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MOA Fourteen.png
Fourteen/The Stepford Cuckoos: During the spider invasion, Celeste and Phoebe team up with Marie-Ange Colbert for some spider mayhem.

Of course there were spiders in the garage. It was a garage, there were supposed to be spiders.

They were just not supposed to be the size of cats, or hissing, or hairy, or aggressive.

Marie-Ange had depleted her share of French profanity - and her supply of fire extinguishers, which had been effective against the nasty things, and was standing atop one of the cars kicking at spiders with sneaker-clad feet. Her sneakers were ruined, thankfully they had not been nice ones to start with. And she had gotten them on sale. "Cel.. Es... I do not know which one you are, throw me that bag!" She yelled at the blonde hair that passed the garage door at a run. "If you do not stop and throw me that bag I am going to tell Emma on you!"

Celeste and Phoebe stopped and turned to observe the room. Phoebe, clearly, was having trouble holding back a bit of laughter, while Celeste picked bits of spider legs off her blouse.

"For that to be an effective threat," Celeste remarked casually as she hefted the bag. "Emma would have had to have said more than three words to us in the past six months."

Still, she passed the bag to her 'sister', who was bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Ooh, heavy. Here, catch!"

Marie-Ange didn't catch the bag, but it landed on the roof of the car, half-flopped open, which was really all she needed. "Merci, and it was..." She kicked another spider. "Meant to grab your attention, so it was effective..." another spider. This was growing tedious. "I will repay you later, after we murder spiders, yes?" She dropped into a crouch, kicked another spider in it's disgusting hairy face, and pulled a cricket bat from the bag.

"... not what I expected..." She muttered - but it would work well enough.

Celeste shot another look at the pile of spiders attempting to climb up the car, then down at her own (now ruined) outfit. "You know what?" she said slowly, eyeing both the spiders and the cricket bat in Marie-Ange's hands. "This one's on us."

"Wait, wait wait wait wait, someone in the mansion plays cricket?!" That came from Phoebe, who had stopped bouncing and just stared at the bat. Such a weird thing to catch 14 off guard, but there it was. Cricket had been probably the only sport she hadn't tried, after all. This was almost shaping up to be a novel experience.

"Yes thank you for making saving your own life a freebie." Marie-Ange said, swung wildly with the bat, and sent a spider flying off the car. "Croquet mallets would be better but I do not know where those are." She bounced the bat in her hand once, eyed Phoebe, and nodded once before an identical bat appeared at the blonde's feet - complete with the spider guts on Marie-Ange's. "Yell when it dissolves, I can make more, they can only take so much damage before they go squish, I apologize for your shoes."

Celeste (tactfully) didn't point out that continuing to walk away would have been a perfectly viable option while Phoebe, of course, took the bat. It squished as she picked it up. Gross.

"Batter up!" Celeste called, punting a spider the size of a small puppy into the air with a diamond-sheened leg. It hit the peak of it's arch in the perfect spot for Phoebe to wind up and smash it, sending bits of spider and ecto-bullshit everywhere. Celeste gave her sister a look, brow cocked. "Watermelon?" Phoebe nodded. "Watermelon."

There clothes already ruined, the two charged into the fray with a blender of diamond legs and magic cricket bats.

Today in XProject:

February 26

2004: Limbo: Illyana is kidnapped by Belasco and taken into Limbo; by the time she's retrieved, she has aged over eight and a half years; several of the staff and students are injured in the fight.

2005: Hellfire and Damnation: Scott deliberately allows Pete access to the file with the information on de la Rocha's involvement in his father's death.

2006: Shiro and Haroun spar, then discuss promotions; Shiro voices his doubts about himself, and Haroun tries to beat him over the head with some good advice. In the aftermath of the whole pregnancy mess, Jay finds Bobby and they talk about what happened, before Bobby crosses a line by kissing Jay. Cain makes a visit to the Vietnam Wall and reflects. Haroun meets Karolina and invites her to watch Pride Fighting Championship, which she politely declines. Kyle finds out about Bobby hitting on Jay, and reacts surprisingly maturely - for Kyle. Bobby tries to apologise to Terry, but she's not ready to be gracious. Shiro is horrified by pictures of a giant jellyfish in National Geographic, and decides to share. Haroun decides to take back the Powered Flight class. Not So Plain Jane: Parker Matthews, Jean's admirer from the cocktail party, pushes his suit a little too far and gets way more than he bargained for, as a result of which Jean - or Jane - abandons the field trip and the school with only a note; Haller asks Kylun and Cain if they know what's going on; Forge also notices her absence; Jane sends Scott a brutal email telling him she's leaving the school, the X-Men and him, after making a similar announcement in the staff community.

2007: After Pietro talks to Lorna about his time with the Brotherhood of Mutants, he accepts Scott's offer. Scott announces Pietro is joining the team, and the reception is mixed. Jean talks to Logan about his reaction and finds the answer in a piece of his past. Rahne emails Jennie about her apology and why she is so angry. Angelo stops speaking after reading Jennie's post and resigns from his teaching position for the duration. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna asks Sofia to track down her sister. New Orleans Is Sinking: Sofia is stopped in the street by a New Orleans Guilds| Guild member who hands her a letter for Pere LeBeau. Nate, Angelo and Amanda come back to New York, and Doug manages to get Amanda to sit down and rest.

2008: Forge emails Garrison, wanting hand-to-hand training; Forge gets his ass rather comprehensively handed to him by Garrison, but there's hope there; Forge goes to seek comfort from Crystal and things are initially awkward. Sofia is cranky about the journals. Jay runs into Forge and discuss meaning and relationships. Kevin asks Nathan for an Elpis job and is hired on; Kevin announces his new job. Remy and Jubilee have lunch and decide her future. Crystal emails Kyle about Kevin's comments the day before. These Earthly Things: Wanda manages to convince Amanda to take a break from her research. Jennie declares a pantless dance party as a cure for angst.

2009: Lil emails Kyle, asking him for help with new furniture and spackle, plus a new phone. Jean-Paul emails Nathan about hanging out. Julian emails Nathan, asking permission to take Angel off grounds on their date.

2010: Laurie leaves breakfast for Jean-Paul. Catseye emails Yvette about talking to Kevin and offers to be with her as moral support when Kevin comes to seek her out; Kevin finds Yvette in the library before she's read her email and they work things out themselves. Catseye finds Fred moping in the garage and manages to cheer him up a little as well as get a lesson in vehicle maintenance. Angel emails Kevin to thank him for her sculpture. Jean-Paul thanks Laurie for breakfast and turns down her offer to use him as an assistant baker. John walks in on Amara in the mansion kitchen while returning his keys and winds up flirting and getting fed.

2011: Amanda and Kurt have a late lunch and talk about Nick's return and amnesia. Marie-Ange posts to her journal about being back in the office and her love of New York regardless of working on a Saturday morning; Marie-Ange emails Wade to tell him Snow Valley are actually spies. Laurie mentions a conversation with her father about underwear vending machines in Japan. Artie plays a prank on Laurie with his powers and doesn't appreciate the subsequent dressing-down she gives him. Jubilee posts late at night to x_grads to invite anyone to Silver for Saturday night party night. An accident with Megan's pixie-dust leaves Hank hallucinating. Molly and Nico play together in the snow, and agree to swap birthdays this year.

2012: I Do...NOT! Sooraya informs everyone that she and a few of the others will be heading to Attilan so she can participate in Achmed's trial. Meggan apologises to Korvus for not telling him about her ability to 'eat' electricity and they go for a picnic - with champagne - and talk about their college plans.

2013: A distracted Johnny runs into Angelo and learns a bit about X-Corps in the process.


2015: Wade and North do their thing to try and deal with the world ending. Adrienne goes out with Jean, and her bad mood and continuously bad reactions to Jean lead Jean to call off their friendship. Monet and Artie meet and Artie realizes she’s basically the same despite being younger.

2016: Jessica’s Beyonce lyrics post is somewhat more emo than last time. Clint and Ev get out of the mansion and catch up.

2017: Topaz and Kyle talk about Clint's team idea after a fighting lesson, and make plans of their own to help.

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  • Set Fire To The Rain: A new attempt to portray the Hulk as a public danger results in near-disaster for New York.

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  • Casefile: Showdown at General Tso's Corral: X-Factor Investigations gets involved when a favourite local restaurant is shaken down for protection money.

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