

What we do strongly recommend is the following:

  • Read along via xp_friends for a little while, so you can get an idea of how we do things;
  • Check the Timeline for the overall history of what’s considered to have happened before in the Phase 2 universe;
  • If you’re interested in applying for a Phase 1 version of a character, you’ll need to use the Wiki to research their prior history, since that will carry over with them. More on that in FAQ 4 - Choosing a Character;
  • Ask questions! If you’re wondering about something, ask one of the mods, the players, or ping us on Twitter!


How many characters can I have?

As per the policy, players may have three characters in XP. You may apply for a second character after three months of consistent play with your first, demonstrating you have the time and commitment to play two. You may apply for your third character once you have been with X-Project for a year and with at least six months of active play with your existing two characters. On-screen interaction should be kept to an absolute minimum between characters belonging to one person.

Can I ask for a character to be held while I app?

We don't formally hold characters for applications, however if we receive more than one expression of interest in a character, we'll keep everyone informed and let people decide if they want to submit an application any way. Applications will be decided on merit, not 'first in, best dressed'.

The Application

How do I apply to play?

You can find our applications guidelines here. Read it (and the rest of the policies) first to get an idea of what we expect of players.

Here is our application. Fill it in completely, use the Application Checklist to make sure you have everything, and submit it to the mods. You'll receive a note confirming it's been received, and will be looked over. If you don't receive the acknowledgement email within three days, contact us again - it's possible your app hasn't been received. You will most likely be asked to do a test log with one of the mods, and there may be a clarification email sent if there are questions. In some cases, we might direct you to speak to certain players, if your character has connections to theirs.

How long will it take to approve my application?

Unfortunately, we can't give a hard and fast time frame for applications. Sometimes they take only a few days. Sometimes they might take a week or two, if the character is a particularly complicated one, or poses various issues to the game, or the test logging goes slow, or if you submit during busy RL periods. The mods will keep in touch, however and guarantee to contact you within a week of receiving your email.


What's the deal with the character journal? What is it used for?

The journals were established IC as an initiative between Charles Xavier and Henry McCoy to foster communication within the school and later its affiliates. Every character in X-Project has a journal, which they can use to talk about various things. The posting of memes and quizzes IC is not allowed, for the sake of spamming friendslists - as you can see, we're pretty active without using those as filler!

Should I make the journal before I app?

NO! - unlike other games, the mods will supply you with the journal once you're approved. It helps save on the number of unused character journals, given the 'branding' of XP journal names with the prefix "x_" (Phase 1) or “xp_” (Phase 2) . Also, the character journals are considered the property of X-Project and should you leave for any reason, you will be asked for it back. If you don't agree with this, we're probably not the game for you.

Due to an LJ issue with the automatic payment system that saves your credit card billing information on your journal, we ask that players DO NOT USE THE AUTOMATIC BILLING FEATURE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, as we will still require the journal back should you leave.