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February 16


2005: Hank finds Moira a suitable replacement for Rory Campbell in the form of Curt Connors

2006: Bobby takes Terry out to New York City for a Valentine's dinner and says exactly the wrong thing, because he's an idiot. Nathan breaks the news to Haller that his lawsuit against Gideon Faraday has been dropped at the government's request, and then almost breaks himself with a vision of things to come. The two men proceed to have far, far too much in common.

2007: Kaiten: A bomb goes off in the Tel Aviv Elpis offices and only Domino's power saves the Pack and Angelo, although there are many casualties among the new staff; Pete, Amanda and Juanita Espinosa immediately leave for Tel Aviv; Medusa and Crystal go to Attilan to do what they can to help; Ororo announces the bombing to the school; Rahne and Bobby take on the work of the Elpis office; three other bombings across the world occur, all aimed at targets fostering human-mutant relations; Scott announces a need for twenty-four hour monitoring of the newsfeeds and calls for volunteers.

2008: Twisted Sister: Jane is accosted by 'Mindee' and is asked some very disturbing questions about sex before Nathan intervenes in a rather strange fashion. Remy announces Jubilee will be staying at the brownstone for the time being, until they figure out what to do with her.

2009: Crystal leaves Cammie a box of clothes along with some treats, but with no name; Cammie thanks her mysterious benefactor. Cammie and Lil discuss the evil t-shirt fairy. Daniel wandering New York, encounters Amara and flirts with her. Kyle talks to Nathan about the SHIELD report that's been put up on the team comms. Laurie entertains Catseye with a laser pen and they talk about her trip. Kyle brings Jay food and their predatory instincts clash; Jay confronts Paige, demanding to know where his original wings are and is enraged to find they were burned, with Paige throwing him out of her lab and alerting Forge; encountering Yvette, Jay demands she cut off his metal wings and when she refuses, Forge steps in to distract him while Yvette fetches help in the form of Logan; Logan drags Jay down to the Danger Room and beats the aggression out of him and later, he and Jean discuss potential therapy options with a now-sated Jay; Catseye seeks out Forge and he tells her he can fix Jay; Catseye asks on the journals if Jay is all right; smelling blood, Catseye checks on Kyle. Wanda comes to Adrienne's office and falls in love with the clothes offered. Vanessa's mercenary friend Eamon comes to the school looking for her and meets a flirty Laurie instead. Cammie meets Nathan as he practices his firebird construct and winds up soaked.

2010: After a magic training session with Amanda at her apartment, Nico runs into Remy and is mystified by him. Noise and Confusion: Hank reports that Simon, now in SHIELD custody, was forced to attack Julian by Gordon McPhearson, who has his family hostage. Marie-Ange announces she is making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.

2011: Warren and Vanessa wake up together, talk and decide take advantage of the time left. Operation: Louisiana Lowdown: Doug posts about having found a building via the Mosely Initiative's bank accounts and sends Jubilee to New Orleans set up some survelliance. Wade and Vanessa go iceclimbing: wacky hijinks ensue. Vanessa asks Jean-Paul and Laura to do a little detective work for her while she's gone. Jean-Paul sms's Vanessa back telling her that telling him not to look at the enclosed photos was a bad idea. Molly meets Kyle and she is pretty much fascinated by his abilities. Amara e-mails John about the rose she found.

2012: Matt and Scott have a heart-to-heart during a late night gym session. Matt posts about not realising it was Valentines Day on Tuesday. Times They Are A-Changin': @MutantNewsNYC on twitter posts about FOH planning to attend a Parents, Family and Friends of Mutants event; Angelo emails Xavier's staff warning them; Haller posts to students about the field trip to the event and extra precautions. Sarah posts about being excited about the field trip.

2013: Angelo posts reminiscing that it’s been 5 years since the Elpis building in Tel Aviv was blown up. Tropic of Capricorn: The raft begins to break up but a schooner comes to Garrison and Adrienne's rescue and takes them to a mysterious place called Avalon, where they are met by a face all-too-familiar to Garrison. Sooraya stops by Angelo's office for a short fishing expedition.

2014: Hope texts Sue about visiting the hairstylist again.

2015: Miles meets his suitemate Bobby and then later runs across Topaz while exploring the mansion. Into The Fog The team arrives at the Russian tanker in a rubber dinghy; Amanda and Jubilee go in search of the target, but whatever is on the ship got there first; Wade goes looking forward for the ship’s passenger, and finds more than he bargained for; North heads to the wheelhouse, and discovers a man waiting for him, someone who just refuses to die; as the team escapes Wade gets on the wrong side of the creatures and the team is forced to bail, hoping to get him help before it’s too late; Wade sends Doug a message asking for the medlab to be put on standby before he passes out; Cecilia enlists Logan to give a blood transfusion to save Wade's life.

2016: Prompted by Sue, Reed introduces himself. Bobbi and Warren go to pick up office supplies, along with other various items for Warren. Billy posts about Taco Tuesday. Laurie and Doug text about missing Valentine's Day. Jessica recruits Reed for Generation X.

2017: Kevin sends Gabriel on a mission as part of his training. Lorna texts Wanda to invite her for a birthday spa day. Clea asks about getting her licence in the States.

2018: Amanda runs into Garrison at Harry's and they talk about Adrienne.