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Gabriel Cohuelo Cohuelo/Velocidad: Transported to Limbo and faced with zombies, Gabriel finds himself fighting his own memories at the same time.

Zombies now, indeed. It was beginning to be tough for Gabriel not to feel triggered. He'd let out a small sigh when the first one appeared, and as he tried to take stock of their makeshift battlefield, he let out a small sigh again. There was no time to be mired in memory, and yet it seemed that this place, wherever it was, kept trying to drag him into the quicksand of his subconscious. The putrid smell. Miles barking orders. It all threatened to overwhelm him.

He shook it off when he saw Amadeus move. The kid had the right idea. To his left, he saw a sagging corpse with an axe fast approaching Miles. Its eyes bulged with a kind of mania. Gabriel decided the weapon — and the energy , if he were being honest — would be useful. He channeled his powers and bull rushed toward the zombie, using his super-speed to snatch the axe from the creature's hands.

As he slid to a stop and pivoted to change directions, he looked from Miles to his undead aggressor. A shudder went down his spine. Then he hiked the axe over his shoulder and ran back toward his target.

More right than you think. He swung the axe across what looked like it would be the creature's neck, thrilled to have physics amplifying his swing. No more. A loud crunching sound accompanied his return to a normal timeline. Dead. You all—

Gabriel looked down, a little stupefied as the creature's head landed at his feet. The body continued to wriggle, and he resumed swinging. I forgot how attractive I was before the plague came. But not as strong. A plague had come, and he was stronger now. He swung and swung, and then as the creature fell, he searched for his next target...

...Their team, if one could call it that, had managed to make good work of their zombie attackers, at least as far as Gabriel could tell. Unsure if the corpse laying at his feet was dead or alive, Gabriel gave another hearty swing of the axe before surveying what he supposed was their battlefield. His eyes landed on Illyana, as he caught his breath, and he watched for a second or two in the hopes of picking up some kind of clue.

No dice, which was hardly a surprise. He'd ask again later. In the meantime, he looked up to the sky. "Hey, Wings," he called to Warren. "We good?"

Warren wiped off his rolling pin on his apron, and gave Gabriel a strange look. "You pick now to apologize for your past behaviours?" Better late than never, Warren supposed. "Well, I accept. We can be good now." Cue smile.

"Warren," Gabriel said, gripping the axe in his hand a little tighter, "make yourself useful, and flap those wings and make sure we're not about to be hit by the cast of The Walking Dead."

Today in XProject:

May 21

2003: Ororo and Logan's relationship ends. Bobby and Marie's relationship ends.

2004: Manuel and Domino spar, and Angelo visits Marie before she leaves. Alison’s students are excited about formal wear. Nathan refuses Amanda’s healing, talks to Angelo about his dream, and is cute with Moira. Angelo helps Illyana get reacquainted with Earth.

2005: Betsy receives a trench coat from Remy. Buy Now, Pay Later: Amanda meets Charlie Plunder for lunch and they further their friendship as they talk about magic. Dani confronts Jay about his behavior and he seems to hear what she has to say. When Scott tries to leave the mansion while upset, Betsy intercepts him until Jean walks in and breaks things up. Hank and Dani talk about Manuel’s post the day before; later in the evening Dani goes into false labor. Alison finds Haroun mourning at the Hellions graves.

2006: Marie’s 21st birthday. Forge tells Jennie he’s discovered who her father is.

2007: Jean and Des have another confrontation in their ongoing war. Laurie chooses Aliens as the suite movie and scares Yvette. Scott suggests whitewater rafting as a possible summer activity, later expressing doubts about the wisdom of that to Ororo. Jennie calls Kyle on the Ahab-induced submissive behaviour and manages to break him of it on the journals; later, she confronts Nathan about avoiding them, a little less successfully. Monet celebrates end of finals with food and arranges to meet with Illyana. Jennie emails Illyana with signs of life.

2008: Manuel emails Amanda about Adrienne's post and Amanda is truthful about her disappearance. Angelo meets Callisto and things are stiff and awkward. Doug posts a mock poll about Marius' future code name and later complains about people not ticking the box. Laurie asks who moved her cheese. Ororo encounters Callisto tearing up her garden and they discuss things, both learning things about the other but neither happy at the end. Julio and Tatiana talk about the aftermath of the truth telling.

2009: Laurie announces her return to the school briefly. Rappaccini's Daughter: Jake emails Forge about the courier who delivered his fingers to Cammie and views the security footage; Jake lets X-Force know what happened, and that the fingers were delivered by an Infonet courier; Cammie apologises to Angelo for taking his car; Jake and Cammie talk about the events of the day before; Amanda emails Cammie to let her know she isn't going to curse her for poisoning Kurt. Fred meets Callisto and discovers a friend of his who helped with his mutation was a former Morlock. Lil asks Garrison about seeing Madison during the mission to rescue Tabitha and is unhappy at the response. Pas de Trois: Manuel approaches Angel about letting Julian take Esme to the prom, and she agrees, for a price; Julian goes to ask Angel to the prom and is shocked when she suggests he take Esme. Jan announces she is going to the beach for a while with friends. Lil announces she is going off for some personal time. Jean-Paul takes Jake out to distract him from recent events and they wind up falling off a roof; Jake finds himself comforting Jean-Paul when a bad dream wakes them both.

2010: Yvette checks in on Jared to make sure he is settling in.

2011: Angelo reflects on getting old following the news Samie Kander has gotten engaged. Jan announces the end of classes for herself, graduation and her birthday.

2012: The Unwritten Alliance: Moira MacTaggart calls Charles panicking - Rachel has disappeared, both from Muir and from their psychic link; Charles posts to let everyone know the Genoshans have kidnapped Rachel Dayspring; Jean texts Kurt offering fresh coffee and/or beer; Scott goes to check on Lorna, and brings her some food; Angel returns to hers and Lorna's suite, and the two of them talk; Kurt posts to his journal to let Amanda know that the family has gone into hiding; the X-Men meet to discuss their next move; the combined forces of X-Force and X-Factor meet to plan moving in on Genosha; Remy posts to let everyone know that they (X-Force and X-Factor) will be infiltrating Genosha over the next couple of days; Amanda checks on Nico, and finds her destroying her room.

2013: It's time for Artie to learn some more useful skills under North’s instructions and North questions Artie's motivations.

2014: Adri makes a journal entry letting people know they can watch the Sox and Jays play from their box at Fenway if they want.

2015: Laurie posts an article about how medical technology now allows amputees to use their minds to control bionics. Cecilia, Laurie and Doug wake Namor up after his 2 week coma, he doesn’t break down the mansion. Laurie asks Doug if they can spend the weekend not moving from their suite at all, possible with Wade and Marie-Ange if they can convince them to come over. Tandy comes to visit Namor and finds she can understand him more clearly than she thought. Adrienne arrives at home only to find her boyfriend sprawled out on the couch covered in cheese dust. Tandy emails Amanda about Namor, with sadly not much information. Emma stops by to offer Namor the ability to understand people by dumping the English language into his head. Jean arrives back at the mansion and asks Felicia for some of the coffee she had been talking about earlier. Clint and Namor meet for the first time since the dustup in Alaska, it doesn’t go well. Gabriel and Roxy meet in the sunroom and discuss the problems with being homosexual mutants. Jean apologises that she missed Matt’s birthday and tells him she got him a present. Adrienne texts Amanda about helping out with the demon thing. Clint introduces himself to the mansionites. Matt offers up a game of baseball this weekend for memorial day. Matt goes to check up on Xavin and see how they’re settling in. Wanda comes across Billy and Clint as they're settling into their new suite.

2016: Maya gets into an argument with Tandy about a court case she’d linked on the journals between the Navajo and Urban Outfitters; later, Jennie encounters a still-angry Maya and gets her to punch out her feelings. Laurie asks Doug, Wade and Marie-Ange to take her dancing. Gabriel leaves a trail of goldfish, both real and crackers, leading to a prom-posal for Namor. Namor texts Gabriel not too amused by the balloons and threatening the lives of the goldfish. Maya posts a link asking people at the mansion to educate themselves. Endangered Species: The X-Men sneak into the OsCorp Gala in case of another attack; their fears are confirmed when Vulture and the Beetle attack, but are quickly driven off; the X-Men track the bad guys to their base where they find Rhino waiting alongside three Sentinels; the X-Men split up to take on the erstwhile party-crashers; Firestar and Spider-Man deal with the sentinel while Cyclops faces off against the Rhino; Rogue and Wolverine face off against Beetle and a Sentinel, the result a toppled sentinel and a squashed Beetle; Marvel Girl and Blink face off against the Vulture and his robotic friend, thanks quick thinking they are able to short out the Robot and strip the Vulture of his tech; although the X-Men are victorious, they have to beat an ignoble retreat when the Sentinels activate their self destruct system. Arthur, Bobbi, Jessica, and Warren go out for a few beverages after work in celebration of Bobbi's birthday earlier that week, and they commandeer the jukebox and put on whatever they want.

2017: Alex finds a puppy, and talks with Angelo about marriage and life. Clint posts to the his new team and outlines all the progress he’s been making behind the scenes. Alex introduces Lorna to his new puppy, and she names it “Magnus”.

XProject Announcements and News:

It's a time of hellos and goodbyes. A warm welcome to new player Isaura, who's bringing in Alani Ryan!

And long-time player Azzy has left the game, leaving her characters Jennie Stavros and Amadeus Cho open for application. All the best Azzy!

Finals: June 12-20.

Last Day of School: June 20.

New School Year Starts: September 5.

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  • Set Fire To The Rain: A new attempt to portray the Hulk as a public danger results in near-disaster for New York.

  • Operation: Mad Men: A decades old case comes back to haunt Kevin Sydney.

  • Sins of the Father: What appears to be a series of odd ailments turns into a crisis for the mansion dwellers - and Topaz is unknowingly at the center of it all.
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  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend lands Clint Barton in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.

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