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This Savage Land:

Invited on a field trip to the Mesozoic Biofloral Conservatory, a group of Xavier's students and their chaperones found themselves abandoned by their guides in the middle of the night. They had little time to ponder this as their camp was attacked by a herd of dinosaurs. The creatures had been 'devolved' by Eddie Wyndham, an old colleague of Pietro Maximoff, who had the mutant ability to change the genetic structures of animals. Discovered by a group calling themselves the Evolutionaries, the field trip was but part of an experiment to determine if Eddie could devolve mutants into ordinary human beings, and thus remove what they saw as a sign of humanity's destruction of the planet.

In the chaos, Forge was taken, and faced with a group of frightened students and no means to find him, Garrison Kane and Marie D'Ancato decided to move to higher ground and a safer place until rescue. Little were they aware that in New York, the second part of the Evolutionaries' plan was unfolding - Eddie devolved the animals of Central Park Zoo, sending hundreds of dinosaurs into the streets of New York to cause destruction and chaos.

The Evolutionaries had not reckoned on the resourcefulness of the trapped field trip, or on the powers of various X-Men and X-Force members in the city. The dinosaur invasion was largely contained, and a rescue team sent to the Conservatory. Too late, it turned out, as the group fought off an allosaur attack and were rejoined by an injured Forge, doped up on antibiotics and with his artificial leg stripped down for components to make a GPS. Surviving the attack - but not without injury - and the trek to the main gates, the field trip and the rescue party met at the gates, where they were ferried home.

The Evolutionaries were arrested, with the exception of Eddie. Tracked down by Pietro to the docks, he was saved from the X-Man by two unknown mutant comptariots. The surviving dinosaurs were housed in Central Park Zoo and the Conservatory, however they were sterile and none of them would survive past the following summer, unable to cope with the modern climate and pollution.