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Red X: Red X was launched in February 2004, a joint venture between Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersand the Red Cross. It was intended to provide training and opportunity for young mutants wanting to get involved in humanitarian work, especially disaster relief.

Induction training was carried out on the last Friday of every month, including First Aid and talks from those involved in search and rescue and disaster relief. At one point most of the students at the school were involved in the program, assisting in several events. Things expanded beyond the involvement of Xavier's during 2005, and with the San Diego earthquake, most of the Xavier's students and alumni who had been Red X member volunteered to help the myriad aid agencies on the ground. Several of the new students also got involved, expressing an interest in continuing with the program.

The event and the response revived mansion interest in Red X, and for New Year's 2006 a charity event was held at Silver. In 2007 the next generation of Xavier's students signed up and began getting involved.

Disasters the group has been involved with include hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards and volcanic eruptions, with Xavier's students usually acting to a high level of professionalism and competence.