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August 16


2003: Bobby and John talk over IM.

2004: Trojan Horse: Mistra abduct Moira after an appointment with Dr. Stephen Strange; the X-Men retrieve her, but lose Nathan in the process. Manuel and Amanda make a start at reconciling, but it is interrupted by Amanda being called to medlab to deal with the Trojan Horse casualties.

2005: X-Men Mission: Nimrod: The team travels to Hungary to stop a mutant serial killer.

2006: Worlds On Fire: Snow Valley meets Dr. Stephen Strange in Rio. Kyle and Angelica meet at the mansion.

2007: Alexander's Wall: Haller announces his trip to Dagestan. Mark's birthday. Marie asks Kyle to be her TA for her PE classes. Medusa makes an unofficial appearance at Mark's birthday party.

2008: Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: Yvette and Angel encounter one of the Imperial Guard, an elite mutant force belonging to India.

2009: House of Wolves: Wanda convinces Dr. Victor Shade, her old lover, to let her and the others investigate the museum where the attacks took place. Julian gets a new training exercise from Nathan and finds out more about how the older telekinetic was injured. Rose Red: Charles Xavier announces Klara's imminent arrival (the next day) at the school and her circumstances. Jean-Paul takes Vic for a cooking lesson and learns his disappointment that there is no actual drama club at the school. In Nova Roma, Amara drags Cammie out to be social.

2010: With Cammie's powers back, Laura wonders what to do with all the cookies she made and it is revealed that Cammie's sense of taste is still normal. Remy comes across Jake being lazy and resigns him to active duty with X-Force. Jean-Paul visits Kevin, worried about him doing more damage to himself, and they move towards reconciliation; Yvette visits afterwards and is jealous about Jean-Paul and confused about Kevin kissing her before she took her powers back from Derek. John posts about his return from Tijuana on Elpis business and mentions he's going to London next.

2011: Piotr makes a journal entry about being boring and introverted lately and asks who's up for going out to a bar with him that evening. Warren announces on x-team that he's taking a sabbatical to spend more time looking for Vanessa. Sing Me A Prayer: In Istanbul, the team meets up with a contact, taking a helicopter to a base where they meet up with the Red Rook of the London Hellfire Club. Warren goes on a bender in an epic case of 'cannot cope,' and Angelo is lucky enough to get the call to come pick him up. Two nights before he leaves, Kevin drags Meggan out of bed for an unexpected midnight run to the Waffle House, where conversation veers from caffeine overdoses, to what Meggan would look like if she could turn into a mermaid, before he finally breaks the news that he’s leaving town.

2012: Sarah V. posts that her hair is growing back. Doug emails Wade, Angelo, Marie-Ange, Amanda and Terry asking for help to overcome a panic attack. Marie-Ange posts asking Amanda and Nico if they would like to ‘fess up to having something to do with eBay’s banning the auctioning of magical items. Layla leaves a framed picture for Sarah outside her door. Layla emails Kurt asking if he would teach a poetry class. Sarah texts Layla, thanking her for the gift. X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe: A news report is written about the expansion of a mutant-positive rock festival called Joyful Noixe; Twitter shows that #joyfulnoixe is trending.

2013: Laurie texts Doug and Kyle looking for comfort after breaking up with Eamon. No Way Back: Hope announces she is going home to Michigan for two weeks.

2014: Jean emails Megan to tell her that her dust tested normal. Lorna and Matt serve as welcoming committee for Jessica Jones and Matt gives her a tour. Jessica Jones introduces herself on the journals. Garrison picks up Rogue at the airport.


2015: Tandy emails Doug asking if she can look through his language books again. It’s Greek To Me: Wanda and Clint have breakfast to discuss the mechanism.

2016: Kyle posts a youtube video of a woman making a galaxy cake and in the process discovers Dori is back.

2017: Hope sends an email to X-Factor Investigations, asking for assistance to get Warren to stop texting her. Lorna and Sue text Warren to get him to stop. Lorna asks the magic users for some help. Matt emails Meggan and Megan about the location of his law books. Reed and Gabriel discuss relationships. Green-Eyed Monster: Jean emails Bobbi about the sickness in District X and asks for help; Bobbi sends the request to X-Factor.

2018: Rogue and Jean go roller-blading and talk about their respective childhoods.