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April 14 - Amanda Sefton's birthday

2004: X-Men Mission: MLF:The X-Men are called to help resolve a hostage situation involving the Mutant Liberation Front. Amanda celebrates her seventeenth birthday. Monet has a catatonic episode.

2005: Jean meets Mother Askani, and the similarities between the two do not go unnoticed. Forge gets advice from Lorna on how not to be a jerk, and on his quasi-relationship with Paige. Nate and Haroun share travel experiences, and plot to torment the trainees with training sessions.

2006: Masque (plot): Ororo and Kurt search the town for the mutant responsible for the attacks, to no avail. Kitty and Jamie enjoy Spring Break at Mirror Lake.

2007: This Savage Land: Yvette shares her powers with Marius, via blood transmission; the field trip sets up camp and acquires the necessities, including food and water, despite some difficulties in the form of dinosaur attacks; the Evolutionaries unleash the second part of their plan, transforming the animals of Central Part Zoo into dinosaurs and setting them loose in New York, where there are various encounters; those X-Men remaining at the school rally to go find the field trip when communications are lost; a pack of allosaurs attack the camp, and the group barely manages to escape, and not without casualties but they do find Forge; Amanda and Angelo, after their respective dinosaur encounters, go for dinner to celebrate her birthday; Pietro tracks down Eddie Wyndham, but is ambushed by unseen accomplices and knocked out.

2008: Kurt meets Christopher Summers and impresses him with his loyalty to Scott's leadership. Kevin and Nathan have an awkward conversation about telepathy and Nathan's lack of shielding. Adrienne introduces herself on the journals. Garrison and Adrienne meet and bond over baseball. Mark wonders on the X-Force comm if Adrienne is evil. Kevin has a clear out of sculptures. Adrienne emails Garrison to crow over the Red Sox' win and the Jay's defeat. Betsy emails Pete, amused that Emma has a sister who apparently hates her. Amanda's 21st birthday; she thanks Wanda for her gift and is excited about the pub crawl for later that evening; Manuel wishes her a happy birthday; on the pub crawl, Amanda has her first legal drink at Harry's, meets a singer friend of Garrison's and gets mushy with Wanda; Forge, Marie-Ange and Doug talk in different combinations about various things, serious and not. Jean chats with Christopher Summers about his sons and her 'death'. Shakespeare Syndrome: Kyle, Jean and Jane start speaking in poetry on Adrienne's post; Jean posts on nightshift in poetry.

2009: Tabitha takes Ororo and Dani to Grand Cayman for Spring Break and runs into Manuel there. Jake and Wanda both wish Amanda a happy birthday while she's still on Muir Island; Amanda posts from the pub. Jake and Angel meet and bond over toasted donuts. Callie's father returns after spending Easter with her and she suggests a late Easter egg hunt; after reading the journals, Callie emails Jean-Paul and asks if she can still stay in his room, frightened of squirrel antics. Johnny meets Lil while looking for Jean-Paul. Fred posts about the Wolverine Frog. On Muir, Nathan and Jean-Paul get kicked over to the mainland and shop and talk; Jean-Paul buys a lot of books. Manuel emails his babysitters to let them know he's going to phone.

2010: John delivers a necklace to Amanda for her birthday, who then sends him an SMS thanking him. Jean-Paul invites Kevin for fried chicken.

2011: Bobby leaves some glowing, reusable ice cubes outside Amanda's door for her birthday. Warren texts Amanda to wish her a happy birthday, and invites her for a future dinner to celebrate. Warren e-mails Kyle to ask if he may take over the now empty room in his suite. X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse: Sarah updates Snow Valley on the mission, and tells them Jubilee is going undercover now for a day or two to set up some surveillance; Sarah and Vanessa meet up at her house to exchange notes on their mission, and new plans are made; Jubilee gets into the District X brothel and checks in on Laura, but things don't go according to plan; Laura meets up with Vanessa to report, and Vanessa lets her know that her and Sarah are trying to follow a trail of breadcrumbs. Jean leaves a top hat style hair piece and a stuffed white rabbit for Amanda as a birthday gift. Amanda thanks everybody for the birthday wishes on her journal.

2012: Doug leaves a book and a watch for Amanda's birthday; Meggan gives Amanda a plush Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch; Amanda invites her friends for birthday drinks at Harry's Hideaway, unable to quite believe she's 25; Jean gives Amanda a crystal bracelet. Wanda reappears in New York in time for Amanda's birthday. Jean leaves Maddie a belated birthday gift, a necklace with a crown shaped pendant. Korvus announces his intention to try a Mythbusters project, turning a vacuum engine into a jet engine, and inadvertently offends Catseye in the ensuing journal thread.

2013: Adrienne gives Amanda a bronze Dalek replica and a card. Topaz gives Amanda a charm for her birthday. Maddie and Sue spend some time catching up at the Cast Party, which basically amounts to playing with Sue's curls and some unexpected kissing.

2014: Cecilia wishes all of her Jewish friends a Happy Passover.

2015: Sooraya emails Angelo, John, Jean-Phillipe, Cecilia and Jean asking if there is anyone she should keep an eye out for while staying in Washington. Laurie texts Wade joking that she may have broken Doug and asks about the four of them watching a movie together. Case File: The Sting: X-Factor tries to figure out what and who they are dealing with; Sue and Warren come up with a plan on how to deal with the situation; Arthur and Bobbi put that plan into action; Arthur and Sue go to see what is up with the warehouse and are shocked by what they find. Tyrone posts that he needs to buy some nice suits. Tandy texts Julian asking where he is. Roxy texts Miles about what happened to Alison Blaire and hopes it isn’t rehab; Wade texts Jubilee about there being a younger Alison Blaire in this world. Miles interrupts Matt’s work out and Matt’s iPod suffers, they end up going to the Apple Store with Bobby.

2016: Megan sends Amanda a handmade birthday card. Maya posts to her journal to complain about JK Rowling and the way she’s treating cultures and people in her writing. Wanda wishes Amanda a happy birthday and lets her know that she has a tower of wine and beer waiting for her in her suite. Wade discovers that throwing stars exist in Minecraft leading to Doug setting him up on his server.

2017: Miles is excited by the trailer for the new Star Wars movie. Topaz leaves Amanda a birthday gift.

2018: Natasha asks about the previously-mentioned ice-cream party. Jean and Kurt discuss current events, including Kurt keeping an eye on Topaz.