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August 5


2003: X-Men Mission: Pyro: Cyclops emails Storm and Pete letting them know something is wrong, but won't give details via electronic means; he arranges to meet Pete in New Orleans; Storm assembles a secondary team of X-Men as instructed.

2004: Asgard (plot): Those left at home try to cope; Shiro meets the Norns and becomes their champion; Doug becomes a bard's apprentice; Illyana winds up in Hel's service; Angelo saves an elven prince's life and becomes their champion; Rahne joins Hrimhari's wolf pack; Amanda is brainwashed by the Enchantress into believing herself to be her daughter; Paige becomes a Valkyrie.

2005: Jean officially requests to return to active duty.

2006: Kick It Up: Shiro has a difficult time in the Danger Room until he uses Kick.

2007: Sound of Silence: Attilan returns to its normal dimension, and Forge is the first to make radio contact with the outside world; Scott spreads the word of Attilan's return; Elpis is invited to join the Red Cross in helping Attilan readjust and Nathan asks Pietro to come with them.

2008: Laurie and Yvette have a farewell of sorts as Laurie moves into a senior suite with Morgan. Adrienne asks Morgan for a place to stay overnight on Terry's birthday. Terry's internship remains full of paperwork and filing. Crystal asks Pete about his dislike of Morgan. Garrison, Cain and Amanda unwind at Harry's Hideaway.

2009: Manuel and Jake run into each other and verbally spar before Manuel offers to help Jake with his emotional overload and sets up a meeting in Jean-Paul's suite; Jake and Jean-Paul discuss Manuel and Cammie while waiting for Manuel and when the empath arrives he uses his powers to ease Jake's emotions and allow him to sleep. Home and Native Land: Lil calls Jean-Paul to let him know she and Madison are alright and they discuss Johnny and the losses to Alpha Flight. Manuel inquires as to Cammie's emotions but is evaded, though he wasn't really seeking an answer. Amanda posts to Snow Valley to find out if anyone's heard from Remy. Jay posts to the team comm announcing that he has joined and trainee names are offered. Jake and Jean-Paul discuss their relationship when Jake claims he is not worthy of Jean-Paul. Jean questions Scott's decision to let Jay join the X-Men in an email.

2010: Laura joins Garrison for lunch by the pool and they get to talking about higher education. Kurt decides to join Bobby in his search for Nick. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Jean-Paul sends Vanessa another text, this time concerning a man claiming to be Julian in Arizona.

2011: Don't Close Your Eyes: Jean and Charles bring Amelia back from her dispersed state; Jean announces that Amelia Voight is still, after all, alive. Yvette invites people to her birthday at Silver. Returning to the mansion, Wade gets antsy and kidnaps Kyle for drinking and catching up, before a harmless joke prompts the panicked thought Wade might be Kyle's biological father. Warren and Laurie discuss her filing system at the XFI offices.

2012: Angel emails Lorna about going to the Lion King at the end of August. Hope, Maddie, Sue and Tandy spend the night in together playing cards and getting to know one another.

2013: Angelo and Frank have a conversation that does not end well.

2014: Cecilia mentions her medschool friends are wanting to take a trip to a cabin in the woods, and reflects on how badly that could go. Darkness Within: Scott posts to the staff comm to update them on what happened; Doug emails Amanda and Marie-Ange about Sue staying with him for a while and asking if she can use their bathroom, and emails Artie to warn him to put on pants; Topaz texts Matt from the Box, asking for company; Tandy emails Amanda and Haller, asking to see them both; Adrienne comes back from Boston to help Tandy and they talk over what happened. Matt visits Topaz in the Box and they discuss going to the zoo by themselves, returning to school, and driving.


2015: Jubilee posts a YouTube video without comment. Laurie e-mails Doug, Wade, and Marie-Ange about the ‘new’ Jean-Paul. Adri texts Tandy to invite her to a Katharine Hepburn marathon. Cruelty is Bitter Bane: Kane reaches St. Louis and has a talk with the head of the Field Office. Marie-Ange e-mails Jean and Wade about a lapsed contract that had been put out on Jean. Jean-Paul rescues Adrienne from her poor cooking skills and a kitchen full of smoke.

2016: Maya notes how weird it is to live in a places where people can just mention offhandedly that they’re thinking about buying a castle or two.

2017: Clarice finds herself in a youtube spiral and doesn’t know how to get out.

2018: Felicia and North do their grocery shopping and act cute.