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Keniuchio Harada
Portrayed by Toshiro Mifune
Known Aliases: Silver Samurai
Affiliations: Yashida Clan, Yakuza
Socked By: Ben
Introduction: Gangsters

Leader of a successful Yakuza gang, the Silver Samurai has a difficult relationship with his X-Men cousin, Shiro Yoshida.


Name: Keniuchio Harada

Aliases: The Silver Samurai

Affiliation: Yashida Clan, Yakuza, Silver Samurai, Inc.

First appearance: August 24, 2004

Family: Yashida Clan: Shingen Yashida (stepfather - deceased), Mariko Yashida (half sister - deceased), Shiro Yoshida (first cousin once removed), Leyu Yoshida (first cousin once removed)


Keniuchio Harada led a rather uneventful life before the death of his birth father and his mother's subsequent marriage to Shingen Yashida. Shingen adopted him, but being strong-willed even at a young age, Harada kept his father's name instead of taking on Yashida. His stepfather died when he was in university, and he used his inheritance and Shingen's many connections to found Silver Samurai, Inc., a weapons manufacturing/defense contracting company. It is now the most profitable of such companies in Japan, and due to Harada's business savvy and connections, has avoided the worst of Japan's recent economic slowdown.

Harada also inherited a spot in the Yakuza from Shingen. Impressing his colleagues and superiors with his wit, cleverness, intelligence, and martial prowess, he quickly climbed the ladder and found himself the leader of his own clan. They became known for their dealings in the weapons black-market, and even more so for their ferocity as warriors and the fact that many of its members are mutants. He attends every meeting with his three most trusted aides: Gogo Tomago, Honey Lemon, and Baymax.

In January of 2004, as a favor to the Russian mafia, Harada ordered Shiro to organize a meeting between his men and Piotr Rasputin. Shiro turned on the Yakuza when they abducted Piotr's sister Illyana, however, which led to a falling out between the two. This escalated into Harada disowning Shiro in August for refusing to join him in the Yakuza.

Violence between the Yakuza and the mystic ninja sect known as The Hand erupted in the spring of 2006. Harada and the leader of The Hand, Matsu'o Tsurayaba, called a truce by proposing the marriage of Mariko to one of Matsu'o's most trusted men, Noburu Hideki. The Hand turned on them during the ceremony by poisoning Mariko. Harada almost bested Matsu'o in the ensuing battle, but the ninja managed to disappear first. He did get his revenge by killing Hideki, but not soon enough to save his half sister's life.

Harada has since reinstated Shiro to the family, and continues to manage both his legal and illegal businesses.


The Silver Samurai possesses the mutant ability to surround any metal within arm's reach with a field of tachyon particles, making it able to cut through any substance except adamantium.



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PB: Toshiro Mifune

Socked by: Ben