Talia Lewis

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Talia Lewis
Portrayed by Corbis.com
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: Lost and Found

Talia was on her way to a Mistra conditioning facility when she and the rest of her candidate group were rescued by Colin MacInnis and his team, who were later rescued in turn by the X-Men. Talia remained at the mansion afterwards, having no home to return to. In 2009 she graduated and set out to create a life for herself, while remaining close to 'home'.


Name: Talia Lewis

Aliases: None

Occupation: Graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters; college student

First appearance: Lost and Found

Family: None


Talia was a quiet, yet generally happy fourteen year-old living with foster parents who adored her when her mutation manifested. She was struck by a car when riding her bike and thrown across the street and through a plate-glass store window. When she escaped without more than a few minor cuts, the information made its way through the usual channels to Mistra, which arranged for her to be taken out of the foster home and transferred to their custody.

Talia was on her way to a Mistra conditioning facility when she and the others were rescued by MacInnis and his team. She woke up in the helicopter, then survived the crash unhurt and tried to help with the other children and the injured while they waited for the X-Men. After being brought safely to the mansion, Talia was hoping to return to her foster parents, but discovered from Madelyn Bartlet that they had been killed in a suspicious car accident while on their way to a lawyer's, desperate to get help to get her back from "Social Services".

Talia was deeply affected by her foster parents' deaths, and although she adjusted well to life at the mansion and does very well in her classes, she had few close friends and kept mostly to herself. She applied herself with great diligence to her self-defense classes, never wanting to find herself in the position of being powerless again.

In June 2009 she graduated and chose to leave the mansion, enrolling in the local Westchester College and establishing herself in Salem Center where she could be independent, but still within reach of 'home'.


Talia's mutation involves various physical enhancements, including increased strength, speed, agility, and durability. She is not, however, a feral mutant, and does not possess a healing factor.


Lost and Found


PB: Corbis.com

Formerly socked by Alicia