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Following their adventures under the sea, Jean Grey frees herself from the squid that was controlling her, with a little empathic and magical assistance.

Jean felt torn, rather literally. The human side of her wanted this damn thing off, while the creature buried deep inside knew something was amiss and started to fight back, ramming itself at the vestiges of her mental walls. Jean tried to find her focus, and help Topaz as much she could, lending her own emotions to help bury the influence down. She was reminded of a scene in the Alien series where they managed to jettison the Alien off into space.

For a moment, she thought of how easy it would be to let go, let the creature take back over, and kill them all..or at least, that was what she wanted the squid to think. Just when she had the squid's defenses lowered and ready to take back over....she hit the airlock doors, hammering it with a telepathic blast that stunned it.

It was now or never. Amanda pulled in as much power as she could from the city, tamping down the more frivolous urges it was giving her, and wove it into the spell. "Hold still," she told Jean as she approached the woman, hands glowing blue-white with magic. "This might pinch a little." And with that, she lay her hands on the squid.

Two weeks ago if you told Jean she was going to be in this situation she...probably would've believed you. Still, with all the weird/horrible things that had happened, this was pretty damn high up there. Did that help? Hell fucking no.

The brightness of Amanda's hands made Jean flinch and she was forced to close her eyes. As the magic flowed, she could feel something start to turn, like a key twisting in a lock. The squid's hold quickly loosened.

Of course, the break in the spell made the squid react in kind, and it started to squirm, it's tendrils lashing out violently and wrap itself around her neck, anything to stay right where it was. Jean began to choke, reaching up to grab the squid. She could feel it's cold, slick rubbery skin as she grabbed onto it.

The emotions coming from the creature came to a fever pitch...anger, desperation, even....fear, and Jean almost felt a faint swell of pity--almost. The main tendrils were longer than the smaller ones, and it took a few tries, but she was finally able to yank them all the way out, tossing the squid away, where it slammed against the side of the boat, then wriggled around looking for somewhere to go.

But Jean was more preoccupied with trying to breathe as she took in massive gulps of air in between coughing.

Today in XProject:

April 27 - Fourteen's birthday

2004: Manuel apologises to Amanda. Moira talks to Rory Campbell about the problems on Muir Island, and her relationship with Nathan.

2005: On the anniversary of their link being repaired, Amanda sends Manuel a memory crystal in the attempt to help him understand her. Nathan and the Askani help Lorna with anti-empath shielding. Alison and Anika exchange memories of the departed. Dani meets Karen the FOHer in the mall and they clear the air. Family: Forge receives a clue to Catseye's past.

2006: Law and Order: Westchester: Nathan meets Laurie Collins at the courthouse.

2007: Laurie drops by to talk to Angelo about the group their mothers are planning to start, and Forge gets involved too. Forge announces his trip to Canada to the staff. Turf War: Amanda emails several people about the previous day's events. Logan and Ororo talk over motorcycle maintenance. Laurie trains in her powers with Haller and Jean. Crystal announces her departure to Muir Island for medlab training. Dani asks Mark to DJ at the prom. Yvette and Illyana meet and bond over the frustration of not being able to communicate clearly due to poor English. Laurie wonders about ice cream flavours. Marie-Ange gets Amanda to take her out to get some defensive tattoos for powers use.

2008: Wanda needs to bribe Forge, so she asks Dani for frybread; Wanda talks to Forge about her powers and if what the Gamemaster said was true, that she caused him to kill. X-Men Mission: Becket: The team is called out on short notice by Tanya Callery to try and stop Tara Trask from assassinating a pro-coexistence priest; the team battles William Moses and Amber Hunt while Kurt guards the priest; the priest is killed in a car bomb despite their efforts; Scott makes a brief team announcement of what happened; Kurt mourns the death of Father Alexi Garnoff. Adrienne is unhappy about the Red Sox being swept by Tampa Bay. Wanda has her weekly dinner with Betsy and they gossip. Tatiana is optimistic about her future, although nervous about school.

2009: Fred meets up with Cammie on the smoker's porch and they chat, mocking Texas and revisiting less-than-comfortable memories. Amanda announces her return from England, demanding a night out drinking after a week of spiritual cleansing with Homily. Jean-Paul teaches Cammie to cook and they talk about his recent time in Scotland. Charles announces one more RA - Dani. Doreen talks to Adrienne about her previous grades in math and is relieved to find they won't count at Xavier's. Remy seeks out Ororo to apologise. Johnny goes to the garage to ogle Lil's new bike and winds up with a giantess in a bikini top and cut-offs to ogle instead; Lil, looking for Wanda, meets Jake at the brownstone and then the three of them go out for drinks to celebrate the new bike. Nathan and Jean-Paul have a prank war, with Nathan barricading Jean-Paul into his room with the furniture. Kurt and Johnny have their first training session.

2010: Angelo complains about his bruised kidneys and taking time off work. Meggan describes what she learned about downed electrical lines and her powers. Amanda finally crashes after her New Delhi high. Hank posts a list of the injured and their statuses. Nico and Kevin go for restorative waffles. Ororo's powers have burned out again and she winds up accepting an invitation to stay with Remy when she is too conflicted about the danger the X-Men pose to the school to return there. Vanessa meets Laura and mimics her to borrow her healing factor; Vanessa emails Jean-Paul about the oddity of mimicking someone who is still wandering around the mansion; Vanessa-as-Laura and Jean-Paul sneak out for food and large amounts of bacon are consumed. Jubilee tracks down Doug and lectures him before insisting on taking him to dinner for his birthday. Jake is caught out by Wanda at one of her favourite bakeries and she grills him about his return.

2011: Amara emails Callie asking whether she's still looking for a roommate. Artie posts about having cleaned up the suite he shares with Matt and the possibility of finding a hobby for him. Jean and Garrison have a fairly serious discussion while they're both working out. Megan posts about wanting to draw on walls, because it's awesome. Klara emails Wade to thank him for the Easter gift he gave her. Crystal posts about a visit to London over the weekend. Laurie posts about going on a pancake making spree to celebrate her break from studying. She also emails Kyle, Kevin, Laura, Angel and Jean-Phillipe about going on a road trip over summer.

2012: Clarice makes plans to spend a spa day and educated Wade on the benefits of hot coals. Vance helps Angelica with her task of cleaning the Blackbird. Vance posts to x-team asking for a trainee name as well. Wade leaves Clarice a pair of shirts, a figurine, a few river smooth stones, two cucumbers, a vegetable slicer. Angelica plans for revenge on Vance for soaking her while cleaning. Molly and Matt make plans to go to the mall, and Molly starts planning Matt's birthday party. Jean-Paul asks Jean for help with one of his neighbors who is injured.

2013: Maddie texts Sue about meeting Aaron Tveit with this gif.

2014: Johnny reminds everyone that April is good because it’s one step closer to spring while Angel warns Wade off trying to recruit him as a minion. Cecilia finds an old photo of herself in Dr Bartlet’s desk, making her feel nostalgic.

2015: Tabitha tries to prank Roxy with their suite’s fridge, but when it fails to get the desired result, the pair decide to prank Miles and Bobby instead; Miles is unimpressed by the pranking attempt. Tandy and Adrienne finalise the merger of Tandy’s mother’s company with Meridian Enterprises. Felicia Instagrams about her yoga session and the view. Bobby is unhappy with the Washington Capitals victory over the New York Islanders in the hockey playoffs. Alison meets Angel by the pool and they get on very well. Rachel has a check up with Cecilia after her time on the astral plane and reveals she’s having problems.

2016: Marie-Ange and Doug give the Fourteen birthday gifts. Alison reflects on Harry Potter. Reed attempts to flirt with Sue. Fourteen thank Marie-Ange.

2017: Amanda makes a journal entry announcing she’ll be away doing research for the next few weeks. Lorna texts Alex about Amanda showing them the rocks.

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Welcome to X-Project, Mark! Mark will be bringing in Melissa Gold/Songbird soon - watch for her!

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  • Set Fire To The Rain: A new attempt to portray the Hulk as a public danger results in near-disaster for New York.

  • Glitter and Gold: A night out at a prestigious party turns perilous for Wanda Maximoff and friends.

  • Casefile: Showdown at General Tso's Corral: X-Factor Investigations gets involved when a favourite local restaurant is shaken down for protection money.

  • How To Kill A Spider: A simple card game turns into something a lot more complicated... and creepy.

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