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April 20

2004: Daddy's Girl: Nathan accidentally visits Amanda's mindscape and meets Gemile, as well as getting an idea of something he can do to help. New security arrangements are made.

2005: Remy and Jake discuss the state of Intel's resources following Pete's defection. Alison and Haroun uncover Alison's insecurity about other women. Manuel tells Alex his version of what happened with Lorna. Amanda and Meggan encounter Manuel in the kitchen and it goes badly, ending with Meggan biting him; later, Amanda and Manuel meet and talk about what happened and make some small attempts at resolving things. Jake and Meggan meet and discover the other is a shapeshifter. Jay gets auditions for gigs locally. Hellfire and Damnation: Domino tells Charles and Nathan about Pete's defection.

2006: Not So Plain Jane: Moira encounters Jane in the city. Scott confronts Logan about his behavior during the mission, and ends up in the infirmary. Haller and Betsy spend a night together.

2007: Turf War: Angelo announces on the team comm that he's going to California to help Miguel; Angelo and 'Domenica' meet Miguel in a club and decide to go undercover. Jennie and Laurie gossip and talk about Jennie moving out for college and prom. Kurt and Cain talk about family. Medusa enjoys being home in Attilan. Laurie spends the afternoon talking in Old English as a result of a bet with Kyle. During the course of the journal discussion, Mondo gets confused about a slang term, and is embarrassed when directed first to Haller, then to Jean, and he discovers he doesn't have MILF. Pietro runs into Illyana in the kitchen again and they discuss Limbo. Marie comes to talk to Yvette about prom and discovers she is having issues with her powers and self-image. Kurt and Monet catch up. Kurt takes Angel, Julio and Kyle to the circus; Kurt and Kyle discuss being seen as frightening. Mark has his first powers training session with Scott and is introduced to the Danger Room; he gets lost on the way out and runs into John.

2008: Manuel emails Amanda, wanting to arrange that meeting. Amanda takes Forge and Angelo with her to buy her first car; Amanda posts about her new acquisition.

2009: Jean-Paul makes a full disclosure post about what happened in Quebec; Inez is rather scathing in her response about people getting away with murder. Lil leaves an IOU note under Jean-Paul's door. Jake sends e-mails to Marie-Ange, Doug, Jubilee, Jean-Paul and Adrienne covering such things as who gets what couch, whether he can borrow pictures of Adrienne's model clients and a great bakery tour. Manuel continues with his swimming physio-therapy, running into Jean-Paul at the pool. Manuel questions Jean-Paul about his recent avoidance. Scott takes a tour on his crutches, Julian stops by while Scott is taking a break and questions him about what he'd need to do to join the X-Men. Jean-Paul and Jake kick off the Great Bakery Tour of Ought-Nine. Doug posts to his journal about how long ago junior high was and Columbine. Doug e-mails Forge with an offer for drinks. Doug and Forge go to Harry's and commiserate on the fact that their girlfriends are sneakier then they are. Jean-Paul visits Scott, and they talk about Jean, the Stepfords and the school's students.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: Jubilee makes a post on the X-Force comms, requesting for further info on India; Charles receives an email from William Bastion regarding Lilandra Neramani's arrest and her brother D. Ken's plans to occupy Pakistan.

2011: Amanda passes on the information about sex trafficking to Jubilee and Sarah Morlocke. Warren seeks out Monet's advice about shopping in Rome and invites her and Kurt to join him and Tabitha on a weekend away.

2012: Layla and Sharon make a mountain of schnitzel for mansion residents, experimenting with schnitzel while discussing self-identity and being yourself. Kyle sends several texts to Sharon expressing his enjoyment of the schnitzel. Layla e-mails Adrienne to ask permission for her and Megan to go bungee jumping.

2013: Garrison and Haller meet at Harry’s and have a lengthy conversation about life, the universe and everything female. Angel finds Sooraya thinking about Angelo and his relationship with Jean-Phillipe, and tries to help her with figuring things out.


2015: Warren texts Miles asking him to make Warren a Twitter account. Clarice posts that she is going to home-spa. Warren posts that he is finally on Twitter.

2016: Alison posts about someone claiming the Apocalypse is about to happen and if they checked him for the X-gene. Xavin shares Marie-Ange's 4-20 brownies and they wind up talking about identity.

2017: Monica and Reed have a conversation about powers. Maya finally tracks down Warren and winds up with a job.

2018: Warren leaves a special 4:20 package on his desk at work. Angel makes a journal post leaving a link and wanting to steal a highway sign. Marie-Ange visits Jean-Phillipe and the cousins talk about his manifestation and possible powers training together.