Application Checklist

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If you have suggestions for additional points, please the Wiki editorial team.

1) Have you read along with the game and understand the format?

2) Have you read (and understood) the rules?

3) Have you at least skimmed over the game mechanics, setting and broad history?

4) Is your character allowed in X-Project and do they fit the game’s criteria (see FAQ 4)?

5) Do you have the latest version of the application?

6) New Characters:

a. Is your character a mutant (see the FAQ on genetic status)?

b. Do your character’s powers fit within the game (see FAQ 5)?

c. Does your character’s history mesh with the game’s history (see FAQ 5 and use the Wiki’s search function to research specifics)?

d. If your character is to be on a team, have you read the criteria regarding that team and made sure they fit?

7) Previously-Played Characters:

a. Have you read the previously played character guidelines?

b. If the character has a “Contact the Mods” tag, have you emailed them about applying for the character?

c. Are you familiar with the character’s previous history and significant relationships (see the characters Wiki page)? Are you able to summarise that history in your own words for your application?

d. Where the players of characters with significant relationships with your character are still in the game, have you emailed them about applying for the character and potentially made plans to address that relationship?

8) IMPORTANT: If your character has any kind of connection to an existing character, or you're apping with someone else, have you consulted with that person and shown them the final version of your application?

9) IMPORTANT: Have you explained how your character comes to the mansion (see FAQ 7, character introduction plans)?

10) For characters who were in New York in October 2008: How did Day Zero impact them? Did it influence their opinions of mutants and humans?

11) IMPORTANT: How did M-Day impact your character? What has been their experience in a world which hates and fears mutants?

12) Does your application have a sample post to a character journal or one of the comms (x_communication, xp_teams, x_generation x, etc), not an x_logs post?

13) Stuck? Have you read the Sample Application?

If you’ve checked off all of the above, copy and paste your application into an email with the subject header "Character name | your name | application" and send it to the mods