Yashida Clan

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Yashida Clan
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: Leyu Yoshida; Keniuchio Harada
Affiliations: Yakuza
Socked By: Ben
Introduction: March 17, 2004

One of the oldest and wealthiest families in Japan, the Yashida Clan dates back to before the reign of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Based in Tokyo, the clan currently consists of just Shiro Yoshida, his little sister Leyu, and their first cousin once removed Keniuchio Harada.


First appearance: March 17, 2004

Saburo Yoshida - deceased
Father of Shiro and Leyu. Scion of a powerful Japanese family, Saburo's father Jiro broke away from the Yashida clan's Yakuza ties and changed his surname to reflect the clean slate. Saburo, like his father, worked hard to establish peace between Japan and its neighbours in the wake of WWII. He was murdered by Tomo, a hireling of the Yashida clan's head.

PB: None.

Shinobu Hino - deceased
Shiro's mother hailed from Hiroshima and died giving birth to Shiro's sister, Leyu.

PB: None.

Shiro Yoshida
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Eldest child of Saburo and Shinobu, Shiro killed his father's killer and both he and his sister were adopted by their distant cousin Keniuchio Harada and raised in his household. For further information, see his individual page.

PB: Takeshi Kaneshiro

Leyu Yoshida
Eight years younger than Shiro, Leyu was brought to the school from the house of Keniuchio Harada when she was nine for safety and has remained there ever since. In August 2009, she manifested mutant powers the same as her brother's. For further information, see her individual page.

PB: Erina Mano

Mariko Yashida - deceased
The daughter of Shingen, Shiro's great-uncle (brother to his grandfather Jiro), Mariko distanced herself from the criminal element of the family. She was a moderating influence during Shiro and Leyu's childhoods, trying to instill their father's peaceful values in them, with mixed success. In May 2006 her step-brother Keniuchio arranged a marriage for her to a trusted friend of the leader of The Hand, their ancient enemy; Mariko (and her groom) were poisoned during the ceremony as part of a plan to escalate hostilities between the two groups and prevent any chance of peace.

PB: None.

Keniuchio Harada - Silver Samurai
Son of the widow Harada, Keniuchi was adopted by Shingen when he married the boy's mother. He proved to be an apt student of the family's less than savoury business practices, ruthless and predatory. For further information, see his individual page.

PB: Toshiro Mifune.


The Yashida (椰子田, literally "Palm tree field") family is an ancient and noble Japanese family. Great supporters of Tokugawa at the beginning of the Shogunate and later supporters of the Meiji imperial government, the Yashidas have amassed wealth beyond the dreams of most people. Add to that their involvement with the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, and they have risen to a prominence that in some circles rivals the Imperial Family itself.

Shiro's grandfather, Jiro, broke away from this association following World War II, leaving it to his brother Shingen. To demonstrate this change of direction for his descendants, he altered his surname to Yoshida (吉田, literally "Cherry tree field"). Jiro's son, Saburo, continued his father's work at reestablishing peace with Japan, and between Japan and her neighbors. He married a young woman named Shinobu Hino (火野, literally "of fire"), whose family hailed from Hiroshima, and had two children. Shinobu died soon after giving birth to Leyu, Tomo murdered Saburo some four years later, and Shiro killed Tomo. This leaves Shiro and Leyu the only surviving members on the Yoshida branch of the family.

Shingen, a powerful businessman, married a widow late in life and adopted her son, Keniuchio. They also had a daughter together, Mariko. Shingen split his inheritance between his children, allowing Keniuchio to start Silver Samurai, Inc., a weapons manufacturing company, and Mariko to open the National Society of Japanese Tradition, Culture, and History.

The Yashida Clan historically has been at war with the secret ninja movement known as The Hand. Tensions and violence escalated during the spring of 2006, and culminated with the deaths of Mariko and the trusted friend of the leader of The Hand that May.




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Socked by: Ben