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Hyperactive and fast-talking, Jacob Lowenstein, also known as Arcade, is a technological whiz who knows how to manage his money and who is always looking for a new game to entertain himself with. His quirky sense of honour makes him an ally almost as often as he is a foe and his eternal curiosity has led him to research the mutant phenomenon and incorporate mutants - and anti-mutant technology - into his business holdings, predomninantly in Las Vegas.

Arcade is also known, although not as publically, for Murderworld, a lethal 'amusement park' leased out to those wishing to dispose of someone. Arcade makes large amounts of money from gambling on these events, as well as from other games.

Despite his almost ridiculous manner, Jacob Lowenstein is ruthless, vicious and cunning. His electronic genius isn't far behind the best in the field, and he understands how to play the game without being incriminated. Arcade does have a strange sense of honour and ethics. While seemingly willing to kill without compunction, he often engages in triades about social issues like education and health care. He's shown himself to be unwilling to hurt children, and has acted to help the X-Men on one occasion, although he has also targeted the students on other occasions.