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April 6

2004: Marie-Ange casts the cards and gets no answers she wants. Moira discovers that Essex misled her about his right to bring the US Army to Muir.

2005: Jean meets Wanda, and learns that Wanda's powers mean she can disappear from telepaths. Remy visits Amanda at the gypsy camp in Germany, and they talk about her possible return to the school. Scott confesses to Jean that he had a relationship with Betsy.

2006: Scott and Logan discuss the flashback of the day before and his amnesia; later Ororo and Logan discuss the same thing. Haller and Angelo discuss Nathan-restraining methods in the wake of the return from Rio. Rahne and Nathan discuss what happened.

2007: Mark and John meet in a NY music store and get off on the wrong foot. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna turns down Zala's offer and arranges to meet her the next day before she leaves; later, doubting her decision, she accidentally calls Alex and gets a lot of hard questions. Cain has a fish fry and Logan is accidentally microwaved by Angel. The kids have Peep jousts. Ororo encounters a hungover Kurt on her way out of the mansion for her vacation. Angelo talks to a hungover Nathan about family. Pietro is smug on the journals about not being hungover and ends up in the lake, thanks to Nathan and Kurt. Scott realises he forgot to book a Spring Break vacation for he and Jean. Amanda and Marie have pizza, beer and gossip about their respective love lives.

2008: Jubilee posts to x_grads a bit tipsy. Dani and Tabitha go out to a concert and stay out late. Bishop trains with Scott in the quarry. Tatiana is confused about the response to Manuel and Nathan tries to be reassuring, despite the jokes of some of the other residents about people coming back from the dead. Jane and Dani discuss college over breakfast. Crystal emails Lorna, concerned about her reaction to Manuel. Angelo and Laurie talk about his snapping at her on the journals and his past. Manuel emails Jennie, asking for a meeting. Jay emails Forge, one part concerned and one part annoyed about Forge telling Kevin about his first boyfriend, also Kevin. Crystal and Forge discuss his reaction to Manuel and her reaction to Julio and Tabitha's jokes about proof of death. Jubilee and Amanda discuss the past week's events. Bishop runs into Kurt in the brownstone and they chat.

2009: Jean-Paul lets Scott know he's going to Quebec to take care of old business in the form of the man who killed his father-figure; Jean-Paul finds himself facing a hostage situation, which ends in the death of Ernst; Jean-Paul texts Nathan to let him know what's going on. Jubilee complains about being punched in the face and being hungry; Emma posts on her convention experience, and mocks Jake for asking out Adrienne; Jake announces a field trip to the bakery. Cammie meets Monet in the kitchen and they discuss various things in Monet's particular way. Garrison meets up with Morgan after work for drinks and in the course of things, finds out about Adrienne's date. Inez gives Monet a lift to the city and finds someone she can talk to about the Julian situation, unexpectedly. Julian has his check up with Jean and gets advice on TK flying. Adrienne posts about the opening of baseball season; Adrienne texts Garrison about the Red Sox postponing their game. Julian finds Inez and they talk about things and reconcile after he reveals his criminal past. 3 2 1 Contact: Jada has an accident with her powers, injuring her uncle, and has an emergency session with Leo; her uncle leaves a bomb in the clinic as he drops her off; Forge raises the alert as Leo's phone goes offline; Lil, Tabitha, Clarice and Amara respond, finding three people injured and Jada dead; the local news reports on the incident; Clarice reports on what happened; Jean updates with the news Leo is in medlab, but okay. Jean-Paul calls Scott about the incident in Quebec.

2010: Jubilee lauds the benefits of fast food delivery as she recovers from Selene's draining. Yvette goes to the Salem Center cemetery to lay flowers on Jada's grave. Jean-Paul interrupts Cammie brooding about Manuel's departure in the empty boathouse. Marie-Ange feeds a still unhealthily-thin Jubilee, who has a disturbing theory about why Doug is so loyal to Emma.

2011: Warren announces his unemployment following his falling out with his father; Vanessa kidnaps him to the Bronx Zoo; Jean texts him to ask if he's okay. Wade emails Marie-Ange to check on how Percy the Penguin is doing and she tells him she's in Berlin.

2012: Angelica goes to talk to Scott about re-joining the X-Men but he gets a little distracted from the question by chiding her. Lorna and Wade discuss minions and tococopters, then Wade emails Sarah V. about programming them. Wade also leaves 50 bags of Reese's Pieces Pastel Eggs outside Doug's door.

2013: Jean goes into Adrienne's mind with her to better understand Adrienne's mindscape with hopes of helping to better manage it.

2014: Clint texts Amanda and Topaz saying that he is bald and that it is Billy’s fault and asking them to help him get back at him. Sue texts Clint asking if he is free and that she has figured out how to get a spider to perform to voice command. Lorna and Hope get together to plan their Easter celebration.

2015: Felicia can’t sleep and this time it’s Wade who gets to have a late-night chat. Roxy tells Angel about her progress with her powers and it’s decided she should be able to go to school soon. Felicia makes another Instagram crosspost, this time about decorating her new place. Angel gives Gabriel an after-Easter treat. Wade texts Adrienne, Marie-Ange and Doug for help after Weasel’s car has its windows shot out. Sue walks in on Warren and Jessica and spoils their plans for the evening.

2016: Clint celebrates being nanite-free with pancakes with Angel.


2018: Doug posts an i lik bred poem.